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Julie Malone

 Co-Founder 

Leading Sustainable Educator/Specialist/Consultant and Co-Founder of Know Our Planet and Know Everything. Specialties include sustainable education, consumer behaviorism, sustainable business practices and processes, environmental policy and management; energy and sustainability; high-level administrative operations; financial and project management; social responsibility; client relationship management; supply and inventory management; and organizational innovation. 

I am well-known for my investigative research abilities along with the enjoyment of analyzing information, mostly focused on environmental issues/solutions, sustainable ideas, climate change, and education. During my academic studies I became a firm believer of emerging/disruptive innovation, sustainable business practices in the business environment, water and food sustainability, and recycling.

Professional websites / repositories

sustainable research interests:

Consumer Behaviorism, Sustainable Education, Downsizing, Water and Food Sustainability, and Climate Change.


Helman, Daniel and Malone, Julie. (2015). Lesson Plan: Yoga as a Research Methodology. figshare. or



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Hybrid/Limited-Residency Program, Sustainable Education
Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona – anticipated graduation 2018

Member of Sustainability Council, Prescott College

Research interests include household downsizing/hoarding, the psychological effects of household downsizing after inheritance, tiny living, family and consumer sciences, sustainable systems, consumer education and behavior, water and food sustainability, and climate change.

Designed three mini-courses and instructed colleagues for four weeks
Created and presented PowerPoint slides on recycling and Bloom’s taxonomy

Sustainability Theory and Practice for Education I & II, Graduate Research Design, and Sustainability Education and Transformational Change I & II.

Master of Science in Legal Administration (MSLA)
Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, Denver, CO - May 2014
Studied Applied Leadership and Management Theory, Business of the Courts, Comparative Law, Financial Management, Human Resources, Natural Resources law, Project Management, Research and Writing, and Statistics.
Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management w/focus in Energy and Sustainability
University College, University of Denver - 2012 
Studied Economics, Environmental Policy Analysis, Finance, Green Building, Hydrogen and Nuclear Energy, Integrated Environmental Systems, Environmental Law/Management, Renewable Energy, Sustainable - Policy and Practice, Sustainable Transportation, and Water and Food Sustainability.

Graduate Thesis: 
“2008 Farm Bill - Title IV Nutrition Policy, An Opportunity to Shape the Health and Welfare of Children and Obesity”

Other written work: 
"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch," "The Dead Zone," "Water Sustainability on the Colorado River," and "Washington's Agriculture."

Bachelor of Science in
Business w/focus in Organizational Innovation
University of Phoenix  - 2009 
Academic Experience

  • Studied municipal sustainability transportation systems, maintaining water resources, and using alternative/renewable energy policy.
  • Experienced at developing, implementing, and evaluating sustainability programs and projects.
  • Knowledgeable of laws and ordinances affecting environmental issues related to procurement, waste reduction, green building, preservation of natural resources, and recycling.
  • Budgeting, project and finance management, and the development of performance measures.
  • Experienced using research methods and practices, and performing SWOT analyses.
  • Evaluated the Sustainable Transportation System of Burlington Vermont. Examined the policies, systems, and technology surrounding the transportation of goods, services, and people.
  • Evaluated whether the Colorado River is sustainable for future water needs.
  • Researched and compiled a disaster recovery plan for a municipal structure.
  • Created a proposed U.S. energy policy on nuclear and hydrogen energy. The policy introduced the energy's future and its advantages/disadvantages over safety, waste, economic benefits, research, and funding.
  • Created presentation on a Green Building Museum including recycling, energy-efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Compiled a cost versus benefit analysis on a paperless business environment:  examined paper statistics, concluded reasons to go paperless (time, efficiency, long-term costs, return on investment, and lower operational costs).
  • Analyzed the accounting process and financial statements for an organization for business continuation purposes.
  • Studied the Pawnee National Grassland (PNG) in Northeast Colorado. Examined the history of the PNG, the wildlife and plant life, how different parties are influenced by drilling, and what alternatives can be investigated if drilling is feasible on the PNG.
  • Studied the legal and court structure of the United States, European Union (EU), and Canada; explored civil, customary and Islamic law.

   Honors, Activities, and Memberships

Prescott College Sustainability Council 
 MSLA Scholarship – Sturm College of Law
Bloomsbury Honor Society
Environmental Law Institute
International Association of Court Administration (IACA)  


Logistical and Financial Management Specialist, United States Navy Reserves
Veteran - Honorable Discharge 

In 2009, my mother passed away and I became the Estate Manager/Personal Representative for The Chantelle Princeton Estate                              
Estate was kept open for two years per Oregon Law (where she resided). 
An online memorial was created for others to read about her.
  • Collaborated with lawyer, tax accountant and banks to initiate and finalize affairs.
  • Coordinated, planned, managed, and distributed any/all parts of her affairs, expenses, and personal property. 
  • Handled the disbursement of payment to creditors, monitored and oversaw her household bank accounts for the estate.


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