When is The Best Time to Visit Buenos Aires (2022)

Best Time to Visit Buenos Aires

There are numerous Places to visit in Argentina, but it’s capital Buenos Aires best known for its love of music, tango, food, and year-round good weather. If you are planning to visit soon, you might want to know

When is the best time to visit Buenos Aires?

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is from December to February, but many will say it depends completely on your preference. For example if you like hot sun then plan in Summer season, if you are fond of cold weather, plan your trip in winter. If you have no such preference and only want to enjoy the beauty of the nature, plan your trip between days of spring and fall.

The constantly-moving Buenos Aires city offers something for everyone all year round and its calendar of events for culture includes each month a different festival. The charm in Buenos Aires lasts all through the year.

Before planning your trip to Buenos Aires, its better know a little bit about the weather. Buenos Aires is known for its temperate climate, which has four seasons. Summer (December to February),Autumn (March to June), Winter (July to August), Spring (September to November).

Top Season Summer: December – January – February


In Buenos Aires the summer months in are too hot, with temperatures ranging from mid – to the high eighties (around thirty degrees C) and humidity can make it feel hotter. Hot spells that last for a long time are typically followed by intense thunderstorms and a few days of heavy rain.

This is the peak time to travel to Buenos Aires. You will find the hotels are very crowded and have more expensive prices to meet. If your budget allows it, you should consider hiring a hotel with an outdoor pool. Nothing compares to a cool dip in the pool after a long day of touring during hot days.

The summer holidays are a month-long period in Buenos Aires, when many Portenos(Locals) take time off from work. During this time, Buenos Aires is calmer and more peaceful. But remember this is the busiest time for tourism in the city. Though thee weather remains hot, you can enjoy the city’s best events and festivities during this time.

The major events and festivals you can attend during summer are Buenos Aires Fashion Week (February), South American Music Conference (March), National Festival of the Calf (March).

Pleasant Autumn Season: March- April – May


During the month of March temperatures will not rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is the rainiest month of the year in Buenos Aires, so expect plenty of showers. During April the temperature drops slightly as the rain stops.

May offers the perfect time to visit Buenos Aires, with very less rain and temperatures dropping a little more between 50 – 60 Fahrenheit. Another benefit is, visitors count starts to decrease from this month and the lower number of people causes reasonable rates at hotels.

The key events gets arranged during this period are International Horse Riding Exhibition (April), Buenos Aires Book Fair (April), International Decorative Art Fair (May) etc.

Less crowdy Winter Season: June- July – August

Buenos aires in winter

From June to August Buenos Aires gets lowest number of tourist as winter season makes it hard to roam outside. Winter in Buenos Aires is often overcast, cold and rainy. The average temperature highs are in the low 60s (16 degrees) and the lowest lows are in the 40s (8 degrees). While rain can be expected all year, but chances of rain fall is more in winter weather.

In July and August, there are fewer tourists, which means that accommodation is more affordable and your stay will be longer. While you’re there, make sure to explore the city’s nightlife. Visiting Buenos Aires during this time also means that you’ll be able to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the city’s weather. If you don’t like crowd, it is the best time for you to visit Buenos Aires.

The main events gets arranged during this period are Rural Exposition (July), Independence Day (July), Buenos Aires Fashion Week (August), Buenos Aires Tango Festival (August) etc.

Medium crowd Spring Season: September – October – November

Buenos aires in spring

September is the windiest month in Buenos Aires, with an average speed of 9.8 knots in September and October. While this is considered a “gentle breeze,” the maximum sustained wind speed will be 18.4 knots during the early to mid December period. This is considered a fresh breeze.

Buenos Aires is open year-round and packed with tourists. If you don’t want to feel overcrowded the best time to visit the city is during October-November, because the city is less crowded during this period. The temperatures will be 33°F (91°F) during the day and 5°F at night.

If you’re planning a budget friendly vacation in Buenos Aires, then also the best time to go is between October and November as you will get very cheap accommodations this time. The city is also affordable during this time, which makes it an excellent travel destination.

The major events you can attend during this season are the Wine Fair (September), Creamfields (November), Grand Prix (November)etc.

Everyone has their own preference of selecting travel time, sometimes the decision is driven by our personal and professional dependencies, sometimes driven by travel group member’s availability. No matter what the reason is, you can visit Buenos Aires any time of the year, you’ll surely enjoy the natural beauty, loving people and delicious foods.

Hope here we are able to provide you a helpful information, please let us know by commenting how much it helped you.

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