South American Countries

Places to visit in Bolivia


This landlocked country in central South America boasts diverse terrain ranging from the Andes Mountains to the Atacama Desert to Amazon Basin rainforest. The administrative capital, La Paz, is situated on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau with snow-capped Mount Illimani in the distance. It is located near the glass-smooth Lake Titicaca and borders Peru and Chile. …

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Places to visit in Brazil


There are many places in Brazil to explore during your vacation. The country is officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil. It is the largest country in Latin America and South America, with an area of approximately 8.5 million square kilometers and 211 million residents. As a whole, it is the fifth-largest country in …

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Places to visit in Chile


Despite the long, narrow shape of Chile, the country has a diverse range of landscapes. The 6,000km coastline of the Pacific Ocean is a great reason to visit this southernmost country. The capital, Santiago, is set in a valley surrounded by mountains and has a neoclassical cathedral. There is also a National History Museum and …

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Places to visit in Colombia


A trip to Colombia should include a stop at the coffee plantations, the insular region, and other popular destinations. This country spans South America and is part of the hemisphere’s largest insular region – the Pacific Ocean. No trip to Colombia should be complete without a tour of these places. Listed below are some of …

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Places to visit in Ecuador


Located on the west coast of South America, Ecuador is home to a diverse landscape that includes the Amazon jungle, highlands, and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. The country’s capital, Quito, is situated at an elevation of 2,850m and is well-known for its largely preserved Spanish colonial center, which features 16th- and 17th-century palaces and religious …

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Places to visit in Guyana

On the north Atlantic coast of South America, Guyana is a country defined by dense rainforest and a friendly English-speaking population. Popular attractions include cricket and calypso music, as well as the capital city of Georgetown. The city boasts British colonial architecture, including the St. George’s Anglican Cathedral, a painted-timber cathedral. Fresh produce can be …

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