How to Hang Two Bikes on a Wall: 4 Steps Guide.

Hang Two Bikes on a Wall

Finding the right spot to hang your bikes on your wall can be a challenge. Perhaps you don’t have much space in your house, or maybe you just want it to look clean. In any case, there are so many ways you can go about it.

Most of us know How to hang bikes on a wall, also may have seen two bikes hanging from the same hook. You might be wondering how that’s even possible. We’ll explain in this article How to hang two bikes on a wall, so you can start seeing the solutions right away!


What Is a Wall Bike Hanger?

A wall bike hanger is a device that keeps your bikes up off the ground so they’re not touching the floor and getting dirty. Depending on the type you choose, wall bike hangers can be made from various materials, but the basic idea is the same.

Wall hangers are great for many reasons, not the least of which is that they let you keep your bike up off the ground (and out of the way) so it doesn’t get damaged from use, extreme weather, or just general dirtiness.

You can also use them to store your bikes when it’s not in use, which is especially helpful if you have a small space. Wall bike hangers are an excellent way to keep your bike from touching the ground, but they can also be a good way to store a bike when you don’t need to use it often.


Know the different types of wall bike hangers

Single – Most commonly seen and most popular type of bike hanger. When you have just one bike, this is your best option. It allows you to keep the bike high up off the ground and out of the way. It’s also a quick way to get the job done.

Double – A double bike hanger is like a single hanger, but with a separate rail to keep the bike away from the wall. It’s a good choice if you have two bikes you want to put up at once, but it’s often not as sturdy as a single hanger. –

T-Hanger – Another type of hanger that’s designed for hanging two bikes is T-hanger. This one keeps the bikes separated by about 2 feet, and it’s often the best option for two bikes. It’s usually the sturdiest of the two types and is a popular choice for those with large spaces who want to hang many bikes.


Decide what you’ll use your wall hanger for

Before you get started, think about what you want to use your wall hanger for. Is it to store a bike when you don’t need it? Is it to keep the bike off the ground so it doesn’t get damaged by weather? Or is it to keep your bike out of the way when there isn’t much space?

Once you’ve got that figured out, think about how you’ll use your new hanger. If you just want to keep the bike off the floor, you don’t need a wall hanger. But if you want to store the bike for a few days when you don’t want to mess with it or remove it from the wall, a wall hanger might be a good option.


Measure and mark your wall

Before you start hanging your bikes on the wall, you’ll need to measure the distance between the two hooks. You can do this with a tape or ruler to make sure you don’t put the hooks too close together or too far apart.

You can then mark the wall where the hooks are with a pencil. Now you’ll need to mark the distance between the hooks and the height of the wall.

If you’re hanging the bikes on a studded wall, you’ll also need to mark the distance between the studs. If you’re hanging the bikes on drywall, you can just measure the wall.


Install your supports

You’ll now need to install the supports that go between the wall and the hooks. Depending on the type of hanger you bought, this will be slightly different. For example, a single hanger will need two supports. If you have a double hanger, you’ll need four supports.

Now you’ll need to drill holes in the supports. Depending on the hanger, you’ll need to put holes either 2 inches or 4 inches apart. After you’ve drilled your holes, you’ll want to screw them securely to the wall so they don’t fall off.


Attach the hooks to the supports

Now you’re ready to attach the hooks to the supports. Depending on the type of hanger you have, you’ll have different options. For example, a double hanger has two hooks while a single hanger has just one.

Next you’ll want to put the hook through one of the holes on the rail. Then, you’ll put the screw through the other hole in the rail and into the wall. You may want to use a rubber mallet or block of wood to help you get the screw started.


How to Hang Two Bikes on a Wall

Now you’re all set to hang two bikes on a wall! Just make sure to use a level to make sure you get them straight. You may want to put a carpet or something similar under your wall so you don’t scratch it.

Make sure the hooks are at least 2 feet away from any walls or doors. If your wall is smooth, you can use sticky hooks to make sure they’re secure. If you want to make your wall bike hanger even more secure, you can use screws instead of sticky hooks.

Make sure they’re at least one foot away from any walls or doors, and make sure they’re securely screwed into the wall.


As we discussed above how to hang two bikes on a wall in different ways without messing up the space, hope you have gone through with our guide and we would like to hear from you how much helpful it was and how we can improve. Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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