15 Places to visit in Belarus

Places to visit in Belarus

A landlocked country in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Poland, and Russia border Belarus on the east and northeast. Lithuania and Latvia border the country on the northwest and west. This beautiful and diverse nation is worth a visit. While the landscape may be barren, the people are warm and friendly. The best way to get a feel for Belarus is to travel around and explore the different places it has to offer.

For those who love animals, there’s Naroch Lake, which is only two hours from Minsk. This lake has many different kinds of bird life and is home to a large variety of lake fish. Unlike other cities in Belarus, the lake is surrounded by green hills and is a great place for hiking or camping. If you’d like to see the local wildlife, the park is perfect for you.

The city of Nesvizh is a popular destination for Belarus tourism. The imposing Nesvizh Castle was built in the 17th century and was once the home of the Radziwill family. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a popular place for artists. There are many art galleries, museums, and art galleries in the city, including the Corpus Christi Church, one of the oldest Jesuit churches outside of Italy, where you can see some of the world’s most renowned avant-garde artists.

15 Best Places to Visit in Belarus

  1. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
  2. Berestyle Archaeological Museum
  3. Braslav Lake Area
  4. Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex
  5. Brest Railway Museum
  6. Dudutki
  7. Grodno
  8. Lida
  9. Minsk
  10. Minsk Sea
  11. Mir Castle
  12. National Park Pripyatsky
  13. Nesvizh
  14. Polotsk
  15. Tower of Kamyenets

1. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Places to Visit in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park Belarus

In Belarus, one of the most scenic spots is the Belovezhskaya Pushcha Natural Park. The national park is in the Brest and Grodno Regions, and it is located adjacent to the Polish border. This area is well-known for its picturesque scenery and is a popular destination for both locals and travelers. There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Belovezhskaya, including an historic city center in the park and a museum dedicated to the history and culture of the area.

The park’s Museum of Nature is one of the best places to see the region’s wildlife. The open-air animal cages are 20 acres in size, and guests can take a walk through them for approximately an hour or two. Some of the animals you’ll see include majestic bison, elegant deer, fox, and wolves. There are also many predatory birds, such as the long-eagle owl, and other species of swan.

There are several places to visit in Belovezhskaya Pushchka National Park Belarus. These include a zoo, a forest, a museum, and a zoo. You can also check out the area’s pagan history with artifacts and pagan ruins. Throughout the region, you’ll find thousands of plants, animals, and artifacts. Moreover, there are plenty of places to stay in the vicinity of the park.

2. Berestyle Archaeological Museum

Places to Visit in Berestyle Archaeological Museum Belarus

The Berestye Archaeological Museum is an incredible place to visit in Belarus. This archaeological museum is located in Brest, and it is centered around an archaeological site that dates back to the 13th century. The museum contains a replica of an authentic East Slavic wooden town that you can walk through. It’s also worth checking out for those interested in Eastern European history.

There is more to see at Berestyle Archaeological Museum than just artifacts. Once an active archeological dig, this museum was converted into a library in the 1980s. You’ll find an impressive 1400 artifacts from the period and an aerial view of a 13th-century log town. The tour is free, so you can visit any time you like.

The museum is an excellent place to learn about the history of the area. You can see log cabins and stone walls from the 13th century and get an up-close look at their construction. You can also explore the underground tunnels in the museum to get a closer look at the ancient homes. The best way to learn about the local people is to visit this fascinating museum and find out more about their culture and history.

The museum has a wide range of exhibits that are sure to please your family and friends. The XIII century City of Brest is a great place to see a cathedral. It’s also home to the medieval-era Cathedral of Saint Sophia. You can also check out the Museum of Belarusian Printing and Weaving. Finally, the city of Grodno is close to the border with Poland and Old Grodno is a beautiful historic town.

3. Braslav Lake Area

Braslav Lake Area

The country of Belarus is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. This region is home to 30 different lakes, including the national park’s four largest: Dryvyaty, Snudy and Strusta. It’s easy to get lost in the landscape and forget the bustling city below. There are many places to see in the area, including a national park that was established in September 1995.

The lakes are also home to numerous wildlife. More than 500 species of plants call the Braslav area home, including some endemic species. There are also dozens of bird species, including lynx, swans, eagles, and black storks. The lakes are also a rich source of different kinds of fish. The eel is one of the most prized by the locals.

The lakes are so large that they are almost surrounded by mountains. The area’s rocky terrain is also unusually beautiful. The surrounding hills and plateaus are craggy and rugged, and a view of the lakes from the top of a mountain is spectacular. Visitors can hike or cycle along the lake shores to get a feel for the land. While exploring the area, you’ll want to take time to view the various types of fish that live there.

4. Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex

Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex

The Brest Fortress, previously called the Brest-Litosk Fortress, is a historic 19th-century fortress in Brest, Belarus. Visitors can explore the fortress’s crypt, museum, and memorial complex, and can also tour the museum’s galleries. The grounds of the fortress are home to more than 100 exhibits, including a WWII-era tank that was once used by the Red Army.

The fortress is situated in the heart of Brest, Belarus, and is easily accessible by bus or taxi. There are plenty of things to see, from the iconic socialist star tunnel to the surviving tanks. There is even a Thirst Statue of a water-starved soldier. Visiting the Brest Hero Fortress is a moving experience, and it will leave you inspired.

In the Brest fortress, you’ll find the remains of an ancient settlement and the remnants of the XIII century. There are also artifacts from the period, such as jewelry from the ancient Slavs. The “Courage” sculpture, a 33-meter-high statue of a victorious warrior, is the main attraction of this museum.

In addition to the museums, you can also tour the White Palace. This brick palace is the site of the 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, marking the end of WWI. You’ll find plenty of information about the city’s history in the Defence of Brest Hero-Fortress Museum. The museum’s placards are written in Russian, but there are English translations of many of them.

5. Brest Railway Museum

 Brest Railway Museum

If you’re planning a trip to Brest, then you should definitely visit the Brest Railway Museum. Also known as the Brest Museum of Rail Equipment, this museum is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. This historical building opened in 2002 and houses a wide variety of exhibits related to rail transport and other forms of transportation. Listed below are some of the things you can expect to see at the museum.

The brest Railway Museum is the first open air museum in Belarus. You can find locomotives, carriages, and other train-related exhibits. The site can be confusing, but don’t worry. Google Translate will help you. It is possible to translate the website if you’re unsure of what you’re reading. It is in Russian, but if you’re unsure of the language, you can always use a tool like Babelfish to make your way to the page you’re looking for.

The Brest Railway Museum is one of the top places to visit in Brest. The museum is the first open air museum in Belarus, and is a popular destination for tourists. You can see everything from locomotives to locomotive parts. You can also combine the visit with a tour of the nearby Brest Hero Fortress. The site is available in both Russian and English, so you can easily find information.

6. Dudutki


When in Dudutki, you may want to take in some of the local crafts. The open-air museum has workshops for weaving, leather, and pottery. You can also visit a historic windmill and see farm animals. You can also visit an art gallery and visit a local brewery. There is also a quaint shopping area. And if you want to learn more about Belarusian culture, there are several museums that you can visit.

The Dudutki Museum was founded in 1993. It has become the symbol of Belarus and village life. In addition to the typical exhibitions, you can also watch the locals use the objects displayed. It will give you a feel for traditional village life and help you form an impression of the Belarusian people. You can also take a tour of the town’s windmill or ride a horse.

The local museums show how people lived in the past. The Dudutki Museum is a great place to see some of the local crafts. These include the famous Minsk rye bread and the dudutsk-style clothing. This is an excellent way to see the locals’ lives and learn about the traditions of the people. While you’re in Dudutki, you’ll be able to take home souvenirs from the town’s famous folk crafts.

7. Grodno


The city of Grodno is located in western Belarus, near the Lithuania and Polish borders. The Old Castle is a Renaissance palace on the site of an 11th-century fort, and the New Castle was built as a royal residence in the 18th century. The Kalozha Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb has ornate carved altars.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Franciszek Ksawery is a great place to see local art. The king had plans to build it, but died before it could be completed. This church has many examples of Baroque architecture, including richly decorated altars, figures of the apostles, and side altars. The cathedral is a prime example of Russian-Byzantine architecture.

The Monastery of Nativity of the Mother of God is a 17th-century Orthodox female basilica monastery. A Franciscan monastery, it features a Rococo pulpit and main altar from the seventeenth century. It also hosts military parades. The military parades are held every day on the national holiday, which is called National Heroes’ Day. Visitors to the town can learn more about Belarus’ history by visiting this museum.

The city’s New Castle is a stunning example of early nineteenth-century architecture. Today, it houses a museum dedicated to the country’s history. Its yard is a beautiful garden with acacias. The City Jungle Park is an outdoor activity center for children and families, including activities for toddlers, teens, and adults alike. It is one of the most impressive and unique parks in Grodno.

8. Lida


If you’ve never visited this western city, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. This beautiful, historical town is located in the Grodno Region, in the Belarusian Republic. Here, you can discover all of the places to visit in Lida. You can also see the magnificent landscape and untouched beauty of nature. Here are some of the best things to do in Lida.

The Lida Castle is one of the oldest landmarks in the city and has been renovated several times. It is the oldest building in the town and is a popular place to visit. You can also tour the Church of St. Joseph, which was built between 1794 and 1825. This orthodox church was destroyed in a fire and was rebuilt in 1826. You can also see the Late Baroque-style Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. You can enjoy a unique Belarusian experience in the historic town of the Lida.

The Cathedral is one of the main landmarks in the city. This baroque structure was built in 1770. It is a notable attraction of Lida. The cathedral is home to a Mother Mary icon which was brought to Lida by the Franziskainers in 1376. Outside the Cathedral, you can view the memorial stone for the founding of the city. The XVIII century St. Josef Church is another important landmark in the city.

9. Minsk


There are a number of places to visit in the Minsk region, including the National Art Museum and the Berestyle Archaeological Museum. If you want to learn about the history of Belarus, you can visit the National History Museum, which is situated outside of Brest. The Museum exhibits over 1400 period artifacts from the 13th century. This site is the largest wooden town in Europe and features 28 traditional log cabins.

The World War Two Victory Monument, which stands atop a tall column, is a stunning sight. The columns are adorned with cast-iron heroic scenes and a burning eternal flame, and granite blocks represent the eleven Soviet hero cities. There is a passage below the column, which includes plaques that mark the names of fallen soldiers. This memorial is best viewed at night. The Minsk Sea is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Belarus.

A trip to the Belarusian coastline will provide you with plenty of opportunities for fishing. This area is rich with a number of species of fish, including the endangered European bison. You can take a boat to Naroch Lake, which is only a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Minsk. The lake is also home to some rare water birds. And there’s plenty to do in Minsk – you can explore its historic buildings and admire its stunning landscapes.

10. Minsk Sea

Minsk Sea

If you’re planning a vacation to Belarus, you might want to consider visiting the capital city of Minsk. The city is situated on the banks of the Svislach and Niamiha rivers. The administrative center of the Minsk District and Region, it is home to the country’s largest university. Here are a few places to visit in the city. Let’s look at some of the top attractions and things to do in Minsk.

For an affordable stay in the city, check out the Loft Hostel. This hip hostel has a social atmosphere with communal kitchens. If you’re looking for a more private experience, consider Airbnb, which gives you a glimpse into the lives of local citizens. For more formal lodging, there are several mid-range options, such as the Hotel Sport Time. If you like watching sports, the hotel’s sports bar and beer garden are a great choice.

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Minsk, including the National Library. The national library is home to over ten million books and is the largest Belarusian-language collection in the world. It also has the third largest Russian collection. You should check out the hypermodern architecture of the building, which is situated in the heart of the city. The building is surrounded by a riverside park. On the 22nd floor, you can enjoy a cafe and an observation deck.

11. Mir Castle

Places to Visit in Mir Castle Belarus

One of the most interesting fortified castles in Belarus is the Mir Castle Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the town of Miki, Kareliy District of Hrodna voblast, this ancient fort is located at 53°27′4.46′′N 26°28′22.80′′E. From the centre of the town of Mir, take a taxi to the top of the castle to gain access.

The best time to visit Mir Castle is in the summer when it is surrounded by flowery blooms. The summer months bring in many tourists and locals. If you are looking for a great spot to spend your day, check out the castle. Located about 40km from Minsk, this castle is an ideal place to host conferences, guests, or a romantic getaway. The grounds of the castle include a hotel, restaurant, and conference hall.

The castle complex is a must see for history buffs. It was occupied by German forces during the World War II. During that time, the Jewish population was incarcerated in the castle, which they used as a ghetto. From 1944 to 1956, the castle served as a residential area. The renovations of the palace caused significant damage to its interior. Despite the restoration efforts, visitors can still explore the ruins and learn about the history of the region.

12. National Park Pripyatsky

National Park Pripyatsky

There are many places to visit in the National Park Pripyatsky Belarus, including a museum, lake, and the fortress ruins. A walk through the fortress ruins is an excellent way to observe the fascinating wildlife of the area. You can even take a boat trip on Lake Pripyat. The park is organized for tourist parking, and visitors can also enjoy picnicking and cooking fish soup.

In addition to being one of the most popular national parks in Belarus, the park is home to a diverse range of wildlife. There are at least 51 species of mammals, including rarer ones, such as the European bison and the badger. There are also over 250 species of birds, including the elusive osprey. The park is one of the last refuges for many migratory species.

There are many places to visit in the park, including a nature center and an inn. The forests of the Pripyat Valley are rich in flora and fauna and contain a wide range of animals, including rare species. There are also plenty of opportunities for photography safaris. The forest has a high concentration of birds, with 256 species recorded in the Red Book of Belarus.

13. Nesvizh


The city of Nesvizh is located in central Belarus. It is the administrative center of the Nyasvizh District in the Minsk Region and is home to the historic Niasvi Castle, a World Heritage Site. The population of the town was 14,300 as of 2009. The castle was built in 1493 and is the oldest building in the town. There are several other places to visit in Nesvizh, including the town’s museums and art galleries.

The historic Nesvizh palace was built in the late 19th century and stands next to the largest landscape park in Europe. It was once the home of the Radziwill family. However, when the Soviet Union took control of the area, the Radziwill family was forced to leave. The palace became a sanatorium and eventually, it was declared a historical museum preserve. It was later added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today, it is considered to be among the finest palaces in Belarus. The grounds are filled with lakes, shady pathways, and beautiful landscaped gardens.

The town has many interesting attractions. The Radziwill Castle, built in the 16th century, is one of the top attractions. It was restored to its original state and has been designated a World Heritage Site. The castle stands on a hilltop with its own moat, and features two yellow buildings on either side of the central courtyard. The palace contains dozens of rooms, including a royal apartment. There are also several other rooms where visitors can experience the rich lifestyle of the Radziwill family.

14. Polotsk


If you are planning to travel to Belarus, you should consider the historical city of Polotsk. It is located on the Dvina River and is the center of the Polotsk District of the Vitsebsk Voblast. The population of this city is about 80,000. The city is served by the Airport of the same name, which is one of the oldest in the country. During the Cold War, the town was the home of Borovitsy air base, which is where a number of American military planes and savanna birds flew in and out of the area.

The oldest part of Polotsk is the city center, which dates back to 862. The city has many historic sites and museums, including the Saint Sophia Cathedral, the National Park and Historical Museum, the medieval Boris Stones, and the State Academy of Arts. The European bison are native to Polotsk, so tourists should take time to explore the park and see the animals. A walk through the woods and along the Western Dvina is your best chance to see them.

If you are a religious person, you must visit the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Temple. This is the main pearl of the St. Euphrosyne convent, which is also a famous place of worship. It houses the relics of the 12-year-old nun St. Euphrosyne. The monastery is located at the foot of a hill, and has a beautiful view of the city.

15. Tower of Kamyenets

Tower of Kamyenets

One of the most stunning places to see in Kamyets, Belarus, is the Tower of Kamyenets. Known as the “White Tower” because of its white façade, this landmark is actually Belarus’s main historical landmark. Regardless of its name, you can’t miss it! Here are some of the best places to visit in the city. Listed below are some of the most popular attractions.

Brest is another beautiful city in southwest Belarus. The Brest Fortress, built in 1842, was captured by the Nazis during World War II. A visit to the city’s railway museum will give you a chance to see some of the 56 trains that the city has to offer. The Berestyle Archaeological Museum is the site of an ancient wooden town that was destroyed in WWII. Finally, you can stop by the Tower of Kamyenets, the only red brick tower that survived.

The tower is known as the “White Tower” or “White Fortress,” but the name is not really a literal translation. The name comes from its proximity to the Belavezhskaya Pushcha Forest. The Tower of Kamyenets was always brick-red, and its walls are surrounded by greenery. While it was destroyed during World War II, the structure still stands tall.

If you love history, you can’t go wrong with the National Library of Belarus. The magnificent, gilded palace features a diamond glass design and is open to the public. The museum also has an impressive collection of WWII memorials. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Belarus, you can choose between Beltransgaz and IT Time Hotel. If you’re looking for an inexpensive hotel in the capital, the best place to stay is the Gostinitsa 40 Let Pobedy district.

For history lovers, Minsk is a pleasant city with an interesting post-Soviet feel. The city center is pedestrian-friendly and is great for families with young children. The Grand Theater of Opera and Ballet is an impressive sight, and the nearby Trinity suburb is full of cafes and cozy houses. Besides the town hall and the cathedral, the upper town has a wide variety of restaurants and trendy boutiques.

Brest is a fascinating city with a cosmopolitan vibe and a vibrant Jewish population. Its main pedestrian street, Sovetskaya, is filled with restaurants and cozy cafes. Be sure to stay until sunset to catch the lamplighting ceremony, where a kerosene lantern is lit and the lights of the city come on. For those who like historical sites, Brest is a fascinating city to visit.

Independence Square is an impressive 7-hectare public square, making it the largest in Europe. The square is a beautiful place for strolls during the day. You can also enjoy a meal at a cafe or restaurant in the middle of Independence Avenue. The city is also home to a huge number of shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants serving local cuisine. In addition to the fortress, there are other places to visit in Belarus.

The Castle is a major attraction in Belarus. Visitors can tour the castle and watch knights’ tournaments. In summer, the city’s yard is turned into an ice skating rink. During the winter, the town is filled with a bustling nightlife. It’s also worth a trip to the National Art Museum. And if you’re an art lover, you’ll have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and take part in the history of the country.

The city of Lida is a wonderful city in the west of Belarus. It’s home to the oldest city in the country, the city of Lida was founded in the fourteenth century and was built in brick style in the 18th century. The historic centre has many restaurants, gift shops, and wooden houses. In addition, you can also see the famous Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Cathedral. There are many places to visit in Belarus.

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