Places to visit in Cambodia

Places to visit in Cambodia

One of the most beautiful Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia’s landscape is a diverse mix of low-lying plains, mountain ranges and the Gulf of Thailand coastline. The capital, Phnom Penh, is home to the art-deco Central Market, the glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum. In the northwest, the massive stone temple complex of Angkor Wat is a must-see. During the Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat was the religious center for the Khmer Empire.

The city of Phnom Penh is home to a variety of markets and is worth a visit. The Russian Market is a must-see, as is the Royal Palace. The tuk-tuk is the most convenient mode of transport for exploring the city. Tours of Phnom Penh include the National Museum, Russian Market, Wat Phnom Temple, and other highlights of the capital. Depending on your travel budget, you can combine your tour with a visit to the local countryside.

If you have a passion for culture, you can visit the floating villages. These wooden structures are anchored in rivers and are home to many rare species. In addition to a variety of colorful buildings, they are home to some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. Visitors are encouraged to try the local dishes, such as crab curry, which is a specialty of Cambodian cuisine. Alternatively, you can explore the city’s history and culture by visiting the National Museum.

A trip to Cambodia will include a visit to the capital Phnom Penh. The city is filled with many historic sites, including the National Museum and the Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. Those who are interested in the country’s brutal past can tour the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleung Genocide Museum. The country’s history is fascinating and a must-see for all travellers. You can also explore the ancient ruins of the Royal Palace and the Killing Fields just outside of town.

15 Best Places to visit in Cambodia

  1. Angkor
  2. Banlung
  3. Battambang
  4. Kampot
  5. Kep
  6. Koh Ker
  7. Koh Kong
  8. Koh Rong
  9. Koh Thonsay
  10. Kratie
  11. Mondulkiri
  12. Pailin
  13. Phnom Penh
  14. Siem Reap
  15. Sihanoukville

1. Angkor


Angkor Wat is one of the most important places to visit in Cambodia. This complex of temples is the national symbol and most sacred site of Cambodian Buddhism. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and therefore a significant tourist destination. But what can you expect from this ancient temple complex? Here are a few things you can expect to see. After reading this article, you will have an understanding of what to expect when visiting this site.

Ta Prohm is one of the most well-known temples in Angkor. This one is also known as “Tomb Raider” temple, and it’s even better in person than it looks in pictures. This ancient university and monastery was lost for centuries, but it’s still remarkably intact. It’s worth the trek up to the top to see the ruins up close. You can also visit the beautiful Neak Pean, an artificial temple island that is filled with a cluster of a dozen different monuments.

Angkor Wat is the main attraction of Angkor. It is a massive temple with colossal bas-reliefs on the sides. It’s best to visit the temple early in the morning, when it’s still quiet and secluded. However, make sure you check out the weather forecast before visiting this historic site. Throughout the day, temperatures in this area can vary significantly. The best time to visit a temple in a place where it’s cooler than the rest of the country is a must is November to March.

2. Banlung


The city of Banlung is located in the northeast region of Cambodia. A central Phsar Banlung market sells carvings, baskets, and jewelry, all created by local tribes. Eisan Ratanaram Pagoda overlooks the city and has a large reclining Buddha. Another interesting site in the area is the volcanic crater lake of Yeak Lom. The lake is accessible via wooden piers.

The Katieng Waterfall is seven kilometers north of Banlung. It is located in the Koutung Stream, which flows throughout the year. Visiting this waterfall is a great way to enjoy the natural landscape and take pictures of local birds. Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall is also a nice place to cool off with a refreshing bath in the cold waters of the lake. You can even try catching a rainbow from the water and frolic in the crystal clear waters.

The Ou’sean Lair Waterfall is 26 km south of Banlung’s center. It’s a great way to appreciate the surrounding nature while visiting the waterfall. If you want a quiet place to relax, you can visit the waterfall’s wooden staircase. A trip to this site also includes visiting a nearby mine and exotic villages. You can also check out the village’s history by touring its historic sites.

3. Battambang


Places to Visit in Battambang, Cambodia are plentiful and varied. This northwestern city is known for its colonial architecture. You can view artifacts from local Khmer temples at the Provincial Museum, or visit Sala Khaet, the former Governor’s residence. Other attractions include Phare Ponleu Selpak, an 11th-century pagoda, and the Ek Phnom circus school.

In Battambang, you can visit the Phare Circus, one of the city’s most popular nightlife activities. This show combines dance, acrobatics, and physical theatre. You can enjoy the performance while sipping a cold beer on the roof of the restaurant. After an exciting evening at the circus, you can rest at The Place. After a day of sightseeing, you can visit the nearby Wat Bo market and try Cambodian cuisine at some of the city’s most popular restaurants and bars.

There is a wide variety of cultural and historic sights to see in Battambang. The famous Wat Tahm Rai Saw is one of the most prominent temples in the city. It is best visited during Khmer New Year, when it is decorated with festive decorations. The museum is also a good place to learn about the city’s culture and history. It is located on a hill overlooking the river, so it is easy to get there on a bicycle.

4. Kampot

Places to Visit in Kampot Cambodia

Explore southern Cambodia’s renowned salt fields and pepper plantations on a trip to Kampot, which is located near the Thai border. There are several buildings from the colonial era to see, including the Governor’s Mansion, which is now the Kampot Museum. Take a walk in the city and learn about its history, before visiting the National Park of Preah Monivong Bokor. This forest park offers breathtaking waterfalls, forest views, and gibbons.

For art lovers, visit the Kampot Museum, which is located in the former French representative’s residence. It features an impressive collection of Cambodian art and crafts. You can purchase souvenirs and buy upcycled art pieces for souvenirs. The museum is open daily from 8am to 5pm, and its closing times are erratic. It is best to go early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds.

The Kampot Museum is another place worth visiting in Kampot. This museum is housed in a former French representative’s residence and showcases local Khmer artists. The gallery offers two upstairs galleries with rotating special exhibitions. The museum also has an excellent gift shop where you can purchase upcycled jewellery, papergoods, and handcrafted wooden items. There are many places to shop in Kampot, but you’ll find the most fun by browsing the markets in the Old Market.

5. Kep


The province of Kep in Cambodia is a must-see destination for travelers visiting the region. The city is located near the beautiful Kep National Park and has a population of 35,990. You can find many things to do in Kep and nearby areas. Here are some places to visit in Kep:: The city of Sekong is famous for its colorful traditional dress and its charming streets. It is also home to the Kep Museum, which has a collection of antique and artifacts.

Visiting the Kep Crab Market is a must when visiting the town. You can buy fresh crabs and other kinds of seafood from the stalls there. There are also wooden shacks where you can eat some delicious Khmer and Western food. The food is also quite tasty! You can even sample the local dishes at these places. Once you’ve had your fill of seafood, you’ll want to head back to town and check out the various restaurants and bars.

If you love nature, there are many activities to do in Kep. You can explore limestone caves and hike up mountain peaks. You can also take motorbike tours of the area. If you don’t mind the heat, you can also try out the local cuisine. If you have time, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the town. Just make sure you have enough time to explore the city, as the town of Kep is a great place for outdoor adventure.

6. Koh Ker

 Koh Ker

Located two and a half hours from Siem Reap, Koh Ker is a beautiful tourist destination. The jungle-like landscape of Koh Ker is best experienced by taking a bicycle or motorbike. Alternatively, you can stay at the sustainable and eco-friendly Kohker Jungle Lodge Homestay. In May 2019, the community will open a wooden rest house. The temples are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Besides the temples, there are a number of other places to visit in Koh Ker. The most popular are the ruins of the Banteay Srei, which are a group of six stupas. These are a must-see attraction for any tourist to Cambodia. After visiting the ruins, explore the stilted villages of the region. Afterwards, visit the National Museum of Phnom Penh, a museum dedicated to the Khmer Empire.

There are numerous trails that circle the main monuments, but they can be confusing if you are not accompanied by a guide. Bring plenty of water – the area is quite hot, and you’ll want to stay hydrated. Moreover, it is impossible to buy or drink water in Koh Ker; the only places where you can buy cold drinks are inside the temple complex. Lastly, make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes, which will keep you warm and dry even in the hottest parts of the day.

7. Koh Kong

Koh Kong

Koh Kong is the capital and largest city of Koh Kong Province. It is located in Smach Mean Chey District at the mouth of the Kah Bpow River, which is one of the major rivers of the region. The province is only ten kilometres from the border with Thailand, making it a popular destination for tourists from Thailand. If you are planning a trip to Koh Hong, here are some of the best places to visit.

If you’re visiting Koh Kong, the first thing to do is find a bus. There are many buses running to and from Koh Kong City. However, if you’re traveling by bus, you’ll need to double-check your plans. You can easily book buses through most hotels or book mini-vans at various travel agencies. You can also check the CamboTicket website before booking your ticket.

While there are a few nice places to visit in Koh Kong, the city isn’t particularly attractive. However, wandering around a new city is a great way to get your bearings and find out where ATMs and shops are. The riverside promenade might be charming if you can overlook the blight on it. Unfortunately, garbage management isn’t a top priority in Cambodia.

8. Koh Rong

Koh Rong

Located in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia, Koh Rong Island is an excellent destination for a beach vacation. This island is home to sandy coves, coral reefs, and dense jungle terrain dotted with coconut palms and waterfalls. Some of the places to visit while in Koh Rong include the Jewelorchids Zoo, Police Beach, and High Point Rope Park, which features zip lines, rope walks, and suspension bridges.

If you’re looking for a laidback island experience, Koh Rong offers plenty of options. From cheap drinks to lively nightlife, this island has it all. The most popular nightlife spots are M’Pai Bay and Sok San Village. While the island has a mellow vibe, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz of the nightlife on the island.

While visiting Koh Rong, it’s important to keep in mind the weather in the area. The best time to visit the island is from November to April. May and October are often dry, but you should expect rain during these months. If you visit during the rainy season, you’ll need to be prepared for unexpected thunderstorms. Although Cambodian is the official language, English is widely spoken in the tourism industry.

If you’re looking for something more unique on Koh Rong, check out the Jungle Zoo. This zoo is owned by a Russian woman and is just a short walk from the Sihanoukville port. There, you can see monkeys, lizards, and other exotic animals. You can also enjoy a relaxing foot massage by a fish, try to eat a scorpion, or take a snake for a whiskey ride.

9. Koh Thonsay

Koh Thonsay

If you are in the mood for a tropical island holiday, you should consider visiting Koh Tonsay in the Gulf of Thailand. The name of the island is a fitting one, as it means Rabbit Island and is administered by the Kep Province. This charming island has many beautiful places to visit, including the stunning Phrom Pong National Park. There is also an abundance of wildlife, with plenty of lizards, turtles, and rabbits.

The main town of Kep is famous for cheap, delicious seafood, and is an ideal base for island boat tours. From Kep, you can explore the dozens of floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake. You can find local fishermen, schools, and pagodas floating in the lake. This region is home to many endangered species, and is an excellent place to view these. But be sure to plan ahead and visit this amazing destination for a truly memorable experience!

Besides the beaches, Koh Thonsay also has plenty of wildlife. You can go on a jungle hike, or take a kayak tour to see the various critters that live in the jungle. You can visit several waterfalls in the area, and explore the mangrove forests. There are also several caves and temples to visit. Once you’re done touring the island, be sure to check out the nearby islands.

10. Kratie.


When you’re visiting eastern Cambodia, don’t miss the capital city of Kratie. This province is full of beautiful scenery and cultural activities, and it’s easy to get lost exploring this picturesque town. Here are some places to visit in Kratie: (a) Koh Kong National Park, (b) The Royal Museum, and (81) The King’s Palace.) If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, Kratié is the place for you.

Kratie has a long riverfront with sandbars and the nearby Island. It’s a picturesque area to people watch and eat, and there are lots of places to eat here. If you’re looking for something more lively, stop by the Central Market, which is surrounded by French Colonial buildings. There are plenty of places to stay in Kratie, but you’ll probably want to spend most of your time in the city itself.

If you’re in Kratie, you’ll probably want to explore the nearby Kampi Rapids, which is a nature reserve a little over 30 km north of town. You’ll have the opportunity to watch wild dolphins and small mammals frolicking in the river. Don’t forget your camera! It’s a great way to get some great photos of the wildlife.

11. Mondulkiri


Mondulkiri is the largest province of Cambodia and borders neighboring provinces Kratié to the west, Stung Treng to the northwest, and Ratanakiri to the north. This sparsely populated area borders Vietnam to the east and south. If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, be sure to include a stop in Mondulkiri when you’re planning your itinerary.

A visit to Mondulkiri is an adventure in itself. The region is home to some of Cambodia’s most remote communities, including the Phnong. While Mondulkiri is still a largely rural province, it is beginning to attract travelers and entrepreneurs from other parts of the country. For those looking for an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience, there are several places to visit.

The Bousra Waterfall is a stunning waterfall, cascading over granite rocks. This popular destination for hiking enthusiasts is accessible by swimming or wearing traditional hill-tribe clothing. The area has numerous waterfalls, some of which are private. For those interested in nature, Mondulkiri is an excellent choice. There are plenty of other places to visit in the province, including the Kiri Pich Guest House and the Mondulkiri Hotel, which are located atop a hill.

One of the best ways to experience the local culture and history is to trek to Mondulkiri. This area has a lot to offer to those looking for a unique experience. It’s the perfect place to explore the culture of Cambodia’s indigenous people and see their everyday lives. Whether you choose to hike the ruins of a Vietnamese military base, or visit one of the many ancient temples, Mondulkiri will provide a memorable adventure.

12. Pailin


If you’ve been to other parts of Cambodia, you’ve probably been to Pailin. The western province of Pailin lies on the border with Thailand. This province is a fantastic place to visit if you want to experience the rural, mountainous landscape. There are plenty of hiking trails, caves, and lakes to explore, which will make for an amazing trip! Here are the best places to visit in Pailin.

First, take a bus to Pailin from Siem Reap or Battambang. While local buses are available, renting a car is a better value. The road to Pailin is only 2 hours long, but it is well worth it. The scenery is stunning, and you’ll see many beautiful waterfalls and scenic mountains. You’ll also want to visit the famous temple at Wat Gohng-Kahng, which has a famous gate and is an amazing place to visit.

In addition to its stunning natural landscapes, Pailin is also home to some of Cambodia’s most precious gems and timber. The town’s small town charm allows visitors to experience the life of the rural people. The National Institute of Statistics (NIS) is a part of the Ministry of Planning and will conduct the next General Population Census of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The census is scheduled to end on 3 February 2021.

13. Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

When planning your next vacation, you might be wondering what to do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The country’s capital sits at the confluence of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers. It was the capital of the Khmer Empire and a hub of French colonialism. The city is now home to an art deco Central Market and riverfront parks and restaurants. The reconstructed Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda are popular attractions in the city.

Another popular destination for tourists is the Royal Palace, a sprawling complex that includes the Royal Residence, the Throne Hall, and the Silver Pagoda. The palace was built in the 1800s for the King of Cambodia and is still used by the royalty today. You won’t be able to visit the private areas, but you can spend about an hour touring the public areas of the complex.

For those looking for an adventure, you can take an ATV tour of the city. This tour begins in the city, and then visits the Killing Fields and the S-21 prison. From there, you can enjoy the serene scenery of rural Phnom Penh, stopping to explore local markets and enjoy the picturesque scenery. There are several ways to see Phnompenh, and you can choose from a combination of attractions that will suit your itinerary.

14. Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Located in northwestern Cambodia, Siem Reap is a resort town and the gateway to the world-famous Angkor ruins. Angkor was the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th to 15th centuries. The Angkor Wat, the most popular temple, is the main attraction and is featured on the national flag. Other highlights include the Bayon Temple and its mysterious faces.

While in Siem Reap, visit the nearby Cambodia Mine Museum. This historical exhibit displays how the Cambodian people survived the Khmer Rouge regime. Over six million landmines were planted in the country during the conflict. You may even be able to witness an active landmine detonation at the museum. This is one of the Places to Visit in Siem Reah, Cambodia.

If you want to learn about Cambodian culture, visit the Cambodian Cultural Village. The museum features performances from local artists and is an educational experience. Tickets start at $13. You can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Siem Reap Town at Pub Street. If you are looking for a little more excitement, head to the pubs on Pub Street. Here, you can enjoy a variety of local and international dishes.

Psar Chaa: The museum is another popular spot in the area. While you’re there, make sure you visit the Cambodian Market. You’ll find plenty of fresh produce at this market, which is perfect for cooking in your hostel. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs! Among the most interesting museums in Siem Reap are the Angkor Park and the Banteay Srei Temple.

15. Sihanoukville


For a perfect island getaway, head to the southwest province of Sihanoukville. The tropical islands and beaches are a great way to spend a day. Explore the mangrove forests in the Ream National Park to enjoy some nature time. The capital is set on a peninsula jutting into the Gulf of Thailand and is centered around a deep water port. Palm-lined beaches and late-night bars dot the landscape, but the city is also dominated by a hilltop Buddhist temple, Wat Leu.

The city is home to many beautiful beaches and a large boardwalk lined with restaurants. There are beach chairs and inside seating with spectacular ocean views. At night, the boardwalk is alive with loud music and a younger crowd of Cambodians and travelers. The streets are often crowded, so be wary of snatchers. You may want to bring an extra towel. You can get a taxi in the evening if you’re traveling with children.

If you’re visiting Sihanoukville in the early morning or late afternoon, check out the Prek Tuk Sap Falls. This waterfall is about 30-40 minutes away from the city. You can spend the entire day here. During the rainy season, you can picnic on the waterfall’s banks. It’s the perfect spot to take the family. A tour here will cost around $25.

Among the most popular places to visit in Cambodia, the War Museum is a must-see. The museum is like a time machine for tourists. The displays here are amazing. The war-related history is well documented, and the soldiers who work here are eager to share the history of their country. In addition to the Royal Palace, you should check out the surrounding area as well. You can also take a ferry from the capital to the southern islands.

The capital, Phnom Penh, is the most popular destination in Cambodia. It is accessible by foot, taxi, or by train from the border. Alternatively, you can take a train from Chau doc to Phnom Penh. The teeming city is the capital of Cambodia and is home to the King, the Emerald Buddha, and the Silver Pagoda. The Emerald Buddha is the most famous temple in the city.

The Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. Located in the capital, the royal palace is surrounded by formal gardens. The city is home to some of the country’s most important landmarks, including the Kingdom Gate. This is a beautiful monument with stone carvings and is an absolute must see. For travelers looking to have an authentic experience of the culture, this is a must. If you want to get a glimpse of the country’s culture, visit the Royal Palace and the National Museum of Art.

If you love animals, you must visit the Virachey National Park in the Banlung province. The lush forest is home to gibbons and other endangered species. Those who love nature will enjoy the trip to Cambodia. If you’re traveling with children, be sure to leave them at home. If they’re scared of museums, visit the Rattanakiri Forest, which is located near Angkor Wat.

There are many places to visit in Cambodia. But a must-see is the iconic Temple Complex. This is the most unique temple complex in the country. And if you’re looking for some history, visit the nearby villages of Phnom Penh and Kampot. You’ll also want to take a boat or a bicycle. The waterways are great for fishing, but there are plenty of other places to see in Cambodia.

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