Places to visit in Jordan

On the eastern bank the Jordan River is a cosmopolitan Arab nation. The country is famous for its old monuments, nature reserves and resorts on the sea. The famous archeological location of Petra is a must-see located within a narrow valley. It is also known as the “Rose City” is located there and is a fascinating area to explore. The Petra area has plenty to do and see.

Just a short distance away from Amman is the famed Ruins of Petra. The city’s history is in good condition and has a myriad of Nabataean tombs and Roman stone-carved streets dotted with public structures and an amphitheatre that is huge. Visitors should hire guides to guide them around the area. Apart from the old city Petra, there are other small versions of Petra like Little and Little recognized by UNESCO and well worth a visit.

The Amman’s Dead Sea is another popular tourist attraction. It’s located in the to the north, and is accessible via taxi or public transport. Although it’s not advised to swim long the length of time, locals do swim there dressed. Foreigners are able to wear shorts and swimsuits however, they should dress in modest attire. It is a popular destination for snorkelers. Dead Sea is a popular spot for a day trip from Amman and is an ideal spot to go snorkeling.

Mount Nebo is the most frequented tourist destination in Jordan. It is a place of worship for Muslims as well as Christians and provides amazing panoramic views over the area and Israel. It also contains the remains of an old church as well as the mosaic area. The most renowned regions of Jordan is Wadi Rum, which is filled with golden dunes, rocks as well as desert camp sites. The remains of this once-great city are worth the admission price of $7.

15 Best Places to visit in Jordan





Dana Nature Reserve

Dead Sea





Mujib Nature Reserve



Wadi Rum


Although Jordan has a variety of important archeological sites, its ancient cities are equally captivating. For example, the ancient cities of Philadelphia used to be known as the Roman capital city of Jordan. In the present, Amman is the modern capital of Jordan and hosts the National Museum of Antiquities. Amman also houses a range of museums as well as a vibrant art and craft scene. It’s a fascinating city to explore if are looking to save money.

If you’re thinking of an Jordan holiday, don’t overlook your chance to visit the Dead Sea. The lowest point on earth is a stunning mysterious and intriguing place. The water of this desert is rich in minerals and believed to possess therapeutic properties. The mud that comes from Dead Sea is used to treat ailments. Dead Sea is applied to the body and is a very popular exercise. There is no shortage of other destinations to explore in Jordan. There are many incredible locations to visit and explore in Jordan.

There are numerous locations to visit in Jordan. Wadi Rum, the famous desert in Wadi Rum is an absolute must-see and has been popularized by the famous TE Lawrence book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The desert is cold during the winter months, but extremely heat in summer. Its temperature at Wadi Rum reached 29° Celsius at the time I went and the breeze was intense, mysterious air. It’s well worth a trip.

Jordan is home to numerous ancient sites and are many different cultural experiences. A visit to Jordan includes a visit to the stunning Red Sea and the ancient city of Aqaba. Aqaba is the ideal place to go to if you’re searching for a relaxing vacation. Aqaba is where you can visit for the most amazing diving experience, and it’s essential for every Jordanian to go and experience the sport.

Petra is a must-see destination for visitors. It is an archeological site dating back to the year 300 B.C.E. It was also the capital city of that early Nabataean Kingdom. The city, half-built and half-carved is fascinating and mysterious especially when it is dark. The ruin is a wonderful opportunity to explore Jordan’s rich civilization and its rich history. There are many activities to enjoy within the desert.

A very intriguing places to see within Jordan can be Petra. The huge nature preserve is full of beautiful facades that are carved out of rose-colored stones. The city’s history is a world-class heritage site as well as one of the top methods to explore this region in the nation is via automobile. The region has a great public transportation system and there are a variety of options to travel to the city. The capital is a wonderful spot to experience the historical attractions of Jordan.

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