Places to visit in Kazakhstan

If you’re interested in history and want to see the past, then you must go to Kazakhstan as which is a Central Asian nation that stretches across its Caspian Sea in the west and the Altai Mountains in the east. The ex- Soviet country is an uninhabited state which shares its boundaries that connect it to Russia as well as China. The most famous tourist attractions in Kazakhstan are Almaty’s cathedral. It was built during the tsar’s time and houses the Russian or Orthodox Church. It is also possible to visit Kazakh’s Central State Museum of Kazakh that houses thousands of items from the region.

This city in Aktobe is the capital city of Kazakhstan has an interesting background, shaped by rising and falling of empires. The museum is dedicated to the courageous young woman who was killed by 101 German soldiers during World War II. The museum also has an exact replica of her famous rifle, the sniper, and provides more information details about the life of her. Another must-see place within the city of Aktobe is the Aktobe Regional Museum, where you will discover the city’s distinct natural heritage and admire the massive domes and tents.

The mountains that make up Kazakhstan are filled with stunning landscapes. The Alps as well as the Ural River provide excellent day excursions from Almaty. It is situated in an immense desert and desert, Almaty is an incrediblely beautiful place. You can also spend the night at one of the numerous attractions in Astana. Don’t forget to visit the stunning Cathedral of the president who was first elected to Kazakhstan built in the 20th century.

12 Best Places to visit in Kazakhstan

  1. Aktau
  2. Almaty
  3. Astana
  4. Baikonur
  5. Lake Balkhash
  6. Lake Kaindy
  7. Nomad’s Land
  8. Semey
  9. Shymkent
  10. Tamgaly-Tas
  11. Taraz
  12. Turgen Gorge

1. Aktau

Places to Visit in Aktau Kazakhstan

Aktau is a beautiful city located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. The city’s current name translates to “white mountain” in Kazakh. Its cliffs overlook the Caspian and may be the source of the name. Historically, Aktau was known as Shevchenko. In 1991, Aktau gained its current name. Its modern name is a result of the city’s transformation into a modern metropolis.

Aktau has a rich history and culture. The people speak both Kazakh and Russian and dance is a very important part of the local culture. Christianity is the dominant religion in Aktau, while Islam is the second most common religion. While shopping in Aktau can be expensive, you can expect high quality goods and plenty of entertainment opportunities. There are many restaurants serving both continental and non-continental cuisines. While dining, you should try the traditional cuisine of Aktau. The city’s roads are well-developed, and taxis and buses are plentiful and affordable.

A small, historic city situated on the Caspian Sea, Aktau is one of the most unique places to visit in Kazakhstan. You will find ancient architectural ensembles spread throughout the streets of this city. The streets of the city are lined with emerald-green lawns and parks, and the picturesque landscape will make you feel like you are in a fairytale. Despite the small size of the city, Aktau has a lot to offer.

2. Almaty

Places to Visit in Almaty Kazakhstan

The largest city in Kazakhstan is the capital of Almaty, located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. Although it no longer serves as the capital, the bustling metropolis is an important cultural and trading center. Visitors should check out the Central State Museum, which houses thousands of historic Kazakh artifacts. In the city center, the yellow towers of the tsar-era Russian Orthodox church, Zenkov Cathedral, stand out against the snow-covered hills.

One of the most beautiful parks in Almaty is the Kolsai Lakes National Park, which has 3 glacial lakes and waterfalls. The lake is surrounded by evergreen forests and beautiful mosaics. There are benches and playgrounds here for kids to enjoy. Another park is the First President’s Park, which opened in July 2010. The outer wall of the park is decorated with traditional Kazakh art and features an elaborate colonnade.

While visiting the city, be sure to check out the cathedral. It is an elegant Orthodox church that was built in 1907. It is made of wood, but no nails were used in the construction. It is the second tallest wooden building in the world and is the city’s most popular attraction. It was completed in 1907, and recently underwent renovations. The interior is a combination of traditional and modern styles.

3. Astana

Places to Visit in Astana Kazakhstan

While visiting Astana, you should not just focus on the city itself; there are many places to see that will make your stay even more memorable. Nur-Sultan was once known as Tselinograd or Akmolinsk, but it got its present name on March 23, 2019. This modern city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a number of museums.

The Bayterek tower is the city’s new symbol, appearing on all Kazakh banknotes. It is said to represent a mythical egg in a tree. Tourists can ride an elevator to the top of “the egg,” but be warned – the yellow window will make for bad photos. If you’re a Muslim, don’t miss the Nur-Astana Mosque, the third largest mosque in Central Asia. It can hold 5.000 worshipers.

The President’s Cultural Center is a must-see in Astana. It features a large dome and displays the modern history of the city. It also has a museum and an exhibition hall that displays the current arts and culture of Kazakhstan. In the middle of the blue domed tower, you’ll find a huge shopping mall called Khan Shatyr. It’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, and the city is growing and thriving.

4. Baikonur

If you’re into space exploration, a trip to Baikonur Cosmodrome is a must. This is the world’s first operational space launch facility and the world’s first spaceport for orbital launches. All Russian crewed spaceflights launch from Baikonur. It’s a fascinating place to visit, but don’t get lost in its bustling hub. Here are some of the most amazing places to visit in Baikonur.

The city of Baikonur is home to the cosmonaut monument, where Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev first entered space. It also features a Soviet-era cottage complete with retro mid-century furniture. In addition to the cosmodrome, you’ll also find a museum commemorating the lives of the world’s first astronauts. And if you have the chance, head to the nearby village of Tyuratam, which is a charming small town located on the edge of a pocket of Russian territory.

While it might seem like an extreme place, Baikonur is a surprisingly pleasant place to visit. The climate is temperate year-round, with short summers and hot winters. While the weather can be harsh in Baikonur, most hotels and restaurants are equipped to handle the cold. It is also a good idea to bring a jacket for the winter months, as temperatures are extremely cold in the summer.

5. Lake Balkhash

Places to Visit in Lake Balkhash Kazakhstan

The lake is surrounded by lush greenery. It is also home to six species of native fish and more than 120 different kinds of birds. This region is a great destination for camping and hiking, and is easily accessible by road from Bishkek and Karaganda. The nearest city is Balkhash, which is 35 km away. Getting to the lake by car will take you across the Bishkek-Karaganda highway.

There are plenty of things to do around the lake. There are a few resorts, which offer comfortable rooms with all the amenities you need. Many tourists will choose to stay in the nearby towns. There is a variety of outdoor activities that make for a memorable vacation. For example, if you’re a birder, you can observe over 120 different species of birds that migrate to and from Lake Balkhash every year.

The lakes surrounding Balkhash are home to 120 different species of birds. The region also has some fascinating deserts, which are excellent for birdwatching. The far northest rice field is in Bakanas. While fishing is a major industry in the area, pollution has reduced the number of fish and its size. Nevertheless, the lake offers an amazing opportunity to experience the unique culture of the area.

6. Lake Kaindy

The 400-meter-long Lake Kaindy has a depth of almost 30 meters and is located 129 kilometers east of Almaty, Kazakhstan. This beautiful area is 2,000 meters above sea level. The lake is a popular destination for visitors who wish to see the natural beauty of the region. It is a beautiful area that has many things to offer. You can visit a number of interesting places while you’re here.

Travelers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the area by visiting the city of Saty, which is about fifteen kilometers away. The drive to the town of Kaindy takes around an hour and a half. If you plan to spend the night at the lake, a place to stay is advisable. There are several guesthouses in Saty, located near the national border. You should be aware that the road to Saty is not in good shape and requires some climbing skills.

Visiting Kaindy Lake is a great idea if you’re interested in hiking or trekking. While there are no formal accommodations in the area, you can find homestays in Saty for around 3,000 KZT per person per night. The area offers many activities, but a trip to the Lake is an adventurous and rewarding experience. And the best part is that you can explore the region on your own, and you’ll have all the freedom to choose the activities that interest you.

7. Nomad’s Land

Nomads Land is a picturesque region of western Kazakhstan located on the Ili River. Nomads live in the area near the Altay Mountains. Since the country became a democracy in 1991, the government has been attempting to attract the Kazakhs of Mongolia to move back to their native land. Incentives to move back include homes, jobs, and education. While many have returned, others still remain in western Mongolia. In this case, they continue to lead nomadic lifestyles.

Nomads Land is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore the ancient petroglyphs, which date back to the Bronze Age. Some of the rocks are decorated with Buddha images and Tibetan scriptures. The petroglyphs are found throughout the area and can be seen up close and personal. There are plenty of places to visit in Nomads Land Kazakhstan, including an abandoned film set. The location is a pristine, wild landscape with stunning views.

Nomads Land is best known for its nomad lifestyle. Nomads in Kazakhstan live in nomadic yurts, which are made of a wooden frame covered in felt and leather. The structure of these yurts has remained almost unchanged for centuries. Several companies offer yurt tours throughout the Nomads Land. Some of these yurts are a must-see if you’re in the country.

8. Semey

Places to Visit in Semey Kazakhstan

Before 2007, Semey was called Semipalatinsk. In 1917 and 1918, it was known as Alash-kala. Located in eastern Kazakhstan, along the Irtysh River near the Russian border, Semey has 299,264 inhabitants. The city is home to several tourist attractions, such as the Alash-kala National Park and Alash-kala National Monument.

There are two museums in Semey dedicated to the famous literary associates of the Tsarist era: the Abai museum and the Dostoevsky Literary Museum. Churches and mosques are also abundant in Semey. The town has a difficult time establishing itself on the general tourist map. However, there are a few places that are a must-see when visiting Semey.

If you’re planning to spend the night in Semey, you can check out the Victory Park. It’s located between the Valikhanov Street and Kabanbai Batyr Street, and is adjacent to the pedestrianized Lenin Street. The park has a commemorative T-34 tank on a pedestal, which was common in the Soviet Union’s celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The park also has small memorial stones of local military heroes.

The city’s historical significance is linked to its history as a nuclear power station. Despite being a small town, Semey has a thriving arts scene. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or jazz, Semey is a great place to experience. The area offers many exciting attractions, and it’s worth spending a few days exploring them. And there’s no shortage of places to visit in Semey.

9. Shymkent

Places to Visit in Shymkent Kazakhstan

The city of Shymkent, once known as Chimkent, is a fascinating place to visit in Kazakhstan. This city is near the border with Uzbekistan, and is one of three cities in the country with region status. In fact, it’s the only one not named Almaty. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The population is roughly 150,000, which is an incredible number of people for such a small city.

There are several places to visit in Shymkent. The city itself is home to a vast bazaar where you can buy various items. You can also eat at the Madlen chain of restaurants. Other international restaurants include Eldorado and Bar Villa. For dinner, you can try the popular Tajiki restaurant, which serves traditional Kazakh food. If you’re looking to buy some souvenirs, you can also take a trip to the nearby museum.

There are also many places to visit in Shymkent. The city is filled with parks, museums, and historical sites. It was once a hub for trade between Europe and the Middle East. During the Second World War, Shymkent was an important center for manufacturing and trading, and seventeen factories were built to produce the necessary equipment for the war. In addition to the war museums, there are also plenty of opportunities to spend time in nature.

10. Tamgaly-Tas

Places to Visit in TamgalyTas Kazakhstan

The open-air temple of Tamgaly-Tas is a must-see attraction in this part of Kazakhstan. You can admire the rock paintings that depict Tibetan iconography and inscriptions from the second half of the seventeenth century. The cave paintings were created by Oirat masters and Tibetan artists. Moreover, Galdan-Huntaydzhi, a famous artist of the region, took part in creating the cave paintings.

One of the most popular attractions in Tamgaly-Tas is the Alatau-Ely National Park, which was established in 1996. The Big Almaty Lake, which is a mile and a half above sea level, is a picturesque sight. Visitors can hike, bike, or even ride a horse. The nearby village of Balkhash, which is about 70 kilometers from Almaty, is also an interesting place to visit.

A trip to the Nomad’s Land is a must for the natural beauty of this area. The town has been recreated from a movie set and now serves as a tourist attraction. Its pine-woods, pine-trees, and mountains are a stark contrast to the endless windswept plains. The most striking landmarks are the Mount Kokshetau and Mount Burabai, which are 947m and 690m high, respectively.

The central rock at Tamgaly-Tas has an image of the Arya Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, subject of the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Nearby is a stone with an inscription that reads: “I worship the holy Avalokiteshvara.” The other rocks are Buddha-like statues and petroglyphs of various deities.

11. Taraz

Places to Visit in Taraz Kazakhstan

Taraz is the administrative centre of the Jambyl Region of Kazakhstan. Located on the Talas River in the south of the country, near the Kyrgyzstan border, Taraz is well-known for its historical sites and beautiful landscapes. There are a number of places to visit in Taraz. Read on to discover some of the top spots in this city. Let’s start from the top and start our tour from the north.

The Museum of Miniatures and Seaquarium is the perfect place for the nature enthusiast. The museum is housed in the Ak Orda Presidential Palace and Astana-Arena Stadium. You can also visit a yurt, which is believed to be home to spirits. The museum also features a large collection of artifacts from different eras. It is important to make time to see the yurt and Arystan Bab.

The oldest city in Kazakhstan, Taraz was the largest city in the Silk Road and was once a wealthy trading hub. Unfortunately, the Mongols completely destroyed it in the 13th century, but recent efforts to preserve its history have led to the restoration of many buildings and mausoleums. You can visit these sights on your visit to the city. Aisha Bibi’s mausoleum is especially beautiful and has even been photographed by many wedding couples!

12. Turgen Gorge

Places to Visit in Turgen Gorge Kazakhstan

There are many places to visit in the Turgen Gorge, but one of the most stunning is Bear Falls, which can be reached through a cable car. The waterfall is located in the Almaty Region. Here, you can see a beautiful landscape and marvel at the beauty of this spectacular area. This is a must-see for anyone who visits Kazakhstan. There are many things to do in this region, so make sure you take your time and explore it thoroughly.

The Ile-Alatau National Park is situated about 90 km from Almaty, making it easy to visit on day trips. Most visitors stick to the main attractions, such as Big Almaty Lake, Esik Lake, and the Arasan gorge. If you have the time, you can take a tour of the region on your own wheels. If you have time, you can even hike or mountain bike along the way.

The town of Issyk is located in the Issyk region, which is home to the picturesque Issyk Lake. Besides fishing, you can visit a trout farm and meet the local Kazakh Borzois, a hunting bird. These animals have lived on the steppe since ancient times. The gorge is a great place for wildlife lovers.

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