Places to visit in Kyrgyzstan

A landlocked state located in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the south along with China in the East. Bishkek, the Capital city Bishkek is a perfect spot to spend a holiday and has an extensive range of things to do. Here are a few of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the area:

It is the Ala Arashan Gorge – Located within a distance of just 40 km from Bishkek The Ala Archa Gorge is home to a variety of Petroglyphs. The park is a sanctuary for the diversity of the region and hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes. The trails for hiking run through the canyon, and some even connected to a waterfall.

Arslanbob the Arslanbob Jeti Oguz is a small village that is famous because of its red rocks. It is usually visited as an excursion that lasts for a few hours from Karakol. There aren’t many activities to be done in the region, it’s well worth taking a couple of days to explore the area. It’s much more than red bull rock formations. You can also hike around the mountain and explore the surrounding landscape.

Burana Tower The Burana Tower is another historic location located in Kyrgyzstan that is a complex of multiple levels built during the 10th or 11th century. The only part that remains is the minaret that stands at 22 meters and is breathtaking to look at. It is possible to walk up this tower and visit tombstones and other ancient sculptures in a short distance. The building material is red brick as well as the brick red is left in the greatest extent feasible. The tower is situated 12 kilometers away from Tokmak, the capital city. Tokmak.

10 Best Places to visit in Kyrgyzstan

  1. Ala Archa National Park
  2. Bishkek
  3. Burana
  4. Cholpon Ata
  5. Issyk Kul Lake
  6. Jyrgalan Valley
  7. Karakol
  8. Kel-Suu
  9. Osh
  10. Song Kol Lake

1. Ala Archa National Park

Places to Visit in Ala Archa National Park Kyrgyzstan

The Ala-Archa Nature Park is a small alpine national park in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Established in 1976, the park now spans 16,485 hectares. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the park by hiking, horse riding, or snowmobiling. If you want to experience the unique culture and lifestyle of this remote area, you should visit this place.

The park is close to Bishkek, which makes it easy to reach by public transportation. A nearby hostel is Koisha Hostel or Bugu Hotel, which has comfortable accommodations. You may also want to visit Burana Tower, which is one of the most famous landmarks in Kyrgyzstan. The 25m tower is the last remaining structure of an ancient city called Balasagun, which once welcomed thousands of Silk Road caravans.

If you are not in good shape, you can also opt for hiking trails in the park. You can enjoy the scenery without worrying about your fitness. There are several hiking trails that will take you through the park’s untouched forest. The longest hike in the park will take you two hours, and the reward will be incredible. You will be able to see countless wildlife, including a variety of birds.

2. Bishkek

3. Burana

Places to Visit in Burana Kyrgyzstan

The Burana Tower is one of the top places to visit in this town. Built in the 10th and 11th centuries, this ancient tower once served as a minaret. The tower’s 40-meter height is said to have been a religious place of pilgrimage. There are many legends associated with the tower, so you should be sure to explore the city’s history. You can also spend some time walking through the “garden of rocks” at the foot of the tower. Here, you will find old millstones, inscriptions and balbals.

The tower was once the highest tower in the country and has a fascinating history. Its original height was 45 meters, but later it was partially restored and is only half as high as the other Central Asian architectural marvels. The Ala-Archa Mountains are a stunning backdrop to the tower, and the town’s colorful Bal-bals are an interesting sight to behold.

The Burana Tower is another must-see site in the city. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located eighty kilometers from Bishkek and is the only surviving portion of the ancient city of Balasagun. The tower is 45 metres tall and was once part of the Karakhanid State’s capital. The tower offers sweeping views of the Tian Shan mountain range.

4. Cholpon Ata

The resort town of Cholpon-Ata is located on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and has a population of 14,237. It is the administrative center of Issyk-Kul District, which covers most of the north shore of the lake. Other resort towns nearby include Tamchy and Bosteri. In addition, the town is well-connected via highway A363 to neighboring towns of Tamchy and Bosteri.

A cultural center called Ruh Ordo was constructed in Cholpon Ata in 2002, named after a famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov. It was built with the aim of presenting the five major religions side-by-side. The name Ruh Ordo is translated as Spiritual Center, and features five identical white chapels. The museum is devoted to promoting tolerance and respect for the beliefs of other faiths.

The petroglyphs of Cholpon Ata are a unique sight. These ancient carvings date back to over 2,000 BC. Unlike many other places in Kyrgyzstan, these monuments are free to visit in winter and 50 Som ($0.72) in the summer. While you’re there, be sure to look out for locals posing as entrance officials. You’ll definitely find a friendly face to chat with while you’re here.

One of the main attractions of Cholpon Ata is the Hippodrome, where the World Nomad Games take place every two years. This is a place where you can enjoy horseback riding, eagle hunting, and other outdoor activities. For those looking for a bit of shopping, Cholpon Ata’s market is the perfect place to do so.

5. Issyk Kul Lake

Places to Visit in Issyk Kul Lake Kyrgyzstan

The Issyk-Kul Lake is a natural wonder situated in the Northern Tian Shan Mountains of Eastern Kyrgyzstan. It is the seventh-deepest lake in the world and the tenth-largest lake in volume. The Issyk-Kul is the world’s second-largest saline body of water after the Caspian Sea.

There is so much to see in Issyk Kul Lake that you may want to spend more time than you’re able to get in a single visit. Here’s a list of some of the top destinations: We’ve grouped them into four major areas: Karakol, the Jyrgalan Valley, and the Ala-Too Mountains.

The Administrative Centre of Issyk Kul Region – This town is the best place to start your trekking adventure in the region. Situated on the lake’s eastern shore, it is close to the Tian Shan mountain range and offers some of the best hiking in the world. In addition to the lake’s pristine waters, Karakol is also famous for its Soviet-era ski resort, which is still open for visitors. In fact, it’s more affordable than the Shymbulak ski resort, which is located about 20 minutes outside the city of Almaty.

If you’re looking for a romantic place to stay, consider staying at a homestay in Tamchy. This quaint little town is packed with great accommodation options and offers plenty to do. The nearest big resort town, Cholpon-Ata, is located south of the lake. Bosteri is the largest town in the southern shore and is known for eagle hunting.

6. Jyrgalan Valley

Places to Visit in Jyrgalan Valley Kyrgyzstan

There are many places to visit in the Jyrgalan Valley, but this area is best explored on foot. The village itself is very beautiful and you should go for a walk around the town. There are also several guesthouses to stay in the area. The Alakol Guesthouse is the biggest and has friendly hosts such as Emil and Gulmira. There is also a guesthouse in Rahat, which is owned and operated by Saikal and Janyl.

There are a number of places to visit in Jyrgalan Valley, including the Turnali Waterfall. If you are traveling on horseback, you can hire a guide to show you around. You can also rent equipment for riding. You’ll start by following the path on horseback. It begins on the eastern side of the village, past the cemetery with Soviet stars and Muslim crescent moons. You will then begin a gentle two-hour hike to the waterfall. For the first timers, this trail is perfect.

The village of Jyrgalan is surrounded by mountains and passes, rolling hills and forests. It’s an area reminiscent of Switzerland with its lush mountain scenery, forests, and nomadic people. Whether you’re an avid mountaineer or just a casual traveler looking for a tranquil retreat, Jyrgalan is a good place to start your trip.

7. Karakol

Places to Visit in Karakol Kyrgyzstan

Karakol, the fourth-largest city in Kyrgyzstan, is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, about 150 kilometers from the Kyrgyzstan-China border and 380 kilometers from the capital Bishkek. It is also the administrative capital of the Issyk-Kul region. There are many attractions for tourists to enjoy in Karakol.

Among the places worth visiting in Karakol are the Burana Tower, a historical site that was once the center of the world. Another place to see is the ancient Bal-bals, gravestones carved by nomadic Turkic tribes. In addition to being photogenic, visitors can buy Soviet car parts from a local antique store. Getting to know the town’s history will make your vacation even more worthwhile.

A visit to the Victory Park is a must for visitors to Karakol. It is a large park with trees and monuments commemorating the victims of the Stalinist Regime and World War II. If you’re interested in architecture, you should head to the Pushkin Park in Karakol. It was originally dedicated to Nikolai Barsov, but was later renamed. On the opposite bank of the river, there’s the Karakol River Park, which is home to a large Chinese-Muslim minority.

If you’re a nature lover, you should take the time to visit the Dungan Valley. A trip to Dungan Valley is one of the best things to do in Karakol. There are many beautiful natural sights and breathtaking landscapes in the area, and the city’s climate is conducive to hiking. A day trip to Ak-Suu will ensure a great day out.

8. Kel-Suu

Places to Visit in KelSuu Kyrgyzstan

There are several places to visit in Kel-Suu, Kyrgyzstan. It is an extremely scenic place with a large lake, and a great variety of activities. The lake is only accessible by car, so you’ll need to rent a good 4×4 and a good driver. Another great way to get around is to go on a multi-day horse trek.

To get to Kel-Suu, you’ll need to cross a few large rivers and cross an aging wooden bridge. The landscape is absolutely stunning and there are many beautiful viewpoints to photograph. You’ll also see a large herd of wild yaks and some of the rarest animals in the world: Marco Polo wild sheep! You’ll definitely want to take your camera along to capture the incredible scenery.

After exploring the cave, take a boat ride to Kel-Suu Lake. The lake is surrounded by cliffs that are so tall they defy imagination. The waters are filled with crystals and have many caves that can be explored on foot, by horseback, or by boat. There are many things to do in Kel-Suu, and it is sure to be an experience that will leave you speechless.

If you’re planning on visiting Kel-Suu, you should make sure you have a passport in order to get to the lake. To get to Kel-Suu, you’ll need to get a border zone pass, and then travel to Bishkek or Naryn. Alternatively, you can contact a local tour company to purchase the border zone pass for you.

9. Osh

Places to Visit in Osh Kyrgyzstan

Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located in the Fergana Valley in the south. It is known as the capital of the south and is the oldest city in the country. Since 1939, Osh has been the administrative center of the Osh Region. Today, it’s a thriving cultural hub with a vibrant arts scene.

For culture buffs, the archangel Michael cathedral, which was used during Soviet times as a cultural center, is a must see. The city’s riverfront park, Navoi Park, is a popular spot for families and visitors alike. There are amusement rides, a great cafe, and an old blue Soviet plane. You can spend a day exploring this historic city or spend the night in one of the city’s many hotels.

For those interested in the local culture, Jayma Bazaar is a must. You can buy everything from fruit and vegetables to handicrafts, jewelry, and souvenirs. For an evening out, you can visit the Ak Buura Tsentr Otdykha Park, which is situated on the bank of the Ak Buura River. Enjoy the ice cream and water boat rides and get an awesome view of the city.

The Osh city museum is a must-visit attraction for food lovers. The Osh market boasts a wide variety of regional delicacies from all over Central Asia, including a mosaic of the 1980 Moscow Olympics mascot. If you’re not into museums, try out the local animal market – it’s noisy, dirty, and raw, but it’s a must-do while in Osh.

10. Song Kol Lake

Places to Visit in Song Kol Lake Kyrgyzstan

If you’re planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan, there are several places you must visit in the area. One of the best places to visit is Song Kol Lake, located near Chaek, a town in central Kyrgyzstan. The lake is a famous tourist destination, and the pure water is considered to be the best in the world. It is also a good place for horseback riding and hiking through the Jumgal region.

This is a large alpine lake that is 3016 meters high. It is Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest lake, covering 270 square kilometers and three times the area of Zurich. It is surrounded by mountains, peaks, and meadows, and is often overgrown with reeds. The water in the lake is glacier-fed and drains into the Son-Kul river, which flows into the Naryn.

Song Kol Lake is situated in the high mountains, so it can be chilly in summer, but the views are worth it. If you’re looking for a beautiful lake to swim in, Song Kol is the place for you. It’s refreshing yet not too cold and can provide a great view of the surrounding scenery. The 33 Parrots Road, named for its switchbacks, is a popular 4-wheel drive trail to the lake.

A city in the North, Osh is located in the Fergana valley. The city is a multi-cultural community that is a good location to explore other regions in the nation. If you’re looking to spend the remainder part of the time walking or skiing, then you should explore the region’s mountains. There are also stunning towns of the south of Kyrgyzstan like Yaltyna which is a an integral part of Fergana Valley.

The most well-known tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan is its cities and the countryside. The capital city of the country, Bishkek, is a beautiful city that is that is surrounded by mountains. It’s an amazing place to exploreand the residents are very friendly. A great camping spot located in Southern Osh. Southern Osh area is located close to the southern part of Lake Song Kol and is affordable and equipped.

A town of a small size with a stunning panorama is Tamga. Tamga is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses a vast gorge, which is the Issyk Kul Lake. It is known for its rich biodiversity and is a well-known spot for hiking or horseback riding. This gorgeous valley is an ideal spot to view some of the nation’s petroglyphs.

The famous lakes of the country are the perfect place to spend a holiday. In particular, Lake Issyk-Kul is a popular destination for summer vacations for locals as well as tourists as well. The lake is extremely deep and offers excellent swimming opportunities. It is located in near the center of nothing, it’s the ideal spot to take your holiday. It is possible to bike or hike through the nearby waterfalls or stroll through the beach.

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, you can try walking through the countryside of Kyrgyzstan. The mountain region and national parks can be an unforgettable and unique experience. One of the most popular places to visit in Kyrgyzstan are the Sulaiman Too cave, an old monastery. Additionally, a day spent exploring Kyrgyzstan will provide you with an opportunity to experience some of the country’s most interesting features.

The museum of state history should be a must-see for every tourist. Previously named The Lenin Museum, the museum is among the top locations to discover the history of Russia. The city is often misunderstood but it is a thriving beer scene. This town has a blend of modern and old, and isn’t an uninviting slum on the top of the mountain.

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