Places to visit in Malta

Places to visit in Malta

Located between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is a beautiful archipelago with a long history. Ruled by the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British, Malta is rich in historic sites. Known for its megalithic temples and fortresses, the country has numerous archaeological sites that are a must-see for tourists. One of the most interesting is the subterranean hypogeum, al Saflieni Hypogeum, which dates back to 4000 B.C.

The Auberge De Castille was a fortified palace built during the early 18th century. The hotel has stunning views of the Grand Harbour and is home to the office of Malta’s prime minister since 1972. It is famous for its symmetrical facade, but it also has an air-raid shelter that was used during World War II. There are several other places to visit in Malta, but these are the most popular.

Sliema is the best place to shop for souvenirs. It has several malls, a long promenade, and an old British army barracks. Sliema is on the island’s northeast shoreline and has no beaches. Nevertheless, the village’s architecture and ambiance still retains many of the character of a fishing village. Today, it’s a modern city with high-rise buildings dominating the landscape.

Xlendi is a picturesque town on the south-west coast of Gozo. This town boasts a small bay that’s flanked by tall cliffs. There are a few restaurants and cafes in the harbor. On Sunday, the island’s main street is quiet and peaceful. During other days, however, there is a less-hyperactive vibe. Besides, the island’s historic sites make the place worth a visit.

Marsaxlokk is a picturesque seaside village in central Malta. Its name derives from the Arabic word for salt and is known as a popular seaside destination. You can enjoy a great seafood lunch at a local restaurant here, and explore the town’s medieval history. If you’re traveling with a family, this town’s quaint charm is sure to delight them. You’ll be glad you visited it!

Mellieha is the northernmost village in Malta. It is situated high above the sea and offers breathtaking views. It is a traditional Maltese village that’s close to the sea. St. Nicholas’ Church is the oldest church in the country and was designed by Lorenzo Gafa in 1693. On the north side of the island, you can visit Popeye Village, which is a kids’ playground.

Places to visit in Malta

Blue Lagoon

Dingli Cliffs

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Gnejna Bay Beaches

Golden Bay Beach

Hagar Qim Temples

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Mnajdra Temples

Popeye Village

Prehistoric Tarxien Temples

Rabat, Island of Malta

The Blue Grotto

The Country Village of Zebbug

The Idyllic Island of Gozo

The Medieval Hilltop Town of Mdina

The Seaside Charm of Mellieha


Located in the south of Malta, Siggiewi is a picturesque seaside village that has a quaint, authentic atmosphere. Visitors can visit the bay of Ghar Lapsi, which has stunning views of the surrounding area and is home to a grandmaster’s palace. If you have the time, you can even take a look at the Grandmaster’s Palace, which is located at the center of Valletta.

Among the most popular places to visit in Malta are its beaches. The largest and most popular beach in Malta is Mellieha Bay. The village is also a popular destination for tourists, especially families. The beach is located on the outskirts of Mellieha village. In addition to the beach, Mellieha also has a large number of restaurants. A good place to eat is Mellieha Bay. There are many family-friendly accommodations in Mellieha.

The capital of Malta is Valletta, with a population of approximately 6000. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is surrounded by a UNESCO-listed medieval fortress. The Old Harbour is the largest attraction in the city. A visit to the fort will offer a fascinating glimpse of the city’s history. This is also home to the renowned St. Angelo church.

There are many places to visit in Malta. Whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, you’ll find plenty of museums and attractions to please your tastes. During St. Joseph’s Day, you’ll want to pay a visit to the Roman Catholic church in Msida. The beautiful cathedral is an excellent choice during the day or night. This is a great way to spend a few days exploring the island.

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