Places to visit in Mauritius

Places to visit in Mauritius

Located in the Indian Ocean, the island nation of Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs. However, you can also find rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking trails in the interior. You can even ride a flying fox. The capital, Port Louis, is full of interesting sites, including the Champs de Mars horse track, the Eureka plantation house, and the Sir Seewoolam Botanical Gardens.

In Port Louis, the Caudan Waterfront is a popular meeting place with a bustling shopping centre, street entertainers, and great restaurants. The museum includes the Mauritius Natural History Museum, which features exhibits on the island’s flora and fauna. The Blue Penny Museum is another place to visit in Mauritius. This museum has several rare penny orange stamps dating back to 1847.

Mahebourg is Mauritius’ main fishing village and is located on the Grand Port Bay. This part of the island is less affected by outside influences, and is perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. It’s worth spending the day shopping at the market here; you can get fresh fish and tropical fruits. You can also learn more about the culture of the island by visiting the local arts and crafts market and the colorful streets.

The country’s stunning beauty is one of the reasons to visit this island. Whether you’re interested in bird-watching, nature, or observing wildlife, there’s something for everyone. The island is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Whether you prefer hiking or picnicking, there’s something to please every traveller. So, start planning your trip and explore the diverse terrain on the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

15 Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

  1. Black River Gorges National Park
  2. Blue Penny Museum
  3. Casela Nature & Leisure Park
  4. Chamarel Waterfall and Seven Coloured Earth
  5. Domaine de L’Étoile
  6. Eureka
  7. François Leguat Reserve
  8. Grand Baie
  9. Grand Bassin
  10. Isle aux Aigrettes (Egret Island)
  11. Le Souffleur
  12. Mahébourg
  13. Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay
  14. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens
  15. Tamarin Beach

1. Black River Gorges National Park

Places to Visit in Black River Gorges National Park Mauritius

In the hilly south-western part of the island, the hilly terrain is the setting for the Black River Gorges National Park, which was designated a national park on June 15, 1994. This nature reserve is managed by the National parks and conservation service. The lush rainforest, lowland forest, and marshy heathland are a diverse mix that make the park a must-see for all visitors.

The Black River Gorges National Park, located on the southwest coast of Mauritius, is home to a variety of wildlife. There are a number of hiking trails that take you through the park’s lush vegetation and numerous waterfalls. The best ones last half a day or a full day, and you can spend the morning or the afternoon here. And if you’re in the mood for adventure, you can also go dolphin swimming or whale watching excursions.

The Macchabee Forest Loop Trail leads to the top of the waterfall. If you’re not fond of hiking or don’t feel like walking for miles, try mountain biking. The park has numerous trails, including one that takes you to the top of a waterfall. Besides hiking, you can go on a bike ride, or even take a helicopter. If you’re not a fan of hiking, try mountain biking instead.

2. Blue Penny Museum

Places to Visit in Blue Penny Museum Mauritius

If you are planning a trip to Mauritius, you should not miss the Blue Penny Museum. It is a unique museum dedicated to the art and history of the island. It is located at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, and it opened in November 2001. During your stay in Mauritius, you should make time to visit the Blue Penny Museum. It features several galleries, including a permanent exhibition of art works by local artists.

The museum exhibits a number of rare stamps, including the unused orange-red and blue-blue two pence stamps. The museum also has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs that are exclusively made for the Blue Penny Museum. This is a great way to get a taste of Mauritius’s colonial history while enjoying a day at the Blue Penny Museum.

The museum also houses a collection of antique maps and engravings from different eras. The museum’s boutique is a wonderful place to buy a souvenir. The MCB’s heritage collection inspired many of the products on sale at the museum. The museum’s merchandise includes key works of Mauritian art and unique Mauritian souvenirs. The Blue Penny Museum offers a fun and educational experience for everyone.

3. Casela Nature & Leisure Park

Places to Visit in Casela Nature  Leisure Park Mauritius

The Casela Nature & Leisure Park is a huge outdoor amusement park on the island of Mauritius. It’s a perfect place to go on safari tours, ride a camel, or zip-line through the jungle. There are also many shops and restaurants to visit. The park has something to offer everyone. There are places to eat and shop at all times, and you can even try some of the local cuisine.

The Casela World of Adventures is the largest attraction in the park, set in the western region of the island. Here, you can experience various activities from hiking, canyoning, and quad biking to African safari animals. For a more exciting day, you can take part in a bus safari and a safari. There are many souvenir shops at Casela, and you can buy souvenirs while you are there.

For an adventurous day out, try Casela World of Adventures. This adventure park is designed for those who love sports and have fun. Visitors are encouraged to wear athletic shoes and bring a water bottle and sunscreen. The Park is open daily, except 25th and 31st December and on the first and fourth of January. Don’t forget to pack your mosquito repellent and a change of clothes.

4. Chamarel Waterfall and Seven Coloured Earth

Places to Visit in Chamarel Waterfall and Seven Coloured Earth Mauritius

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Chamarel, Mauritius is the stunning Seven Coloured Earth. This craggy geological formation is a sight to behold. The Seven Coloured Land is composed of lava rocks and looks like earth sand. Visitors are invited to follow the sign to the Geopark of the same name, which is located near the B104 road in Chamarel.

The Seven Coloured Earth Geopark is about a 2-minute drive from the Chamarel waterfall. The entrance fee is Rs 325, or around $7.60. There are two kilometres of hiking trails, and a 16-hectare endemic forest. The Ebony Forest, which is home to several species of birds, is part of the geopark. It opened in 2017 after ten years of restoration work and aims to promote environmental conservation.

The seven-coloured earth is one of the most unique attractions in Chamarel. Its sand dunes are each a different colour, which makes the area an amazing sight to behold. Whether you’re looking for a serene place to sit and relax, the Seven Coloured Earth is a must-see in Mauritius.

5. Domaine de L’Étoile

Places to Visit in Domaine de Ltoile Mauritius

One of the top things to do in Mauritius is take a tour of the domain. The old sugar estate is now an eco-playground with cinnamon trees and ebony trees. If you are looking for adventure activities, this is the place to be. You can go quad biking or horse riding through the undulating terrain. You can also enjoy mountain biking trails on the Bamboo Mountain.

The Domaine de L’Etoile Mauritius is home to the largest nature reserve in the country. It covers 1200 hectares and is densely populated with rare species of plants and animals. The nature reserve offers many activities, including fat biking, horseback riding, quad riding, and zip lines across the valley. It is one of the best places to see the wild side of Mauritius.

A visit to the Domaine de L’Etoile Mauritius is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. Not only is the landscape beautiful and lush, but you can get up close to endemic animals. The preserve also features a restaurant with authentic Mauritian cuisine. If you want to try something new, Domaine de L’Etoile is worth a visit.

6. Eureka

Places to Visit in Eureka Mauritius

Visitors to Mauritius are not likely to forget the beautiful and historic Eureka House. The house itself was built in the late 18th century, and its interior is decorated with antiques and photos. The gardens are picturesque, and the four small waterfalls in the garden are a sight to see. There are also many places to visit in the area, and visiting the house is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

In the 1830s, the Eureka House was built for the British aristocracy. This beautiful house is now a museum and a unique way to experience the country’s plantation past. The house is an amazing example of the art of tropical construction, and boasts 109 doors, more rooms than a Cluedo board! You can spend a day exploring the manor or spend the night in the garden.

The Eureka House is a must-see when you visit Eureka. This historical building is more than just a museum. It is also a great place for nature lovers. The lush green gardens are a romantic spot for a stroll. Pickyourtrail is an online travel agency, and you can search for Mauritius Tour Packages at their site. If you want to learn more about the area, consider taking a trip to the Eureka house.

7. François Leguat Reserve

Places to Visit in Franois Leguat Reserve Mauritius

One of the most unique places in Mauritius is the Franois Leguat Reserve. Located on the southern tip of the island, this preserve is a short distance from the airport. Previously called Santosha, this stretch of pristine white sand offered some of the best surfing in the world. The name was changed to prevent overdevelopment, but the area still remains pristine, with no oversized resorts or high-walled hotels. Regardless of whether you’re a keen surfer or a casual observer, the views from this location are some of the most picturesque in the entire country.

This 20-hectare park is home to a museum, stalagmite caves, endemic plants, and golden fruit bats. The ruins of the ancient sandstone castle in the center of the reserve are worth seeing, as are the bones of Solitaire and extinct tortoises. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the place while hiking through the forest.

Those interested in the history of Mauritius should head to the Francois Leguat Nature Reserve, on the island’s central-eastern coast. This reserve is a haven for rare flora and fauna. There are endemic plants and birds, as well as a museum that tells you all about them. The Frenchman was one of the eight Huguenot exiles on the island, and was very interested in the island’s wildlife. He produced the only known illustration and description of the solitaire bird, and was an avid observer of the islands wildlife.

8. Grand Baie

Places to Visit in Grand Baie Mauritius

You can go snorkeling at the secluded Gunner’s Quoin or try your hand at game fishing at La Cuvette. Whether you prefer to stay at the village or explore the island on foot, there are plenty of activities in and around Grand Baie. You can also try your hand at fishing at Gunner’s Quoin, which is surrounded by thousands of game fish.

The town is home to many hotels and hostels. If you are interested in experiencing some of the best beaches in the country, you can head north to Pereybere. Although it is far from Grand Baie, Pereybere is close by and offers some amazing beaches. You can also take a boat trip to the north of Mauritius islands. The island has a large variety of hotels, restaurants, fashion shops, and shopping complexes. It’s an excellent destination for souvenirs, clothes, and art.

The south coast is more rugged than the rest of the island and has fewer beaches. You can experience the untouched Mauritius by staying in this area. The island’s south coast is known as authentic and natural. It’s a place where you can experience the real Mauritian way of life. The southern coast is the main attraction for tourists. A day trip to the north of the island will help you discover the other beautiful parts of the island.

9. Grand Bassin

Places to Visit in Grand Bassin Mauritius

When you are in Mauritius, you must see Ganga Talao, a crater lake in the district of Savanne. It is about 550 meters above sea level and it was visited for the first time in 1898 by Pandit Giri Gossayne and pilgrims from Triolet. The crater lake is a place of spirituality for the locals.

If you are visiting Grand Bassin, make sure to hire a car and drive down to the coastline. The temple is located on a hilltop with a spectacular view of the island, and you might even see monkeys! Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or to explore, Grand Basin has plenty to offer. During your trip, you can visit the Lingam temple, one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites outside of India.

Another interesting place to visit in Grand Bassin is the Black River Gorges National Park. The park covers an area of 6,000 hectares and is home to 300 different species of native plants and birds. You can also hike on the 50 kilometres of trails in this beautiful natural reserve. You can also see monkeys, which are adorable and a great way to get to know the locals.

10. Isle aux Aigrettes (Egret Island)

Places to Visit in Isle aux Aigrettes Egret Island Mauritius

Located off the western coast of Mauritius, Isle aux Aigrettes is a nature reserve and the only remaining island home of the Dodo, a lizard-like creature that weighs around 200 kg. This island has an interesting history and is one of the best places to see endangered species. Fortunately, it has opened to the public since November 1997, but you should plan your visit well in advance to avoid crowds.

The Black River Gorges National Park covers 6,000 hectares and is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful island scenery. This nature preserve is a pristine spot for visitors to view the island’s native forests and wildlife. You can also see the endangered pink pigeon and giant fruit bats here. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the island, you can hike up to Mount Le Tour du Gouverneur to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and stunning views.

A day trip to Isle aux Aigrettes should include a visit to the emerald pigeon colony. This is a great opportunity to see the last of the dodo, which lived on the island. There are daily guided tours of the pigeon colonies that are extremely informative. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind on a beach or spend the day sightseeing, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque island paradise.

11. Le Souffleur

Places to Visit in Le Souffleur Mauritius

The most popular attraction in Le Souffleur is the ruins of an old sugar mill. This half-formed grotto is located near a sugar estate. The geyser-like fountain spouts water when the seas are rough. It’s located 30 minutes away by 4WD. The Savannah sugar estate and its ruins are nearby. If you’re not comfortable with a four-wheel drive, you can take a bus to Le Souffleur. The ruins are accessible to the general public as well as locals.

If you are driving to Le Souffleur, it’s best to park your car in the ruins of an old sugar mill. This will save you time and money. You can then walk along a paved path lined with coconut trees and follow it to the ruin of an old sugar mill chimney. During your stay, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area by going on a street food tour.

Getting to Le Souffleur is easier than it sounds. Parking your car at the ruins of an old sugar mill is more convenient than driving to the resort. From here, you can explore the area by exploring the caves in the area. If you have a four-wheel drive, you can even drive on a riverbed, which is dotted with coconut trees. The path to Le Souffleur is quite rocky, and there are many potholes, so it’s advisable to use a 4×4 vehicle.

12. Mahébourg

Places to Visit in Mahbourg Mauritius

If you’re planning a trip to Mauritius, you’ll want to know about the many places to visit in Mahbourg. The town is located on the south-eastern coast, and has a population of 15,457 as of 2015. It is the capital of the Grand Port District, which is home to the island’s other major cities. There are several things to do and see in Mahbourg, and you’ll want to check out these places.

First, you’ll want to decide where you’re going to stay in Mahbourg. While there are plenty of hotels and resorts in Mahbourg, you can also rent a room for a few days. The Preskil Island Resort is a superior four-star family hotel, and it offers stunning views of South-East Mauritius. The hotel’s convivial atmosphere and authentic island experience make it a great place to stay while in Mahebourg. Another option is the charming 3-star boutique Hotel Astroea Beach, which is located right on the beach. Guests will enjoy the direct access to the white-sand beach and views of the Pointe d’Esny lagoon.

If you’re looking for a great dining experience, you should try Les Copains d’Avêt. This popular restaurant has authentic Mauritian cuisine and a pretentious atmosphere. You’ll also get to enjoy a musical performance while enjoying the view of the picturesque waterfront. There are so many places to visit in Mahbourg, it will be hard to choose just one. You’ll never get bored with the town.

13. Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay

Places to Visit in Pointe dEsny and Blue Bay Mauritius

In addition to the stunning beaches, there are many cultural and historical places to see in Pointe d’Esni and Blue Bay. Among the best are the National History Museum and the Maritime Museum, where you can learn about the country’s rich history. The island is a popular destination for snorkelling, and the two beaches have excellent coral reef formations.

Pointe d’Esny is famous for its stunning white sand beach and unspoiled, untouched lagoon. The island has few facilities and is mostly secluded and uncommercialized. The view of the mountain from this island’s largest beach is breathtaking. Visiting the museum is a great way to get a feel for the laidback atmosphere of the island.

The Pointe d’Esny village and Blue Bay are home to the island’s largest coral reef and numerous species of tropical fish. Visitors can explore the waters in glass bottomed boats and take a stroll through the lagoon and surrounding areas. There is no shortage of things to do in Pointe d’Esni and Blue Bay Mauritius.

For nature lovers, there is no better way to enjoy the underwater scenery than in a glass-bottom boat. The three-kilometre reserve features more than 40 different species of coral, some up to 800 years old. There are also more than 70 varieties of tropical fish. Whether you’re looking for a serene place to relax with a book or a romantic picnic with a loved one, you can’t go wrong by opting for a glass-bottom boat trip.

14. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

Places to Visit in Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens Mauritius

Pamplemousses is a beautiful town in the Mauritian Islands, and the Pamplemousses Botanic Garden is one of the top tourist attractions there. This garden is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is known as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the area. The gardens are also an excellent place to take photographs, so don’t hesitate to bring your camera!

The oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is located nearby. It is located in the district of Pamplemousse, and is easily accessible by car. There is a large parking lot at the entrance, and the gardens are only a short walk from the capital, Port Louis.

The gardens are rich in history, as they were founded by Mahe de Labourdonnais, the first prime minister of Mauritius. The botanist collected plants and seeds from around the world to help the island become self-sufficient. The botanist also wanted to break the Dutch monopoly on spices, and he eventually managed to do so. While in the gardens, you can see giant tortoises that are almost extinct and drift away for weeks.

The garden is also home to 85 different species of palm trees, including the talipot palm and bottle palm. The talipot palm is particularly rare, and only grows once every 40 years! The garden is also home to a large variety of bird species and a pond full of aquatic life. In addition, you can visit the famous Spice Garden to enjoy the sights of flowers.

15. Tamarin Beach

Places to Visit in Tamarin Beach Mauritius

If you are searching for a great place to visit in Mauritius, you should consider a vacation to Tamarin. While it is a small island, it is one of the most beautiful in the world, and has a variety of places to see. This town is home to a large public beach with a spectacular view of le Morne. The town is also known for its nightlife and has a large population of young people.

Besides relaxing on the beach, you can also enjoy a day out at one of the many places in the city. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat, an exciting adventure, or a romantic getaway, you’ll find it here. This tropical destination features a variety of dining options and accommodations to fit your taste and budget. If you’re looking for luxury, consider a five-star resort.

While there are plenty of places to see and explore in Tamarin, you’ll definitely want to go to Flic en Flac. This is one of the most popular spots in Mauritius for snorkeling. The clear waters offer the perfect conditions to observe the marine life, which makes this a wonderful place to visit in Tamarin. You can also book dolphin tours here and even swim with dolphins.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery in the country’s parks and forests. The azure waters of the surrounding countryside are ideal for water sports. The azure water of the lagoon is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Those looking for nature can enjoy the natural surroundings of the islands. The seven-colored earth is a must-visit site in Mauritius. During your vacation, you’ll have a memorable time with these breathtaking places to visit in Mauritius.

If you love wildlife, then you’ll love the Black River Gorges National Park. This pristine riverside nature reserve features more than twenty species of butterflies and other exotic animals. The world’s largest private butterfly collection is found in this park. During your trip to Mauritius, you’ll want to check out the best places to visit in the country. When it comes to nature, the island will definitely not disappoint.

The National Botanical Garden is a must-visit attraction in Mauritius. The gardens cover a large area and contain over 650 species of plants. As you walk through the botanical garden, you’ll enjoy the scenery of the surrounding lava rocks. Afterwards, you can take a stroll through the history trail to learn about the island’s fascinating past. This is an essential stop for nature lovers who love to take in the sights.

A visit to the South of Mauritius is an essential part of your trip to Mauritius. The city is home to numerous beautiful beaches, but you can’t miss the Cape of Misfortune. The island’s famous flora is a must-see for tourists, and the town’s colorful, red-roofed church is a must-see. Despite its small size, the picturesque town of Cap Malheureux is well worth a visit.

There are a number of places to visit in Mauritius, but perhaps the most important place for nature lovers is the Grand Bassin volcano. It is a lake that is about 1800 feet above sea level, and is the most sacred Hindu place in the country. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the largest temple in Mauritius. Many people make pilgrimages to the lake to worship Lord Shiva. They believe that it contains holy water and believe in its purity.

The state capital, Port Louis, is home to the famous National History Museum. This museum provides a unique look at the island’s rich history. You can also see old currencies, train carriages, and a replica of Napoleon’s battle boat. These are just a few of the places to visit in Mauritius. When you travel to the country, you’ll find plenty of interesting places to see.

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