Places to visit in Moldova

Places to visit in Moldova

The country of Moldova is an Eastern European country located near the Black Sea and Romania. This former Soviet republic has varied terrain and a diverse culture. You can sample some of the finest wines in the world in the wine regions of Nistreana and Codru. Visit the National Museum of History in Chișinău, which boasts a collection of ethnographic collections, reflecting the cultural links between Moldova and neighboring Romania.

The country is also home to many magnificent cave monasteries. Two of the most famous ones are the one in Tipova village and Orheiul Vechi. The former is a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset over the Dniester River. The latter is a popular spot for hiking and offers breathtaking views. The former is the best place to see the local wildlife. The latter is more accessible than the former, and you can easily spend a day at either one.

One of the best ways to explore the countryside of Moldova is to travel by bus to nearby towns. The capital, Chisinau, is home to many picturesque areas. For example, the city of Chisinau is home to several national parks, including Pushkin Park. You can even visit the monastery itself, which was carved out of rocks by the Dniester river. There are three major complexes in the monastery, including a church of St. Nicholas and the Mother of God.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the main church of Moldova. You can go there to pray to the Great Lord. If you are an art lover, you should check out the Flamingo Karaoke and Terrace. Another great option is the Pushkin Museum, located in Chisinau. It has a large convent library and is the home of the first Moldavian poet Chipiran. Its ruins are not just interesting – they are also very well preserved.

The city of Chisinau is the largest city in Moldova and the country’s capital. There are many historic buildings and green spaces in the city, so the city feels like a small town with plenty of space. There are also plenty of restaurants, art galleries, and nightclubs to visit. It’s important to visit the Nativity Cathedral, the World War II memorial, and the nearby churches. You can also check out the local modern artists’ markets.

15 Best Places to Visit in Moldova

  1. Bendery
  2. Capriana
  3. Chisinau
  4. Codru Natural Reservation
  5. Cricova Winery
  6. Gagauzia
  7. Kvint
  8. Manastirea Curchi
  9. Orheiul Vechi
  10. Padurea Domneasca (Royal Forest) Natural Reservation
  11. Saharna
  12. Soroca
  13. Taul Park and Pommer Manor
  14. Tipova Monastery
  15. Transdniestr

1. Bendery


If you are looking for a trip to the Eastern European country, you might be interested to know that the city of Bendery, also known as Tighina, is part of the internationally recognized Moldovan territory. However, since 1992, the area has been under the de facto control of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The town is situated on the western bank of the Dniester river and lies within the Romanian historical region of Bessarabia.

Located on the banks of the Dniester River, the city of Bender is the fourth largest in the Republic of Moldova. Its impressive 16th century Ottoman fortress is a must-see attraction. It has thick stone walls and red tiled turrets, and is a great place to get a feel for how the town used to be. Originally called Tighina, the city was an important trading post and once was a center of the country’s industry.

Located on the banks of the Dniester River, Bender is a quaint little city with plenty to see. The city’s Ottoman fortress, built at the end of the 19th century, is an impressive sight. Once a psychiatric hospital, it has since been a secluded sanctuary for many religious communities. Visitors to the fortress can learn about its history and its role in the region’s development.

2. Capriana


You must pay a visit to Căpriana if you’re in the vicinity. The town is 40 km from Chișinău. In Căpriana, you can visit the oldest monastery in the country. You can also take a stroll through the beautiful landscapes. Here are some places to see in Capriana. Here are some of the most popular attractions in Capriana:

One of the most popular places to visit in Capriana is the Saharna Monastery, which is located in the northern part of the city. You can take a peaceful woodland walk through this historic site. You can even see remains of an Iron Age fortress. A visit to this monastery will give you a deeper understanding of Moldova’s rich history. The town’s historical significance has been recognized by numerous international organizations.

You can also visit the ancient monastery of Capriana, which was founded in the 15th century. It is home to the oldest monastery in Moldova. You can also visit the Straseni District, which has many other places of interest. To organize your trip, visit the Capriana district trip website, which will arrange all of the attractions in one location. You’ll be amazed at how much you can explore in one day.

Another attraction in the area is the renowned monastery, the Holy Trinity Monastery. It is believed that Virgin Mary left her footprints on a rock here. This monastery is a popular pilgrimage spot for many Moldovans. There are 22 scenic waterfalls here, including Gipsy Hole. These waterfalls make hiking in the surrounding areas a memorable experience. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the view.

3. Chisinau


A visit to the capital of the Republic of Moldova will give you the chance to explore a city that embodies Soviet architecture. The neoclassical Nativity Cathedral, the country’s largest church, anchors the cathedral park. It also features a Triumphal Arch commemorating Russia’s 19th-century victory over the Ottoman Empire. The Stephen the Great Central Park is named after a Moldavian prince who resisted the Ottomans during the medieval period.

If you’re visiting Chisinau, be sure to visit the beautiful Valea Morilor Park. This park is only a short walk from the city centre and is the perfect place to enjoy fresh air and romantic sunsets. You can also take a day trip to the small amusement park and play games with local children. If you’re traveling on a budget, make sure to check out some of the many free attractions in the city.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic date spot or just some fresh air, Valea Morilor Park is an excellent place to go. This park is located just 10 minutes away from the city centre, and is an ideal spot to watch a romantic sunset. There are also a handful of restaurants in the area, including a cafe with outdoor seating. In addition to the beautiful park, there are many attractions in Chisinau that you can visit during your stay.

4. Codru Natural Reservation

Codru Natural Reservation

In the middle of the country, this nature reserve offers a great variety of attractions that can be explored by visitors. A visit to the reserve is a great way to learn more about the country’s rich flora and fauna. In addition to its beautiful rolling knolls, Codru is also home to over 1,000 plant species, 150 bird species, and 50 mammal species. Many of these animals and plants have unique habitats, and tourists can explore them on guided hikes.

The Codru reserve was founded in 1971, and today it represents the country’s most important scientific location. It is made up of five hundred and twenty-two hectares of green forests with different types of vegetation. This is a fantastic place to visit during autumn, when the colors of the trees are at their best. There are rare mammals and birds in the preserve, including martens, forest cats, and other species. The reserve is also home to a natural history museum and guided tours.

For those looking to spend an afternoon outside, the Taul park offers ample opportunity to do so. The 2,500-square-foot park is divided into an upper and lower section, with the lower part feeling like a forest, while the upper part features an old manor house. The Codru natural reservation is one of the oldest reserves in Moldova, with over 1000 species of protected plants. There are over 145 species of birds, a dozen mammals, and seven reptiles. If you’re looking to see the most of these animals, you’ll have to plan a trip to Codru.

5. Cricova Winery

Cricova Winery

When you’re looking for something unique to do, consider visiting Cricova Winery Moldova. The winery is located in the Codru region, the country’s largest wine-growing region. This area is forested to prevent frost damage. You can find the grapes that are used to make the wines from this area, which include Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. You’ll also find many French varieties like Aligote. The wines produced by Cricova include sweet whites and sparkling wines, as well as full-bodied reds and whites.

To experience Moldovan wine production at its finest, take a tour of the cellars. The history of winemaking dates back to the monks, who carved out the caves in the 13th century. These monasteries were abandoned until the 18th century, when the Red Army seized the private collection of Herman Goering from his Berlin monastery. The cave monasteries were eventually restored by the Orthodox monks.

There are several ways to reach the Cricova Winery from the town center. The most convenient way to get there is to take the bus, which goes directly to the center of town. Most people will get off at the main stop, and then travel around the town. You will have to walk for about a kilometer to get to the visitor center. You’ll have to follow signs, and keep in mind that you’ll need warm clothes for the cellar tour.

6. Gagauzia


If you’re planning a vacation to Moldova, you should check out Gagauzia. Officially the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauz, Gagauzia is a part of the country that’s considered an autonomous unit. Its autonomy is largely based on its ethnicity, with the Gagauz being a primarily Orthodox Turkic-speaking population. However, there are plenty of things to do and see in this region.

You can’t visit the beautiful countryside in Gagauzia without taking a wine tour. The region is home to the world’s second-largest underground winery, with an elaborate tunnel system that dates back to the 15th century. The tunnels were originally used to dig limestone for the city of Chisinau, but they were also used to store the wine. Visitors can take guided tours of the cellars, and taste the delicious regional wines and other products.

Whether you’re interested in history or culture, Gagauzia is one of the least-visited countries in Europe. From the crumbling Soviet Wastelands to the big busts of Lenin, Gagauzia is full of fascinating sights. The capital city, Comrat, is home to many statues, churches, and parks. The area also has a unique open-air market that’s popular for hiking.

7. Kvint


The city of Tiraspol is home to the KVINT winery, which is widely known as the best cognac in the former USSR. The city is home to official shops and restaurants that sell the famous alcoholic beverage. Visitors can learn about the history of the country’s culture and history by exploring the museum’s museum and souvenir shop. It is also a great place to buy local crafts and art.

One of the most popular attractions in Kvint is the Tipova Monastery. The complex is made up of three main churches: the Feast of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the Horodiste. All three are beautiful and well worth a visit. The museum is free and open to the public. You can take a bus to the monastery and explore the monastery, which is situated in a picturesque valley.

8. Manastirea Curchi

Manastirea Curchi

If you are looking for a cheap and intense holiday, Moldova is a great place to visit. The city of Manastirea Curchi is located on the beautiful river Saharna. There are several things to do in the city, including hiking and sightseeing. The town is also known as a pilgrimage site for the Catholic Church. Besides its beautiful natural scenery, Manastirea Curchi is also a great place to go on a holiday.

A must-visit while in Manastirea Curchi is the monastery. This architectural site is comprised of five churches and monk cells. Built in the Bessarabia style, this monastery is worth a visit. The cathedral is the center of the town, while the Mother of God church is the most beautiful and enchanting building. Visiting both is a great way to enjoy the natural landscape of Moldova.

The town is home to several interesting places. The Mother of God Monastery is a highlight of the compound. This monastery was founded in the 19th century and used to be a psychiatric hospital during the Soviet period. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction. The museum offers an interesting insight into everyday life in the town. There is also a small museum that exhibits local art and crafts.

9. Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi

A visit to Orheiul Vechi, Moldova’s ancient monastery, will give you a unique perspective on the country’s past. If you plan your trip carefully, you can easily spend a few days exploring the town and surrounding area. There are several things you should see in Orheiul Vechi. If you’re traveling with a group, you should plan to do some exploring before and after your visit.

If you’re visiting Orheiul Vechi on a family vacation, you can visit an ancient settlement that dates back to the 6th century BC. You can also explore the Golden Horde fort, a ruins from the 14th century. In addition to the historical sites, you can explore the city’s natural beauty. The town is surrounded by limestone outcrops, old fortifications, and a beautiful landscape of caves.

A visit to the Orheiul Vechi Monastery is a worthwhile experience. The 13th century Orthodox monks carved the monastery into the limestone cliff. Visitors can explore the church, which is still inhabited to this day. The original monastery is located in Trebujeni, so you’ll need a car to get there. A bus from the Gara Centrala station to Orhei is also available.

10. Padurea Domneasca (Royal Forest) Natural

Padurea Domneasc

The largest nature reserve in Moldova is located in Glodeni, and is renowned for its wildlife and trees. Visitors can view the largest stand of old-growth oak trees in the country, which is 450 years old. The forest is also a popular place to fish and visit a bison farm. There is also a nature museum, where you can learn about the local culture and traditions.

The largest nature reserve in Moldova, Padurea Domneasca is situated on the banks of the Prut River, and it borders Romania. It is home to diverse wildlife, including the oldest tree in Moldova and Romania. You can hike through the forest to explore the forest, which has well-marked trails. The reserve is also home to many species of herons, as well as red deer and European bison.

The Reserve is home to the oldest old-growth oak tree in the country. The oldest tree is believed to be over 450 years old. The forest is also a popular place for bird watching, with herons nesting close to the river. There are numerous ways to spend a day outdoors, and this reserve has everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. When you plan your next trip to Moldova, don’t miss the Reserve in Glodeni.

11. Saharna


One of the most important tourist attractions in Saharna is the Saint Maria imprint in the rock. This is the largest monastery in the region and it is said to be one of the most beautiful in the country. The town is home to more than thirty waterfalls and cascades. It is also one of the most important archaeological sites in Moldova. The Geto-Dacian headland fortress has been well preserved and is one of the most important historical sites in the city.

A visit to Saharna is a must for anyone who loves nature. The village is home to the Saharna Monastery, a medieval castle, and many beautiful churches. The surrounding countryside is dotted with vineyards, so it’s easy to explore them. A visit to a vineyard will allow you to sample some of Moldova’s local wines. In addition to visiting the local wineries, Saharna is home to many famous wineries.

If you’re traveling to Moldova, you may want to visit Saharna Monastery. It’s located about 110 km north of the capital Chisinau and west of the Nistru River. It’s one of the largest pilgrimage centers in the country and is a must-see when you’re there. The Holy Trinity Monastery is a must-see, and the footprint of the Virgin Mary is said to be there. The town has 22 waterfalls and is the perfect place to hike.

12. Soroca


Soroca is the administrative center of the Soroca District, a district on the Dniester river located 160 km north of the capital Chișinău. This city is a must-see for anyone who visits the region. The town is located in a picturesque valley and features a plethora of places to visit. The Soroca district is the country’s smallest, and its sights are unique.

If you love history, Soroca is a great place to visit. The fortress here is one of the oldest in Moldova and is the oldest. The fortress is small but helped protect the Moldovan borders. There’s an outdoor market here during the summer months that makes it an ideal spot for souvenir shopping. The museum has a great collection of local art and crafts. If you want to learn more about the history of Soroca, you can go to the nearby Soroca Museum of Ethnography.

The Soroca area is full of historical sites and monuments. The obelisk, known as the Candle of Gratitude, was erected to commemorate the unsung heroes of the Soviet Union. You can climb the 660 steps to get to it. Afterwards, head to the Museum of History and Ethnography. If you have time, you can also visit a local Roma cemetery.

13. Taul Park and Pommer Manor

Taul Park and Pommer Manor

In this part of Moldova, visitors can explore the ancient heritage of the city. The main attraction of this area is the ancient orange pyramid at the World War II memorial. The orange pyramid is also home to numerous bird species, including herons that nest close to the river. If you’d like to spend a day outside, this is a great place to go. The surrounding countryside is lush and green, which makes this part of Moldova an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The oldest park in Moldova is Taul Park, which is located 200 kilometers north of the capital Chisinau. This picturesque park surrounds the luxurious manor house of the Pommer family, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. The estate was designed by landscape architect I.V. Vladislavschi-Padalco, who was highly respected by the elite of his time.

The Taul Park is the largest park in Moldova, with 150 varieties of trees. The upper part of the park resembles a forest, while the lower portion is more like a lawn. In addition to the Taul Park, you can also visit the Codru natural reservation, which is the oldest natural reserve in Moldova. You can find over a thousand types of protected plants in this area, as well as 145 species of birds and mammals. The park is also home to the National History Museum.

14. Tipova Monastery

Places to Visit in Tipova Monastery Moldova

There are plenty of reasons to visit this ornate medieval monastery in Moldova. The ornate chapels are carved into the cliff above the Dnister River and are a wonderful sight. The monastery is also located on a hill overlooking the river. If you are interested in history and architecture, you should see its ornate chapels. These are all worth a visit.

For a truly unique experience, visit the Tipova Cave Monastery. This impressive place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was created by monks in the 11th and 12th centuries. There are a total of 18 rooms and monastic cells, and a series of interconnecting passageways. It is a must-see for any traveler to Moldova. The guide to Moldova is coming soon to the Kindle, so you don’t have to wait long.

The monastery is surrounded by mountains and is one of the most beautiful natural settings in Moldova. You can go hiking in the area, take a boat ride, and visit a waterfall. The waterfalls here are stunning and make for a great photo opportunity. It’s also a popular tourist destination. The museum displays local life in the region. This cave is a great place to see the monks at work.

15. Transdniestr


If you have never been to this breakaway region of Moldova, you are missing a lot. While officially part of the country, Transnistria is a breakaway state. This small landmass is sandwiched between the river Dniester and the Moldova-Ukraine border. The capital of Transnistria is Tiraspol. You can travel to this place without leaving the country.

One of the most beautiful cities in Transdniestr is Bendery. This charming town is greener than Tiraspol and is home to the Holy Trinity Monastery. This is a popular pilgrimage site, where it is believed the Virgin Mary left her footprints. You can hike to the Gipsy Hole waterfall and take a peaceful hike around the village. You can visit the fortress in Bendery, which was constructed in the 16th century.

The city of Saharna is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. It is a popular pilgrimage site for Moldavians. The Rock of Saint George Chapel is said to be the footprint of the Virgin Mary, making it a popular tourist destination. During your hike, you can witness the picturesque landscape of the surrounding mountains. To visit the monastery, you should read a travel guide and plan your route in advance.

While you’re in Transdniestr, don’t skip the Mother of God Monastery. This monastery was built at the end of the 19th century and used to house Soviet era psychiatric patients. You can visit the monastery’s ruins and the Mother of God Monastery. It’s a truly mystical experience that will make you feel spiritually recharged and inspired.

The country’s many medieval churches are worth visiting. You can also visit the medieval Orheiul Vechi, an archaeological site and ecclesiastical complex. This UNESCO World Heritage Site contains a 12th-century monastery that is cut into a rocky ridge above the Raut River. During the 13th century, the monastery was used by Christian refugees from the neighboring regions.

While in Moldova, you can visit the ancient town of Bendery, which is the largest city in Transdniestr. Although the town is greener than its neighbour, it is still a place where bullets can be found. The main attraction in Bendery is the 16th-century fortress, which was built during the time of the medieval dynasty. During the festival, you can enjoy the best wine in the country and taste some of the most delicious wines in Moldova.

Book Codru, a picturesque region north of the capital, is one of the best places to visit in Moldova. It is a stunning mountain range, dotted with waterfalls and lush forests. The ancient city was built on limestone, and is the home to many medieval communities. In this region, you can also find several UNESCO World Heritage sites. The enchanting city of Bucharest is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved villages in the country.

For a more peaceful and tranquil experience, visit the Taul Reserve. This is Moldova’s oldest natural reserve and has the country’s largest oak tree. It is also home to numerous species of birds, including herons that nest close to the river. A trip to the park in Moldova is not only beautiful, but it’s also great for the environment. It is a natural reserve, so it’s worth exploring on your own.

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