Places to visit in Pakistan

If you’ve ever wanted discover a new part of the globe, Pakistan is a great destination to start your journey. It is situated within South Asia, with a number of eight hundred million. The country is also known as the second largest Muslim nation. With an area of 881,913 square kilometres of terrain, Pakistan is home to many interesting sights. The history of the country is as intriguing and captivating as the natural splendor and there are many points that are worth seeing.

It is essential to visit all the stunning spots in Pakistan beginning with the city that was built for the purpose of Islamabad. The city is surrounded by hills. Islamabad is a tranquil place to escape the bustle and hustle that is typical of Pakistani cities. The city has a wide range of activities for the culture, such as exploring the National Museum, the Presidential Palace and the Presidential Palace. It is also possible to enjoy a scenic drive up Margalla Hills to admire the stunning views over the hills.

There are a myriad of destinations to visit in Pakistan. It is a place with so many wonderful locations to visit and explore that you’ll never be short of activities to take in. There’s plenty of adventure regardless of whether you enjoy climbing rocks, hiking or just enjoying a beautiful panorama of the mountains. Despite the scorching temperatures in the southern parts of the country it is possible to be pleasant throughout the year. For those who love the outdoors There’s the majestic Hammerhead which is a huge Mud volcano. There’s even the flurry of activity that occurs within this area, which is known as the Cigar Desert or the Hingol National Park.

16 Best Places to visit in Pakistan

  1. Ayun and Bamburet Valley
  2. Bahawalpur
  3. Deosai Plains
  4. Ghanche District Gilgit–Baltistan
  5. Gojal Valley
  6. Gorak Hill
  7. Kerthar area
  8. Mubarak Village Karachi
  9. Naltar valley
  10. Neelum Valley
  11. Paye
  12. Rama Meadow
  13. Ranikot Fort
  14. Rural areas near Punjab river
  15. Shangrila resort Skardu
  16. White Palace Swat

1. Ayun and Bamburet Valley

Places to Visit in Ayun and Bamburet Valley Pakistan

Ayun and Bamburet valley is located 12 km south of Chitral and across the Kunhar River. It is a valley characterized by its natural beauty and is a popular place for tourism. The landscape is stunning, with mountains and lush greenery. The town is known for its harnessed fruits. If you haven’t been there before, you should!

Ayun is a small town in Chitral, located approximately 12 kilometers south of the city. It lies on the banks of the River Bamburet and is surrounded by mountains. A two-hour drive from Chitral will take you to the beautiful Bamburet Valley, one of three Kalash valleys. This region is known for its natural beauty, with green hills and majestic mountains.

Ayun is a picturesque town in Chitral. Located on the banks of the River Bamburet, it is surrounded by mountain ranges and lush greenery. A visit to Ayun will give you a taste of the rich culture of this region. Alternatively, you can take a road trip and visit Bamburet Valley.

Ayun and Bamburet valley are connected by a scenic road. Travelers can find a hot springs called Garam Chashma and can visit the hot water springs at nearby Rumbur. Both valleys are surrounded by a majestic range. You can also spend some time in Ayun, which is a two-hour drive from Chitral.

2. Bahawalpur

Places to Visit in Bahawalpur Pakistan

If you have a desire to experience the history, culture, and people of Pakistan, then you should definitely make a trip to Bahawalpur. The city is located in Punjab province and is the 11th largest city in Pakistan in terms of population. You can explore a vast variety of historical places, religious sites, and natural landscapes in this town. There are many things you must do and see in Bahawalpur, and you should try to visit at least a couple of these sites.

The Derawar Fort, about 100 km from Bahawalpur, is an interesting place to visit. This 800-year-old fort is still guarded by the personal guards of the Amir of Bahawalpur. The fort is filled with the tombs of different rulers. These tombs are covered in blue tiled work. Visitors must ask permission from the nawab before visiting the fort. The museum has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts and relics, including many pieces of pulchritudinous architecture.

The Derawar Fort is another historic attraction in the city. It was originally built in the 9th century by a Rajput Hindu ruler. It was rebuilt in the 17th century with baked bricks by the Nawab of Bahawalpur. The fort’s walls are 30 meters high and boast forty bastions. It is 130 km away from Bahawalpur, and is one of the largest historical sites in the Cholistan Desert.

3. Deosai Plains

Places to Visit in Deosai Plains Pakistan

The beautiful and remote Deosai Plains are one of the best natural wonders of northern Pakistan. Though not easily accessible, it is one of the world’s highest plateaus, second only to the Tibetan Plateau. Travel to the plains is not easy, and you will need a private vehicle to get there. However, it is worth the effort once you arrive and find a campsite.

The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Himalayan Brown Bear, red fox, snow leopard, and Ladakh urial. There are also around 125 different species of birds, including the elusive ghooshan. Several plants are native to the area, and many have medicinal uses. The flora and fauna are diverse and abundant, and you will be able to see all of them while hiking.

The park’s name comes from a folk tale and poem by Mian Muhammad Baksh. The name, Deosai, means’shadow of a giant’ in Persian. Its acronyms are Deosai, Sai, and swami. The lake, Sheosar, is considered the most beautiful lake in Gilgit-Baltistan, and is called Summer’s Place by the Balti community. It is a popular tourist destination and the surrounding mountains are covered in snow even in the summer months.

4. Ghanche District Gilgit–Baltistan

There are plenty of places to visit in the mountainous district of Ghanche. The valleys of the Hushe and Chapse are the gateway to the Baltoro Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram. It’s also home to numerous lakes, glaciers, lush pastures, plateaus, and rivers. The locals celebrate several festivals here, including the Urdu New Year and the Eid festival.

There are a few places to visit in Ghanche, and each has a unique character. The district’s main city is Khaplu, while Goma is the brigade headquarters of the Pakistan Army. Both cities are located in the area, 20 miles west of the Siachen Glacier. The historic town of Khaplu is the administrative center of the district. Regardless of the reason for your visit to Ghanche, you’ll enjoy the high-altitude landscapes, soaring peaks, and quaint, colorful villages.

The valleys of Ghanche are the most picturesque in the area. The region is surrounded by lofty mountains, making it a great location for hiking. This arid region borders China in the north and the Ladakh area of Indian Administered Kashmir in the south. The capital of the Ghanche district is Khaplu, which is also known as the third pole. From here, you can easily reach the great Baltoro, the Khuz Mountains, and the Gasherbrums. Visiting these places can give you a real sense of what this part of the world is like.

5. Gojal Valley

Places to Visit in Gojal Valley Pakistan

The valley has a variety of natural wonders, from scenic mountains and lakes to fortified villages and streams. Visitors will be amazed by the Wakhi stronghold at the end of the Khyber Pass. After a seven-hour drive from Peshawar, travelers will find that the town of Skardu is a shopping paradise. Located in the city, Shangrila rest house is shaped like an airplane. This remote valley borders Afghanistan and China, and is covered by snow throughout the year.

Gircha: This spring village was settled by the Wakhi legend, Bobo e Sufi. During the time of the Mirs, this spring village was used for farming. Later, the village became a center for political activities. The valley’s history is a mix of myths and legends, and its historic sites are interesting to explore. Its litho- and biofacia are unique, as the area has flooded many times.

Sost: Sost is the administrative capital of the Gojal Sub-Division. It is the last town in the valley, leading the KKH to China. Sost is the largest town in the upper Gojal, with a bustling bazaar and a dry port. The population is diverse, and there is a Bobo e Sufi house here. The old village is also home to a shrine dedicated to Saint Baba Sheikh Farid.

6. Gorak Hill

There are numerous places to visit in Gorakh Hill Pakistan. Its elevation of 5,689 feet is the reason why it has attracted millions of visitors from across the world. This town is located 94 kilometers northwest of dadu city. In addition to its beautiful landscape, Gorakh Hill also offers numerous things to do. These include hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, and even snow skiing. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in the region.

The first place that you should visit in Gorakh Hill is the Kandol Lake. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest full of deodar trees. You can reach the lake via a jeep track. After the lake, you can walk to Spindhor Lake, which is easily accessible by foot. Once you have walked through the forest, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive view of the Gorakh Valley.

After breakfast, you’ll leave for the Gorakh hills. You’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views on the way down. The mountain is sculpted with three rows of mountains that are symmetrical. After your hike, you’ll stop by Sehwan Restaurant for lunch. During your stay in Gorakh, you can also take in the enchanting views of the region. You should visit this place at least once in your lifetime.

7. Kerthar area

Places to Visit in Kerthar area Pakistan

There are several places to visit in the Kirthar area of Pakistan. This mountainous region is a national park. The Kirthar National Park is located in the Jamshoro District of Sindh, Pakistan. This is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. It offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a unique culture, history, and natural beauty. If you are interested in exploring this beautiful region, you should visit the nearby National Park.

The Kirthar National Park is a wildlife sanctuary that covers over 3,000 square kilometers. It was created in 1972 by Wahajuddin Ahmed Kirmani, who set up the Sindh Wildlife Department. The park was included in the United Nations list of national parks and was recently listed as a Category II nature reserve. If you’re considering a trip to this part of Pakistan, here are a few places to visit.

The Kirthar National Park is located in the Kirthar Mountains near Karachi. It is the second largest national park in Pakistan, covering 3,087 square kilometers. It is home to an array of fauna, including Indian leopards, striped hyenas, Indian wolves, ratels, chinkara gazelle, and rare Sind wild goats. The park is accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles and rest houses run by the Sindh Wildlife Department.

8. Mubarak Village Karachi

Places to Visit in Mubarak Village Karachi Pakistan

There are many interesting places to visit in Mubarak Village in Karachi, Pakistan. This small fishing village is located along the Arabian Sea coast, about 7 km from the city centre. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It is also one of the best places to visit in Karachi. If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend your holidays, then Mubarak Goth is the place for you.

The village is surrounded by barren mountains and dusty desert landscape, which makes it a great place to experience the city’s culture and history. The only option for food is the one vending van that comes by once a week selling days-old vegetables. The only way to get clean water in Mubarak Village is to buy it from the government. It is important to note that the Karachi Division was abolished during the Pervaiz Musharraf regime, and the Karachi District is now divided into 178 union councils, each with its own identity.

The Mubarak Village beach is a wonderful spot for water sports enthusiasts. Just 4.5 miles from Churna Island, this beach is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Private tour companies offer snorkeling and paragliding to its visitors. The water is calm and clear, making it an ideal place for the whole family. The waters here are a jewel blue color, and the sand has not lost its colour.

9. Naltar valley

Places to Visit in Places to Visit in Naltar valley Pakistan

There are many places to visit in Naltar Valley, which has an amazing culture and is best visited in summer. Winters can be extremely cold, and the area is a popular skiing destination. Thousands of visitors from around the world visit the town each year to experience the spectacular ski slopes and breathtaking scenery. The valley is accessible by Jeep from Gilgit, and there are several hotels and guesthouses available for travelers. There are many attractions in Naltar, and if you are traveling with a group, the town is safe and offers basic facilities.

There are three beautiful lakes in Naltar. One of them is the Bashkiri Lakes, which are around 13 km from the town of Naltar Bala. The trek is relatively easy but requires a lot of endurance, as the terrain is uneven and rocky. You can enjoy the frozen waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes of the lake. The valley is accessible only by jeep, so you may want to stay in one of the hotels for a night.

Another place to visit in Naltar Valley is the famous skiing slope. While the ski slope is the most famous attraction in the area, you may want to consider renting a ski if you are a beginner or someone who has never been skiing before. There are also many opportunities to see wildlife, including the snow jaguar and markhor, which are found in the area. You can even take a look at the local animals while enjoying your stay.

10. Neelum Valley

Places to Visit in Neelum Valley Pakistan

The best time to visit the places in Neelum Valley is between April and October. The winters can be extremely cold, so it is recommended to visit the area ahead of time. July and September are the best times to enjoy outdoor activities in the area. Make sure to pack warm clothing and accessories for the weather. This destination is accessible all year round. Here are some of the top places to visit in the area.

Baboon Valley is a great place to go hiking, where you can see waterfalls and lush green meadows. Sharda Valley is another beautiful town on the Neelum River, and it is popular for fishing and water sports. Kel is another popular town in the valley, and is the primary route to Shounter. The Astore-to-Kel tunnel is under CPEC and is a popular spot for rafting.

The last town in the valley is Taubut. This small city is a popular tourist destination. Nearby, it is home to the Gagai Stream theme park. The city is surrounded by mountains and the pure water of the river. The weather in this part of the country is mild, so it’s a great place for a picnic. The town’s restaurants and bars are also worth a visit.

11. Paye

Places to Visit in Paye Pakistan

The best way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Paye is to go on a road trip to the region. The area is a great base for hiking and can be reached from Islamabad by car in 4.5 hours. There are several small stops along the way, including Siri, which is an interesting place to stop for lunch. Once you reach the Paye Meadows, the scenery is incredibly beautiful, with a serene skyline to the west. The road to Paye is steep, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

The meadows are an excellent place to go trekking or hiking. You can also attend concerts and music festivals in the area. Because the region is so pristine and wholesome, it often hosts many music events and festivals. Skardu, the capital of Baltistan, is the main urban center in the area. It is a major transit hub for people traveling to Pakistan from Afghanistan and China. You can also enjoy a day of sightseeing in Skardu, which is the province’s largest city.

The meadows in Paye are one of the most scenic places in the region. It is a good place to take a break from the heat of the city. You can hike or trek to the meadows, and you can also visit the locals and enjoy a musical performance. If you are looking for an urban experience, you should also visit the Baltistan region, which is home to the capital city of Skardu. This province is filled with rugged natural beauty and is linked to China and Afghanistan.

12. Rama Meadow

Places to Visit in Rama Meadow Pakistan

One of the most peaceful valleys in Pakistan is Rama Meadow. It is surrounded by pine trees and white water in a river. It is also a popular destination for camping and hiking. The area is close to Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan and is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. The area has beautiful green meadows, unblemished lakes, and a peaceful atmosphere.

If you are looking for a relaxing spot where you can spend some quality time with nature, then a stay at Rama Meadows is an excellent choice. You can even take a picnic lunch or dine at nearby PTDC’s restaurant and enjoy the stunning views. While at the meadows, don’t forget to take in the night sky, with the twinkling stars and moon lighting up the skies.

Rama Meadows is located 11 kilometers from Astore Valley. The best way to get here is to rent a jeep and ride up the mountain. You will find locals in the area to be kind and humble. You will find children playing happily in the fields and women busy with their work. The atmosphere of the meadows is calm, peaceful, and scented. While the winters are cold, summers are the ideal time to visit the meadows.

13. Ranikot Fort

Places to Visit in Ranikot Fort Pakistan

A short distance from Hyderabad, Ranikot Fort is located in the north-western part of Pakistan. It is connected to Karachi airport by a metalled road. The fort is situated within the Kirthar National Park, the country’s second largest. Visitors can explore the fort, which is situated in a valley. This location is very picturesque and a must-see for anyone who is in the vicinity.

The fort’s mosque seems to be an addition to the original watchtower. It also houses prehistoric fossils and scattered animal skeletons. Two graveyards are located inside the fort, one of which has over 400 graves and is believed to be the tomb of Arabs. The third graveyard contains just four graves and is called a Roman graveyard by local residents.

The fort contains a number of other fortresses. Shergarh and Meerikot are the most famous among them. Interestingly, the fort is named after the word mir, which means top. The word mir is also used in Seistan for small fortresses. The name has no relation to the Mirs of Sindh, as M.H. Panhwar claims, but the two forts are located near each other and have similar entrances. The route to the forts is a tortuous, safe way to get to both.

Ranikot Fort is a historical icon, but is in need of basic facilities. It is not a popular tourist spot, and visitors should plan to leave well before sunset, so that they don’t disturb the natural beauty of the town. The fort could be developed into an ecotourism destination with horse riding, walking track, and other amenities. Cable cars would be a great idea, as it would allow visitors to travel from hill to hill in a safe and convenient manner.

14. Rural areas near Punjab river

Places to Visit in Rural areas near Punjab river Pakistan

A trip to the rural areas of Punjab can be a great way to escape the chaos and pollution of the city. Located on the banks of the beautiful Punjab river, you can view the boats anchored in the waters. The expanse of blue sky, the abundant wildlife, and fertile farmland will leave you with a lasting impression. In addition to seeing the ancient Harappa ruins, you can visit the historic Taxila fort and visit the Katasraj temple on the Salt Range.

A trip to the rural areas of Punjab is a great way to explore the region’s diverse landscape. You’ll find a variety of natural beauty in the region, from lakes and forests to ancient monuments and historic cities. It’s also possible to explore the towns and villages dotted along the river’s banks, and you can even try your hand at making traditional crafts in the area.

One of the most charming and unspoiled villages in the area is the village of Mubarak. Surrounded by a patchwork of sunflowers and wheat fields, this place is a dream come true. There’s little sign of urbanization in the region, which makes the skyline engulfed in clouds during the day and reddish hues during the sunset. Though Mubarak is a major city, it’s a serene village, with quiet country roads and singing birds.

15. Shangrila resort Skardu

Places to Visit in Shangrila resort Skardu Pakistan

The Shangrila resort in Skardu is located in the heart of the mountains, and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The accommodations are elegant and feature sitting areas, balconies overlooking the lake, flat-screen TVs, and DVD players. There are four restaurants, including one located inside an airplane, and a garden that provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Guests can enjoy a meal in the garden or go on excursions from the hotel.

The Shangrila Resort Hotel is located around a heart-shaped lake. The cottages are scattered all around the lake’s edge. The Shangrila Resort, which was the first resort in the Northern areas, was founded in 1983 by Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan, the first commander of the Northern Scouts. It was one of the first resorts in Pakistan and played a pivotal role in the liberation of the Northern areas in 1948.

Shangrila Resort is situated right on Lower Kachura Lake, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Visitors to the Shangrila Resort can take a boat ride on the lake. The hotel is also popular for its scenic beauty and is considered the best tourist destination in Skardu. This is one of the best places to stay in Skardu. While staying at the Shangrila resort, you can take advantage of the resort’s complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport.

16. White Palace Swat

Places to Visit in White Palace Swat Pakistan

One of the best places to visit in Swat is the White Palace of Marghazar. It is situated in the town of Marghazar, 13 km from the town of Saidu Sharif. This beautiful structure was built with white marble, and it is the largest structure in the country. Visiting this white palace is an enlightening experience. The surrounding area is full of scenic beauty and you can enjoy watching the stunning view of the mountains and the valley.

There are many beautiful attractions in White Palace. The famous Royal Suite was once the private room of the Swat ruler. In 1961, Queen Elizabeth II visited the region and stayed at the palace. The veranda of the White Castle shows old historical photos of King Miangul Abdul Wadood, Jahanzeb Abdul Haq, and Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a splendid view of the garden lawn from the balcony of the King.

The royal summer house was constructed in 1935 by Miangul Abdul Wadood, the first ruler of modern Swat. The structure was built of white marbles imported from Jaipur in India and is the highest building in the country. The marbles used were used to build the Taj Mahal in India. The palace is located at 2175 meters (7136 feet) above sea level and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Makli Necropolises: The Makli Necropolises are the world’s biggest funerary site. The site is recognized in the hands of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Makli Necropolises are an outstanding illustration from the Sindhi civilization from the early times of. There are as many as 1 million tombs located in the area, including the burial sites of Sufi saints and scholars. Going to Makli Necropolises is a must. Makli Necropolises is a must when you visit Pakistan.

Nagarparkar is among the most distinctive locations in Pakistan. It lies at the border between India as well as Pakistan. There are beautiful views and excellent treks in the mountains of this region. Although it’s difficult to reach the town, it’s worthwhile to visit. Even though it’s a rural village, it’s worth the effort to get to this stunning region. It’s definitely worthwhile to travel to Nagarparkar.

Alongside Peshawar It is also a good idea to explore this city, Peshawar. The city of Peshawar is the most ancient town in Pakistan. Its past is filled with amazing wooden havelis and gorgeous old mosques. It’s also part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, formerly known as the Northwest Frontier Province. It’s an excellent destination to visit in Pakistan. If you’re planning a trip in the region, you shouldn’t overlook the listed UNESCO site Taxila.

If you’re searching for the most exotic destinations you can visit within Pakistan you’re at the right spot. The region is famous for its breathtaking beauty, natural beauty and diverse species of wildlife. The cities in the country are among the most beautiful on the planet. You must definitely make an excursion to these cities in case you’re looking for an escape from the city. However, before you decide which destination to visit to this amazing nation, keep in mind that it’s equally important to learn about its past.

If you’re seeking an experience that is unique, think about making a trip to Minar-e-Pakistan. It was the location that Pakistan gained its independence. A monument erected in the name of All-India Muslim League, the mosque is a symbol of national pride. A historical building along with an art museum are two of the reasons you should visit the city. If you’re traveling to Pakistan with or with a group of friends relatives, make sure you have some money on hand for your road trip!

Another destination to explore within Pakistan includes Islamabad. Islamabad is known as the capital of Pakistan, and is situated within the Margalla Hills. The city is unique in its style of life and is among the most populated. It is home to the biggest mosque in the nation which is the Faisal Mosque and is also their nation’s mosque. This Faisal Mosque is among the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan as the view is breathtaking.

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