20 Awesome Places to visit in Palau

Places to visit in Palau

Palau, officially known as the Republic of Palau is an archipelago of over 357 small islands. Actually the count is little higher (over 500), but those islands are such small in area, people don’t count them.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is a wonderful country for those who are looking for relaxation, quality time under the sun, scuba diving and other marine adventures.

Palau has many things to offer for its visitors, from stunning white sand beaches to breathtaking wildlife in the turquoise blue water. A visit to Palau’s picture-perfect setting is likely to generate some truly special memories.

This breathtaking Pacific archipelago has won legions of fans around the world and with good reason.

The striking natural wonders of Jellyfish Lake and the almost magical mass migration of jellies within its waters are enough to have brought TV crews flocking to Palau from across the globe.

For an unforgettable experience, visit this Micronesian archipelago. The islands of Palau are picturesque and offer a mix of palm trees, grassy fields, and ancient basalt monoliths.

If you enjoy hiking, there are many popular attractions in the region. The hike can be steep and slippery, so make sure you wear sturdy hiking boots. There are many sights, offering a taste of wild, tropical beauty, where you will easily get lost in the beauty of nature.

One thing is certain, anyone venturing to Palau will find plenty of opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. Below is the list of best places to visit in Palau.

Which place will you visit first?

20 Best Places to visit in Palau

  1. Airai
  2. Babeldaob
  3. Belau National Museum
  4. Carp Island
  5. Dolphins Pacific
  6. Etpison Museum
  7. Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge
  8. Jellyfish Lake
  9. Kayangel Atoll Belau
  10. Koror Island
  11. Malakal Island
  12. Ngerulmud
  13. Ngarchelong
  14. Ngardmau Waterfall
  15. Ngeaur Island
  16. Ngerukewid
  17. Orange Beach
  18. Palau Aquarium
  19. Rock Islands
  20. Ulong Island

1. Airai


One of the best places to visit in Palau is Airai. Snorkeling is the best thing you can probably do there. You will be amazed by the beautiful coral reefs and the many different kinds of undersea creatures.

Those who enjoy diving will love the opportunity to experience the many different sites available in Airai. In fact, Airai has some of the world’s best diving locations.

In Airai you’ll find some of the best spots for snorkeling and diving in. It’s worth noting that most of these dive sites are located on the southern end of the islands, which is a geological anomaly.

For a family adventure try to visit lakes of Airai. The saltwater lakes are full of stingless jellyfish. If you wish you can even take a guided kayak tour around the island.

Palau government is very much strict when it comes to preserve marine life. As a matter of fact, there is a new law in place that says no sunscreens that are “reef toxic” are allowed in the waters.

This is good news for the environment as it will prevent pollution from chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life.

2. Babeldaob Island


Located in the western Caroline Babeldaob Island is one of best places to visit in Palau. It is the largest island in Palau. Ngerulmud, the capital of Palau is located in this island.

Even though Babeldaob is the largest in Palau and second largest island in Micronesia, it is one of the most populated and underdeveloped island in the Pacific Ocean.

Babeldaob has 70 % of the country’s total area and about 30% of the country’s population. It is home to a variety of attractions, including a National Park and a museum, and several historic sites.

During World War II Palau was under control of the United States. In the museums of B Babeldaob you will be able to see the many documents and artifacts which leads to WWII.

The Palau Compact Road, allows visitors to drive around the entire Babeldaob Island. You can also explore ancient hillside terraces and visit markets here.

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous in Babeldaob Island, you can visit the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths. These massive basalt monoliths are the most accessible in the country, and considered as the ‘Easter Island of Micronesia’.

3. Belau National Museum

Belau National Museum

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend a day in Palau, the Belau National Museum is the place to go. It’s the oldest continuously operated museum in the Micronesian archipelago.

This is a great place to learn about the island’s history, especially with regards to the culture and customs of the people who live on the island.

The Belau museum was established in the 1950s and aims to educate visitors on the history and culture of the country. It has two main exhibits, one indoor and one outdoor, which focus on different periods in Palau’s history.

The collection of artifacts in the museum is comprised of over four thousand pieces, so you will be able to view something interesting on every floor of the museum.

The Palauan National Museum highlights the life of the natives and showcases the culture and traditions of the island. During the early settlement days, the people of the island carved wooden blocks, which are now part of the museum’s exhibits.

The wood-and-cover bai men’s gathering house is another fascinating display. The wood-and-cover house is constructed using harsh boards and scored jointing.

4. Carp Island

Carp Island

Ngercheu is also known as Carp Island. It is a small island in the state of Peleliu in Palau. Its attractions include the Ngercheu Museum and Carp Farm.

There are many things to do on Ngercheu, including visiting local fishing villages. You can enjoy the scenery on this beautiful island by going on a fishing tour, or taking a boat ride on the lake.

You can explore the island, or go for a hike on the rugged shoreline. You can also snorkel, dive, or just relax on the beach. Getting around Carp Island isn’t hard – it is completely deserted except for the tiny shops on the island.

There are also a number of hiking trails, which you can follow to reach the remote end of the island. The only downside is the cost of these activities they are often very expensive. If you want to do a little sightseeing, you can rent a bicycle, rent a boat, or go snorkeling.

5. Dolphins Pacific

Dolphins Pacific

One of the most popular activities in the island is snorkeling and diving with dolphins. This unique experience will make you appreciate the incredible beauty of the coral reefs and the magnificent animals that live there.

Dolphins Pacific, located on the northern side of Ngeruktabel Island is world’s largest marine mammal interaction, educational, and research facility. There you will be able to swim with the dolphins and even feed them. There is also a chance to dive with the dolphins.

The largest marine mammal interaction facility in the world offers a variety of activities including swimming with the dolphins. If you’re in the area, you can even spend the day doing this activity.

The next thing to do in Dolphins Pacific is to visit the aquarium. This world-famous marine mammal facility houses captive bottlenose dolphins and offers several activities. You can interact with the dolphins in an intimate setting, and even swim with them.

If you’ve been to the museum or have already experienced the Close Encounter program, this program may not be for you. If you’re coming from another part of the country, you should avoid the tour of the aquarium.

You can also go hiking or mountain biking on the surrounding islands. This is especially fun if you’re interested in seeing wildlife and learning about the culture of the people of Palau. You can visit a nearby island called Babeldaob to enjoy the tropical beauty of the area.

6. Etpison Museum

Etpison Museum

The Etpison Museum is located in Koror City, Palau. This museum is dedicated to documenting the history of the state and its people. There are also artifacts on display that will allow you to learn more about Palau.

It is a must-visit destination for travelers who wish to learn about the country’s history. In the past, the Etpison Museum was the most important place of worship for the people of Palau.

The most fascinating part of the museum is the beautiful display of artifacts from the ancient past. The two floors of exhibits in this museum are full of Palauan culture.

The Etpison Museum is the oldest museum in Micronesia, founded in 1955. There are also numerous local events to enjoy, including cultural dances, traditional games, and a variety of other events.

While on vacation in Palau, you should plan a trip to the National Museum and the Etpison Museum. Both museums have a unique collection of artifacts from the country and the world.

7. Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge

Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge

One of the best places to visit in Palau is Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge. Once upon a time, there was a balanced cantilever prestressed concrete box girder bridge, which was user for carrying electrical and water lines. Then, the tunnel was destroyed and the island was cut off from the outside world.

After the tunnel collapsed Palau government was unable to start rebuilding the bridge immediately due to lack of sufficient funds. Then the new bridge started to construct with significant Japanese Grant Aid.

The new bridge construction started in 1997 by a Japanese construction company, and completed in 2001. This is why the bridge is named “Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge”.

This new cable-stayed, reinforced concrete portal frame bridge spans the 413-meter-long canal between the two islands. You can tour the bridge, which is a great way to the natural beauty of the area.

Travelers can take advantage of the free shuttles that travel from the airport to the main shopping district. You can take the BBI shuttle, which runs from the airport.

Alternatively, to avoid the expense, you can take a taxi to the bridge and back. The cost is about US$10 per person. You can walk to the main shopping district on foot.

8. Jellyfish Lake

Things to do in Jellyfish Lake Palau

Located on the Eil Malk island, Jellyfish Lake is included in the list of best places to visit in Palau. A visit to the jellyfish lake will allow you to experience the mystical experience of seeing a live Jelly fishes .

If you’re a snorkeler, it’s a must to swim with the jellyfish, which are safe to swim with. While they don’t actually sting, it’s a good idea to wear eco-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin.

If you’re not sure whether to wear sunscreen or not, you’ll want to check with the resort staff. Some people may feel uncomfortable with the jellyfish’s sting, so it’s a good idea to stay away from the lake for a while.

Jellyfish Lake, a marine lake of the Rock Islands, which has over 70 other marine lakes. If you wish you can explore the Rock Islands.

It’s best to avoid visiting Jellyfish Lake during the coldest months. It’s not advisable to free-dive in this lake. You could accidentally inhale the hydrogen sulfide and drown.

It’s also not recommended to swim with the jellyfish at deep depths because it may not be safe to do so.

9. Kayangel Atoll Belau

Kayangel Atoll Belau

Kayangel state of Palau is the northernmost state consists of four small atoll islands. With a population of less than 100, Kayangel has a “wow” factor that is one hundred percent guaranteed.

Several tour operators offer tours of the island’s rock formations and other sites. The small state of Kayangel also offers boat services to the main islands of Babeldaob and Kayangel.

Private day charters are available from several tour operators. Some of these companies offer a full tour of the state’s many atolls. However, the smaller atolls, like Nan, are not accessible by land.

You can spend a day or a weekend here, and you’ll want to do everything possible to see the country’s natural and cultural attractions.

10. Koror Island

Koror Island

There are plenty of things to do in Koror Island Palau. It is the commercial center of Palau and consists of several islands, the largest being the largest, Koror.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting experience, you can check out the activities and places to see on this beautiful tropical island. You can learn more about the local culture, and try a few traditional dishes while you’re here.

There are a number of interesting places to visit in this Pacific island nation. One of the most popular attractions is the Ngradmau Waterfall, located near the Babeldoab airport. It’s accessible via a trail that winds through historical remnants of Japanese buildings.

Before you reach the waterfall, you can explore the natural pools of the Nqertebechel River. You can also take a scenic flight, which is around 45 minutes in length and runs over the Rock Islands.

Visitors can also enjoy a day of snorkeling and scuba diving on the island. The waters of the Island has amazing marine life. You can dive in some of the rock formations, and some of them are even equipped with shelters and camping facilities.

Some dive shops will drop you off on a remote island and pick you up later on. Some people even combine camping with kayaking. Then there are other places to see and do in Koror Island Palau

11. Malakal Island

Malakal Island

One of the best places to visit in Palau is Malakal Island. The island is located in the state of Koror, Palau. It is situated at 134.45, 7.330278 latitude and longitude.

You will want to visit the beautiful beach area, which is home to tropical flowers and a unique wildlife. The best way to get there is by boat. There are several things to do in Malakal, including snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

You can also explore the island by walking around it, but always take precautions. There is a beach where you can swim in the river and relax. It is a wonderful place for snorkeling and diving. In addition, the port is the perfect place to get drinks with locals.

12. Ngerulmud


The capital of Palau, Ngerulmud, is the seat of government. Previously, Koror City was the largest city of the country, but in 2006, it was replaced by Ngerulmud. Today, the city is the most populated.

There are many places you can visit in Ngerulmud. But first, you should pay a visit to the Melekeok Bai. The building was originally a men’s meeting house. It is about fifteen minutes walk from the Melekeok State Office.

The structure has a well-proportioned design and is decorated with traditional designs. The east gable boasts the legendary figure of dilukai, the symbol of fertility. It also sports animal motifs, including the rooster, which represents the industrious individual.

You can also visit to nearest Lake Ngardok, largest freshwater lake in Micronesia and a breeding ground for saltwater crocodiles. We can assure you will love the beauty of Ngerulmud.

13. Ngarchelong

Things to do in Ngarchelong  Palau

The small town of Ngarchelong, Palau, is one of the most popular places to visit. The area is covered with low vegetation and grass, and is home to the country’s largest archeological site, Badrulchau.

The state of Ngarchelong is a vibrant and diverse destination for travelers. With its unique cultural heritage, it’s a great place to learn about local history and environmental conservation.

There are plenty of other things to do in Ngarchelong, but there are a few must-see sites. The famous Baodaob Monoliths are worth a visit.

These ancient stone monoliths date back to around A.D. 161. Visitors can also enjoy the abundant marine life, which includes sea cucumbers, fish, and other creatures.

The state’s ruins are a must-see while in Ngarchelong. The site’s spooky caves are filled with giant clams (kim), and the locals’ efforts to preserve the environment are well-known.

The Baadaob Lighthouse is also great places to see. For a unique shopping experience, make sure to take time to visit the Baadaob Museum, which has over one hundred pieces of art.

The state of Ngarchelong is an ecotourism hotspot. It’s a popular destination for tourists with its spectacular cliffs, pristine oceans, and natural beauty. There are also many ways to get around the region, but the most enjoyable way to see them all is to travel by plane.

14. Ngardmau Waterfall

Ngardmau Waterfall

Whether you’re hiking or taking a monorail ride, Ngardmau Waterfall is a must-see destination for any Palau trip. It’s the largest waterfall in Micronesia, at 217 meters tall, and can be reached on foot, by boat, or by riding a clunky monorail to the top of the mountain.

To reach Ngardmau Waterfall, hike up a rocky river trail. You’ll reach the broad jungle waterfall via a viewing platform and picnic tables. The waterfall is truly breathtaking, and it’s a must-see for any vacation to Palau.

There are plenty of things to do in Ngardmau. You can take a swim in the waterfall. You can also explore the surrounding area and buy some souvenirs.

You can hike to Ngardmau Falls from Koror or Babeldaob Island, which is about 20 minutes. While the walk may be short, it’s well worth the effort to get to the base of the falls.

You can also opt for a zipline or a monorail to make the trip more enjoyable.

15. Ngeaur Island

Ngeaur Island

Ngeaur Island is a small state with a population of around 150 people. It has an elected legislature that meets every two years and elects one representative to the Palau House of Delegates.

There are also several public schools and some of the best surfing in the world available here. The island has recently legalized casino gambling, which means that the locals can enjoy a variety of casino games and other types of casino games.

Other attractions include a Buddhist temple, a shrine for the small Japanese Shinto faith and the Ngardmau waterfall.

This small island can be a best weekend spending place for nature lovers.

16. Ngerukewid


The Ngerukewid lagoon consists of 37 small raised coral islands ranging in size from 0.1 ha to 48.5 ha. The entire land area is 87.3 ha. The largest of these is Io, which is a thriving village and a good place to spend a day.

Alternatively, you can spend an afternoon snorkeling and exploring the shallow water around the lagoon’s edge.There are plenty of opportunities to see undersea life in Palau, and snorkeling is one of the most popular activities.

In addition to the beautiful underwater scenery, you’ll have the opportunity to view undersea creatures such as whale sharks and otters.

17. Orange Beach

Orange Beach

When planning a vacation to Orange Beach, Palau, it’s important to plan a few things to do in advance. This beautiful island is surrounded by water and boasts some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

The climate in Orange Beach is generally warm, but it can also be cold during the winter. The sunset in Orange is approximately 8:54 PM and the sunrise is at 5:11 AM. The wind speed is 20 mph and the humidity level is 79°F. There is a 14.5 percent UV index, and the visibility is 100 percent.

Visitors can visit Orange Beach, which lies on the western coast of Peleliu Island. The beach is a popular attraction in the area, but it also has a historic past.

It’s known as the site of the Battle of Peleliu Island and is a great place for snorkeling and a peaceful picnic. There are 7 species of clams here, and they are easy to spot.

When visiting Orange Beach, it’s important to remember that the area was a battle zone during World War II. As a result, it is home to a small but thriving population.

The ocean around Orange Beach is crystal clear and rich in coral reefs, making it a perfect spot for a picnic. The water here is also shallow and calm, which makes it an ideal location for snorkeling.

18. Palau Aquarium

Palau Aquarium

If you haven’t been to the island yet, you may want to plan a visit to the Palau Aquarium. This aquarium is small but has many indoor tanks and outdoor pools where you can get a closer look at the marine life in the area.

You can find a variety of tropical fish and other marine life. A few things to know before visiting the Palau Aquarium: it is operated by the government, so there is no admission fee.

If you’re a diver, you can experience some of the most amazing underwater environments in the world at the Aquarium. This aquarium features over 2,500 creatures from around the globe, including manta rays, turtles, and stingless jellyfish. Visitors can also take free scuba diving lessons or swim with dolphins.

19. Rock Islands

Rock Islands

The Rock Islands in Palau are truly a sight to behold! With incredible beauty, these uninhabited, unspoiled islands are a must-visit destination for visitors.

There are a variety of activities for travelers, including kayaking, longboarding, and scuba diving. For those who are not interested in scuba diving, the Rock Islands are an excellent choice for swimming with millions of colorful jellyfish.

One of the most popular attractions on the Rock Islands is the pristine, crystal-clear water. The UNESCO World Heritage site was recently added to the list of natural wonders in the world, and visitors will find that they will not regret visiting this remote paradise.

To explore the islands, tourists must make a day trip with a local tour company. The permit costs 50 USD for a 10-day trip, and most day trips only visit a few of the sites.

Snorkeling and diving are two of the most popular activities. Visitors can spend the day snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of the surrounding islands.

In addition to swimming, snorkeling, or diving, tourists can enjoy guided kayak tours of the Rock Islands. A tour to the caves of Koror will give visitors a glimpse into the local culture and traditions.

Tourists can also visit the Jellyfish Lake, a saltwater pool filled with stingless jellyfish.

20. Ulong Island

Things to do in Ulong Island Palau

While in the western islands of Palau, it’s worth making the trip to Ulong Island, sometimes referred to as Aulong, or “oroolong” in English.

Dive enthusiasts from around the world flock to Ulong for its world-class drift diving. The location is a perfect place to do this, and the locals are friendly and welcoming.

You can spend the afternoon shopping for souvenirs at local stores. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch and cold drinks in one of the restaurants on Ulong Island.

To conclude the nation of island has excellent places to get acquainted with its history and culture. Many sites surrounded by exotic tropical trees and offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Diverse marine ecosystem to virgin natural beauty everything is present here.

If you’re traveling with your friends or family, you should be prepared to spend two days in Palau to explore the entire territory.

If you want to get some visual experience watch this video.

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