15 Famous Places to visit in Sweden.

Places to visit in Sweden

Travelling to Sweden is a great idea for anyone who enjoys nature and beautiful landscapes. This Scandinavian country has thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, glacial mountains and vast boreal forests. Three of its most notable cities are located along the coast: Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. The capital, Stockholm, is built on fourteen islands and is home to over 50 bridges. The city’s medieval old town and royal palaces are notable sights, as is the open-air Skansen museum, which is situated in a bog.

Stockholm Palace is the seat of the Swedish monarchy, and is visited by over a million people each year. This palace has over 600 rooms and is home to the silver throne of Queen Kristina. Visitors can also visit five museums in the palace. These are all worth a visit. If you have children, take them to the Smogen Children’s Museum, where they can experience life as a polar bear.

The city’s museums and cultural centers are also worth a visit. Uppsala, the country’s oldest university town, is bustling with activity and youthful culture. Whether you’re interested in ancient history, architecture, or science, Uppsala has something for everyone. The old cathedral and castle, which are both listed as national treasures, are both impressive, and the nearby Sigtuna is charming and historic. While in Stockholm, make sure to visit the Gamla Uppsala Archipelago, an archaeological dig, where you can see over 300 burial mounds dating from the 6th to the 12th centuries.

The countryside of Sweden is a wonderful way to get away from the busy metropolis of Stockholm. In addition to beautiful scenery, there are many places to visit and enjoy. The two largest cities are Gothenburg and Stockholm. Both have a vibrant nightlife scene, and both feature museums worth seeing. You can also try foraging and enjoy a traditional Swedish meal. When you’re done with your sightseeing, you can relax and have a great time enjoying the natural beauty of this country.

The most beautiful and romantic part of Sweden is its countryside. The city is a cosmopolitan place, but it can also be expensive. As a tourist, you should plan for a few days in Sweden to enjoy your holiday. The most attractive time to visit the city is during summer. You’ll enjoy the scenic view of the country from atop the hill. If you’re looking for a more relaxed trip, then you’ll want to stay at a hotel in a more affordable location.

A few other popular places to visit in Sweden are the Stockholm Cathedral, which is considered to be the country’s most iconic structure. This Gothic building was constructed between 1911 and 1923 and is one of the most beautiful and impressive examples of national romanticism. It is best viewed in March, as it has gold mosaic tiles. You’ll want to spend time in the city while you’re there. If you’re a history buff, you can spend a day walking the historic streets and museums of the country.

15 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

  1. Dalarna
  2. Gothenburg
  3. Jönköping/Lake Vättern
  4. Jukkasjärvi/ICEHOTEL
  5. Kosterhavet
  6. Lake Mälaren
  7. Malmö
  8. Marstrand
  9. Stockholm
  10. Sundsvall
  11. Swedish Lapland
  12. The Stockholm Archipelago
  13. Vadstena
  14. Visby
  15. Ystad

1. Dalarna


You may be wondering where to go in Dalarna County, Sweden. The county is located in the center of the country and borders the Swedish counties of Uppsala, Jämtland, Gävleborg, and Västmanland, as well as the Norwegian counties of rebro and vemland to the west. You can also find several museums, parks, and historic places in Dalarna County.

Kicksledding in Dalarna is a popular winter activity. The sport, also known as spark, is a small sled with a chair on metal runners. You propel yourself forward by kicking the ground. The countryside surrounding Idre is abundant with reindeer, making it an ideal place to experience the Sami culture firsthand. If you are unable to take the kids, you can always go on a dog sled tour.

If you are visiting in winter, you can visit the Tallest Man on Earth in Borlange, 173 km from Filipstad. The Falun Copper Mines are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Dalarnas Museum is one of the most interesting and valuable folkloric museums in Dalarna. During the seventeenth century, Falun Koppargruva was the world’s largest copper producer, and now you can climb inside and admire the beautiful landscape.

If you are looking for a way to experience the local culture, Dalarna is the place to go. The area’s cultural heritage and artistic heritage are highly prized. The city’s iconic Carl Larsson and his wife Karin Larsson have built a family home here that is a visual feast. There’s plenty of natural scenery and winter sports to keep you warm and active. However, if you are looking to experience a different side of Dalarna, it may be best to stay in one of the towns or villages in the region.

2. Gothenburg


When planning your next trip to Sweden, you’ll want to consider all of the places you can visit while you’re there. The major city of Gothenburg is located off the coast of the Göta älv river and is a popular seaport. The city has plenty to offer travelers, including leafy boulevards and canals in the Dutch style. Along the Avenyn, the main thoroughfare, you can walk or drive, and you’ll be sure to find plenty of interesting historical buildings. Liseberg, a popular amusement park with themed rides, performance venues, and a landscaped sculpture garden, is an excellent way to spend your day.

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to plan a trip to the Haga neighbourhood, a historic neighbourhood that’s close to the city centre. The Haga neighborhood is a charming and unique area, and it’s a great place to get a feel for the city’s history. The Haga Nygata, the main street of the city, is lined with cozy cafes and cute shops, as well as hundred-year-old wooden homes.

The city’s art galleries are a great way to see the local culture. The city has a thriving art scene, with several museums and galleries offering a wide range of works by Swedish artists. The Konstmuseum, located around the Konstmuseum, is an excellent place to see the best of Swedish modern art. A museum that focuses on the history of the town’s architecture and history is another excellent option.

3. Jönköping/Lake Vättern

Jönköping/Lake Vättern

There are plenty of things to do in Jonkoping, Sweden. You can enjoy a relaxing day at the Taberg beach, which is located just outside the city center. It has a volleyball court, a playground, and shops, so you can get your fill of sun, sand, and surf. The beautiful landscape makes it a popular destination for nature lovers, and it’s great for families. It’s a great place to walk off your stress and enjoy the scenery. There are orange posts all along the trail, so you can easily find your way back.

There’s also the Habo Church, a wooden building that sits on the shore of Lake Vattern. It was constructed in 1680, and its interior is covered with paintings from 1741-43. It has a baptismal font from the 13th century and a chapel built during the soft conscription period. A tour here will provide you with breathtaking views. You can visit the Habo Church even if it’s raining or snowing.

The Swedish National Museum, which was founded in Stockholm in the 18th century, is a must-see in Jnkping. This museum is an impressive example of medieval Swedish architecture, with a soaring spire and a Gothic Revival design. It was designed by Gustaf Dahl, a well-known architect who has left a lasting impression on the city. It has ten historic buildings, including the Soldattorp soldier’s residence, which was built during the soft conscription period in the 19th century. It also has a mini-farm and an amazing bird museum. You can spend hours in the bird sanctuary, so make sure you check the weather before you leave.

4. Jukkasjärvi/ICEHOTEL


You’ve probably heard of the famous Icehotel, but what’s all the fuss about? Jukkasjarvi is a charming town that is still developing. This picturesque city has a beautiful church and many other places of interest. There are also wildlife tours and reindeer sled tours available. The best way to get around Jukkasjarvi is by foot.

There are numerous places to visit in Jukkasjarvi. The downtown area features shops and restaurants. There are also cafes scattered throughout town. Nearby is a theatre and a cinema. You can see people walking along the main street of the town. Those who are planning to spend some time in the area will find that Jukkasjarvi has something to offer for everyone.

If you’re visiting Jukkasjarvi, make sure you plan to spend some time wandering around. The city is a mix of ancient and modern culture, and there’s a wide range of places to visit. The downtown area has boutiques, restaurants, and museums. The town’s main street is lined with cafes and shops. There is also a theatre, and people are often walking down the main street.

The Icehotel in Jukkasjrvi is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. The hotel was built using ice harvested from the Torne River. It’s like a giant snow sculpture that can be visited throughout the year. You can even stay in one of the rooms or even a suite. The entire town is full of activities to keep you occupied all year round.

5. Kosterhavet


There are a number of wonderful places to visit in Kosterhavet, Sweden, including its national marine park, which opened in September 2009. This area is part of the Skagerrak sea in Bohuslän and Tanum municipalities, in the Västra Götaland county. The park is an excellent destination for anyone interested in the region’s natural beauty and unique culture. Here, you can explore the local culture by learning about its history, art and customs.

One of the best places to see in Kosterhavet, Sweden, is its oceans. The waters are extremely rich in marine life. The Koster Fjord extends 200 metres into the sea and is surrounded by a beautiful shoreline. The waters of this area are home to more than 6,000 species of marine life, including spongers, brachiopods, and cold-water corals. This is a great place for snorkeling or diving.

If you are an avid diver, you will definitely want to experience the water in Kosterhavet. This area is home to some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. You can even go on a dive tour to explore the beautiful waters of the area. The waters are so pristine that you can see a lot of fish, including starfish and a tiger shark. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, you will never find a better place for diving and snorkeling in Sweden.

6. Lake Mälaren

Places to Visit in Lake Mlaren Sweden

When planning a trip to Lake Mlaren, Sweden, consider the history of the region. The lake was historically known as Lake Malar, and is the third largest lake in the country. The water is deepest at 64 meters, and it spans 120 kilometers east to west. The surrounding area is a beautiful and fascinating place to explore, with countless places to see. It’s also home to the oldest church in the country.

The region is home to many attractions that can be enjoyed on foot or by boat. The picturesque countryside is ideal for a day trip from Stockholm, and lakeside towns such as Mariefred, Birka, and Drottningholm provide great opportunities for outdoor activities. For lovers of Viking history, there is the ruins of Birka island, which was the royal residence for several centuries. If you prefer the city life, there are plenty of opportunities to visit Uppsala and Sigtuna.

The town of Strangnas is a lovely town, which was almost completely destroyed in an 1871 fire. Today, however, parts of it still stand. The harbor is the most popular attraction on the island, and offers many activities. While you’re there, be sure to take time to enjoy the surrounding area, which is known as the Swedish Lakeland. A trip to Lake Mlaren is sure to be a memorable one!

7. Malmö


The city of Malmö and its surrounding area are part of the Malmö Municipality, a region in southern Sweden’s Skne province. The town is known for its grand Malmöhus Castle, which was primarily built by the Danes in the 16th century. There are also nature and history exhibits on the grounds. The town also offers a charming cobblestone square, which is a popular meeting point. You can enjoy local handicrafts and cafes while you stroll around the cobblestoned square.

A must-see in Malmo is the Folkets Park, an amusement park that dates back to the fourteenth century. This public park is similar to Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens. It includes skateparks, open green spaces, a large wading pool, and beautiful ponds. In the wintertime, the park turns into a ice skating rink. The park is free to enter, but admission is required.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting dining experience, Malmo has some great places to try. With its New Nordic cuisine, there are many restaurants to choose from. At the Spill, for example, you can sample inventive dishes made from local surplus. You can also sample the city’s famous seafood at the seafood restaurant Knutsen. You can also explore the city’s historical buildings. Several of these places are free, and all of them offer something special.

8. Marstrand

Places to Visit in Marstrand Sweden

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Marstrand, you will need to know where to start. It is a seaside town that is a part of the Kungälv Municipality and Västra Götaland County. In 2010, the town had a population of 1,320. The town got its name because it is located on the island of Marstrand. It is often referred to as a city because of its history.

The wind in Marstrand is stronger than most places. The windiest months of the year are November, January, and December. The average wind speed in November is 17.1 knots, which is 19.7 MPH or 31.7 KPH. Maximum sustained winds reach 26.3 knots in early to mid January. The wind speed is typically above twenty miles per hour. In late December and early January, the wind speeds are the highest.

If you are looking for a nature reserve, this is probably the right place for you. The town has typical west Sweden landscape, so you can explore the nearby forests and lakes. You can also visit the city of Gothenburg and take in the sights. If you want to experience a more urban setting, you can head out of town to nearby cities such as Göteborg. If you prefer to stay in a more populated area, Marstrand is a great option for you.

9. Stockholm


One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Stockholm, which is located in the Baltic Sea. Featuring over 50 bridges and fourteen islands, the city is a wonderland of architecture and culture. Gamla Stan, the old town, contains the 13th century Storkyrkan Cathedral, Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, and many other attractions. To reach any of these places, ferries shuttle passengers between the islands.

The moderna museet is a must-see in the city. The museum contains more than 130,000 works of art, focusing on Swedish and Nordic art, French-inspired modernism, and American art from the 1950s and 60s. Tours of the permanent collection are free, although some temporary exhibitions require a small entrance fee. The renowned museum is one of the most visited museums in the city.

If you’re visiting Stockholm, it’s best to take a day to visit the museums and galleries. The city’s historic center is one of the best preserved on the continent, and there are plenty of museums and galleries to explore. Even if you’re on a budget, don’t miss out on the many contemporary and arty places to visit. You’ll be glad you did! You’ll have a wonderful time.

10. Sundsvall


If you’re visiting Sweden, there are plenty of places to see. This Swedish city is home to the Sundsvall Municipality, which is located in Västernorrland County. According to the United Nations, the population of Sundsvall is 58,807, but the city has a population of more than 95,000. This makes it the 21st largest city in the country.

When visiting Sundsvall, make sure to take your family. You can enjoy a day out hiking or cycling. If you want to get closer to nature, try canoeing or go for a picnic. You can enjoy the attractions in all four seasons. You can also spend the afternoon observing the wildlife at the wildlife sanctuary. The locals are very friendly and you can ask them for directions.

You can also spend the afternoon touring the city. There are many parks in the city that are perfect for children. There are also museums and galleries where you can learn more about the town’s history. There’s plenty of shopping and entertainment to keep your family entertained. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can even head out to the surrounding area to hike and enjoy the natural beauty. If you don’t feel like spending all day sightseeing, consider taking a day trip and enjoying the scenic scenery.

There are plenty of places to visit in the area. Aside from the historical and cultural sites, there are also several museums and historical displays in the city. You can take a short drive out of town to see smaller towns and communities. A great day out in Sundsvall will also allow you to visit some of the nearby towns and cities. For example, you can stop by the small villages and towns to buy souvenirs or explore the surrounding area.

11. Swedish Lapland

Places to Visit in Swedish Lapland Sweden

The northernmost region of Sweden is famous for its dancing northern lights and vast herds of reindeer. But what many people do not know is that Lapland is also spectacularly beautiful in summer. It is a place that you must experience to fully appreciate its natural beauty. In the fall, the nature is at its most colourful and you can even see the northern lights. But before you plan your trip, make sure you plan your activities.

Spend your time exploring the wilderness of Sweden’s lapland, which is home to frozen lakes and forests. You’ll also find snowmobile trails, and you can hike through them on the frozen lakes. You’ll feel as though you’re on another planet. To truly get into the nature of this remote region, try the saunas and steam rooms at the Essense of Lapland.

For those who love nature, there’s no better place than the forests surrounding the town of Arvidsjaur. You can see plenty of animals and birds on these pristine lands. And don’t miss the chance to watch the northern lights. In fact, many people consider this the last wilderness in Europe. If you’re looking for a natural wonder, this is the place to visit.

12. The Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago

There are plenty of places to visit in the Stockholm archipelago, including rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and wooded islands. You can even go kayaking here. Whether you love the outdoors or are a history buff, you will find plenty to do here. You can also take a ferry to one of the islands, such as Vaxholm, and stay the night.

There are several ferries that serve the archipelago islands. Most of them depart from either Stockholm or Gothenburg. If you want to see all of them in one day, you’ll have to take a tour. You can also take one of the many public boats to the islands. Most of these depart from the city centre. The main public transport boats run by the Waxholmsbolaget Company.

One of the best ways to get to Stockholm’s archipelago islands is by ferry. From the city center, take the 93-SEK Waxholmsbolaget ferry to the island. The journey takes about an hour or 90 minutes, depending on traffic. If you want to spend less, you can take the Cinderella boat from Strandvagen. The ride is about 50 minutes and costs 120 SEK.

13. Vadstena


The locality of Vadstena is located in Sweden. The town is the seat of the Vadstena Municipality and has a population of 5,613 people as of 2010. From 1974 to 1979, the area was part of the Motala Municipality. During that time, the town was called Norsktälje. Today, Vadstena has a population of over 10,000 people and is a popular tourist destination.

Located in the southern part of Sweden, Vadstena has many places worth seeing. There are numerous historic buildings and a small museum railway that can help you explore the town. The nearest train station is in Motala, about 50 km to the north. From there, you can take public transportation to Linkoping. Once you are there, you’ll want to spend some time sightseeing. In Vadstena, you can enjoy the local food and drink, enjoy shopping, and enjoy the quaint atmosphere.

There are plenty of places to visit in Vadstena, Sweden. You can tour a 16th-century castle, which includes an old school moat. You can also see the first female saint of Sweden. Other historical sites are a must-see in Vadstena, including the church of St. Christina. The town’s maze-like streets and rose-covered homes make it a romantic place to visit.

14. Visby

Places to Visit in Visby Sweden

The town of Visby, located on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, is a picturesque seaside destination. The town is famous for its medieval fortification, including defensive towers and a well-preserved town wall. It is also home to several churches, including the centuries-old Visby cathedral, as well as other medieval ruins. The cobblestone streets, dubbed Stora Torget, are lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The city’s ancient medieval walls have made Visby one of the most popular travel destinations in Sweden. The medieval walls of Visby date back to the 12th century, and the city is packed with museums and historical ruins. Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, you’ll find plenty of places to visit in Visby. The city is small enough that two days were the perfect amount of time to explore all the attractions.

For a history lesson, take a tour of the city’s medieval walls. The old town walls are encircled by a 13th-century town wall, with 34 towers. The old town wall is in great condition and can be climbed to get great views of the Baltic. If you have time, you can spend the afternoon exploring the town’s many museums and galleries. It is also a great place to imagine being an archeologist.

15. Ystad

Places to Visit in Ystad Sweden

The town of Ystad in the southern part of Sweden has medieval cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses. You can tour the centuries-old Franciscan monastery Klostret i Ystad, which has a museum and silver collection. St. Mary’s Church has a famous night watchman’s horn signal. The city is also the setting of crime novels by Henning Mankell, such as the popular Kurt Wallander.

Ystad is home to many beautiful old buildings, including the Gothic style monasteries and the Ystad Studios, Scandinavia’s largest film production facility. If you’d like to learn about the local history, you can take a guided tour through Wallander’s Castle. You can also check out the 12th century Grey Friars monastery and its adjacent Saint Petri church and museum. You can also enjoy a wide variety of cuisines and drinks in the town.

Ystad is a perfect destination for visitors looking for an intimate, small-town setting. It is home to over 300 half-timbered houses and is close to beaches, nature, and a quiet environment. You won’t find a better place to spend your vacation. Make sure to visit Ystad and explore its many places and attractions. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

If you’re a history buff, the city of Stockholm is a must-see. The Stockholm castle is a must-see for history buffs, while the Fjaderholmarna Islands are a must-see for nature lovers. While there, it’s worth spending the entire day in the city. If you’re looking for a more exciting experience, go ahead and visit the Nordic capital, the cities of Gothenburg, and the Baltic Sea.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Sweden. A visit to the capital city, Stockholm, is a great way to see some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. The city is home to the world’s most famous statues and museums. In addition to its historic monuments, you can also find plenty of popular places to visit in Sweden. This country is an enchanting destination. There’s no better time to plan a vacation than right now.

There are many scenic places in Sweden that you can visit. The country has a beautiful coastline and a number of beautiful lakes. The most popular attraction is the Lund Cathedral, which has a unique amphitheater in the middle of a limestone quarry. You can also explore the botanical garden at Lund. It’s an architectural landmark and the third largest city in Sweden. The city is full of cultural attractions, but it’s worth spending some time here.

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