20 Best Places to visit in Tuvalu Island.

Places to visit in Tuvalu

The South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is an independent island nation. Its 9 island nation is comprised of palm-lined beaches, thinly populated atolls, and reef islands. You might be thinking

Where is Tuvalu Island located?

The nation of Tuvalu is a sovereign state of the Pacific Ocean, in the Oceania region, which spans the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. This equatorial region is a diverse and fascinating place to explore.

Where is Tuvalu Island located?

Visiting Tuvalu is easy. Its untouched beauty and tranquility have made it a prime destination for honeymooners and tourists. In fact, the nation has become a popular tourist destination thanks to the influx of tourists every year.

You can enjoy a relaxing holiday on the tropical island of Tuvalu, where you can indulge in many activities, like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling etc.

Despite the constitution that protects freedom of religion, Tuvalu’s government seems to favor Christian practices, as it is the only official religion. The Church of the Tuvalu government is comprised of traditional chiefs from the country’s nine groups.

Due to the nation’s remoteness in the pacific ocean there are no commercial newspapers in Tuvalu, and the only daily newspaper is the Bi-weekly Tuvalu Echoes.

You can reach Tuvalu by ships but that will take days to land there. Now the question is

Can you reach Tuvalu by flights?

Yes! It is possible to fly to Tuvalu, for a night or two. The only international airlines that fly to Tuvalu are Fiji Airways and Air Pacific, which operate two flights a week between the islands. The flight takes about two hours, and leaves Suva at around 7am. The trip takes about seven hours, and the plane has a loud siren and a few other safety precautions.

how to go Tuvalu by Flight

If you’re traveling on a budget, be prepared for the lack of ATMs, credit cards, and shopping malls. You can exchange your currency at the airport’s only bank branch. If you’re visiting during the peak tourist season, expect to pay higher airfares. Also, keep in mind that there are no ATMs or credit cards in the country. The only place to exchange your money is at the airport.

There is very less public transport available in Tuvalu. Hence traveling by motorbike is the best way to explore the islands and their history. Motorbikes can be rented for around $10 a day, depending on the guesthouse or hotel. Sometime Locals may also offer to tour you on their motorbike.

Take your own motorbike for the day and explore the beautiful island surroundings. During the dry season, you can rent a motorbike, which is the most common mode of transportation on the island.

Now let me list down the popular tourist places to explore while in Tuvalu. Here are the

20 Best Tourist Attractions in Tuvalu Island.

  1. Amatuku
  2. Fale Fatu
  3. Fongafale
  4. Funafala
  5. Funafuti
  6. Funafuti Marine Conservation Area
  7. Funafuti Women’s Craft Center
  8. Government Buildings
  9. Lakena
  10. Nanumanga
  11. Nanumea
  12. Nature & Wildlife Areas
  13. Niulakita
  14. Niutao
  15. Nui
  16. Savave
  17. Tepuka
  18. Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau
  19. Vaiaku
  20. Vaitupu

1. Amatuku

Amatuku - tuvalu tourist attractions

Amatuku is a tiny (0.01 km2) inhabited island about eight miles northwest of Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. About 100 people live there, and the main town is a school. Many of these individuals go on to work abroad as cooks, marine engineers, or seamen.

You can see the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute’s impressive ship-like facilities. You can also visit the oldest building in Amatuku, a white-washed coral hut that was built by the London Missionary Society in 1904.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Amatuku Tuvalu is the Funafuti Marine Conservation Area. This is a must-see if you want to see some incredible marine life and plenty of bird species.

The Prime Minister of Amatuku is the prime minister of Tuvalu and his residence is open to all tourists. There are some fantastic places to eat and drink in Amatuku, so be sure to make time to visit one of these unique islands.

You can visit this place at low tide and watch the sun set over the ocean. It is a breathtaking sight, and you can spend an entire day here! If you’re interested in diving in the turquoise waters of Tuvalu, it’s a must-see.

2. Fale Fatu

Places to visit in Fale Fatu Tuvalu

If you’re planning a trip to Tuvalu, you’ll want to check out the island of Fale Fatu. This secluded islet is one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific. If you love the sight of coral reefs, this is the place to visit. Here, snorkelers can see colorful fish and colorful coral.

If you love nature and wildlife, you can’t miss the island’s lush landscape. The blue, green water surrounds six small islets, including Funafuti. The islets are ideal for snorkeling and are home to numerous colorful marine creatures

. While you’re there, you’ll also get to watch traditional dances performed by locals. If you have a chance, try to swim on the pristine white sand beach.

A sunset at this location is something that you will never forget, and the turquoise waters surrounding the islet are the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. In addition to seeing the incredible sunset, you can spend the day relaxing at Fale Fatu.

3. Fongafale

Places to visit in Fongafale Tuvalu

The small island nation of Fongafale is an easy destination to start your vacation in the South Pacific. The town itself is not crowded, but there are many interesting places to see. The town has a town hall where visitors can book boat tours and book reservations.

It also houses the Parliament and House of Governor General of Tuvalu. While visiting the island, make sure to bring the necessary items for your trip, like sunscreen, cameras, and other necessities.

The town of Fongafale is home to the only bank in the archipelago and contains administrative buildings. In the 2002 census, there were 516 residents living on the island.

The beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the view. The nearby Te Namo Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Tuvalu and is the home of half the island’s population.

The Fongafale lagoon was created by the Americans during World War II. In addition to the lagoon, the island is home to the Fongafale airport. Once there, take a sunset cruise or a fishing trip.

4. Funafala

Places to visit in Funafala Tuvalu

One of the most beautiful and mysterious islets in the world is Funafala in Tuvalu. This islet is home to five families and a small church. The name Funafala means “pandanus of the Funa.” This is also the name of the local group, as the people call themselves Funafuti. It is also the site of the Tuvalu government’s annual General Assembly.

You will have a great time exploring the island. This is a place to experience an other-worldly sunset and enjoy some of the Tuvalu’s culture and heritage.

Another popular attraction in Funafala is the marine conservation park, which has six islets connected by a strait of water. It is a must-see when traveling to Tuvalu. If you love the ocean, you’ll find a variety of colorful fish and other marine life in the water.

You can snorkel on these beautiful islands and watch a dolphin feed. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear blue sea.

Another interesting tourist attraction in Funafala is the Teone Church. It’s the seat of government in the country. Despite its tiny size, the church is a very important religious center.

You’ll be able to learn interesting facts about Funafala while taking photos for Instagram. There’s a tidal island with a beautiful beach and several islands to explore.

5. Funafuti

tuvalu capital city funafuti

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, consider going to Tuvalu. Its tiny population of around 6,320 makes it a popular travel destination. The country is comprised of three atolls that make up the main island of Tuvalu: Aitutaki, Tuvalu, and Funafuti.

The Funafuti atoll is the largest and most populated of the atolls, comprising sixty-one percent of the entire population. The islands of Tuvalu are surrounded by a large lagoon.

The main island, Funafuti, has several attractions that attract travelers to the Tuvaluan islands. Located near the capital, Funafuti has many beautiful islands and islets. The largest of these is Funafuti is 14km (9 miles) long and wide.

At its center is a marine conservation park. Known for its coral reef, the area is home to many species of sea birds, tropical fish, and turtles. A private boat is needed to reach this site, so you can rent one.

If you like the beach, Funafuti is the perfect destination for you. The lagoon is an 18-mile-long, nine-mile-wide lagoon. You can explore the island’s waters and see sea turtles and other native wildlife.

You can even rent a hammock to relax on. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Funafuti is the place for you.

6. Funafuti Marine Conservation Area

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area

The largest islet of Tuvalu is Funafuti, and it is also one of the best places to visit in Tuvalu. The island is a small cluster of islands that are connected by a tiny bridge.

The lagoon in Funafuti is the most popular place to see the sunset, and it has a pretty good view. You can spend the day at the lagoon, or head to the nearby islands for more sightseeing.

The main island of Funafuti does not have many good swimming spots. The lagoon is polluted, while the ocean side has sharp coral and strong currents. For a more relaxing day, visit the nearby Funafuti Conservation Area, where the water is clean and clear.

Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and diving in the surrounding waters of Funafuti. The island boasts a variety of marine life, as well as several bird species, including the black noddy.

These are some of the most beautiful sights in the country, and it is easy to see why they’re so popular with tourists. The lagoon is an ideal place to go if you want to see the most exotic animals.

If you love nature and animals, you’ll love the islands of Tuvalu. There are numerous species of tropical fish, seabirds, and turtles, so you can’t go wrong with a visit to Funafuti.

Take a chartered or private boat out to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. You can snorkel and swim in the crystal clear water while admiring the colorful coral reefs.

7. Funafuti Women’s Craft Center

Places to visit in Funafuti Womens Craft Center Tuvalu

When you’re planning a trip to Tuvalu, you may wonder what’s so interesting about this tiny nation. Despite its small population and lack of shops, the country is warm and welcoming to visitors.

The Womens Craft Centre, located in Funafuti, is an excellent place to see the traditional crafts of the islanders. You can shop for jewelry and other women’s accessories at the Womens Handicraft Center.

The crafts are made from different materials that are indigenous to the island and can be purchased at the shop.

The Funafuti Womens Craft Centre is one of the best places to find souvenirs for your trip to Tuvalu. These items are made locally and are incredibly beautiful. You can buy weaved cloth, shell jewelry, and wooden boxes called tulumas at the women’s handicraft market. You can also visit the Funafuti airport for a taste of the local handicrafts.

The food you will get there is simple, but delicious, including papaya and fresh fish. Red Horse beer, from the Philippines, is widely available and is the preferred drink on the islands. The Tuvaluan people eat on the floor and eat with their hands.

8. Government Buildings

Government Buildings of Tuvalu Island

There are several top tourist attractions in Tuvalu. The capital, Funafuti, is the most popular tourist attraction. The city has a charming atmosphere, and the buildings are a must see.

There is also a museum dedicated to the culture of Tuvalu, which you can tour for free. The buildings are a mixture of modern and traditional styles, and the interiors are decorated with beautiful flower arrangements.

The Tuvaluan Government House is one of the most interesting places to visit. The country is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the Commonwealth. The Queen of Tuvalu resides in the United Kingdom and appoints a Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The country has a unicameral parliament with 16 members, and elections are held every four years. The Governor General appoints the Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament.

In addition, all ministers are appointed by the Prime Ministry on the advice of the Governor General. In Tuvalu, there are no formal political parties, and election campaigns are based on personal connections.

The de facto capital of Tuvalu is Vaiaku, which is home to most government offices. It is located on the Fongafale islet, which is part of the Funafuti Atoll. In 1978, Tuvalu gained independence from the British Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. In addition to visiting these buildings, you can also visit the nearby beaches.

9. Lakena

Lakena - tuvalu tourist attractions

The island nation of Tuvalu is one of the most remote and unspoiled places in the Pacific. There are only a few places in Tuvalu that have developed infrastructure to cater to visitors. The land area of the country comprises 33 islets that aggregate to less than one square kilometer.

Located in the Nanumea atoll, Lakena is a picturesque island with many activities for visitors. The nearest lagoon is home to a large colony of seabirds, flamingos, and other species. The lagoon is an incredible sight, with thousands of hens and angelfish gliding through an old engine block.

The abundance of garbage in the lagoon is remarkable and the diversity is striking. Bicycle wheels, clothing, and even an old suitcase litter the bottom of the water. While Tuvaluans keep their backyards clean and tidy, they seem completely unconcerned about the amount of trash on the beach and roadside.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable place to stay, there are plenty of places to stay in Lakena Tuvalu.

10. Nanumanga

Nanumanga one of the best places to visit in tuvalu

The reef island of Nanumanga is a beautiful spot for a holiday or vacation. This is a district of Tuvalu has a population of 491, making it the most populous in the country.

This district is a great place to spend a day or stay the night, and the surface area is only 3 square kilometers. To experience the best of the island, you’ll want to take a boat tour or take a walk around the city.

The region is rich in marine life, and the fire caves, discovered in 1986, are a popular tourist attraction. Underwater caves are known as ‘fire caves’, because the ancient inhabitants lit fire on rocks and coral. This underwater treasure is accessible to scuba divers, who can take them on a tour.

In addition to the underwater caves, you can also visit the archaeological site of the Fire Caves. There are also a number of other interesting sightseeing’s to see, including the island’s Fongafale village, the Niutao village, and the Tepuka Island.

11. Nanumea

Nanumea tourist attractions in tuvalu

If you are interested in visiting beautiful islands in the South Pacific, then Nanumea Tuvalu is the destination for you. It is an idyllic destination, complete with panoramic charm and friendly residents.

They can tell you myths about the island’s history and guide you on a tour. Despite being a former war zone, Nanumea is still one of the most beautiful and interesting places to go in Tuvalu.

The northernmost island of Tuvalu, Nanumea is home to the largest and oldest military base in the South Pacific. During World War II, American troops landed on the island to attack enemy bases in Kiribati.

The site contains a World War II airstrip and military relics, including wrecks and remains of aircraft. The island also features pristine beaches and a freshwater pond. In addition to the main island, the tiny islets of Tuvalu are also part of a marine park.

The famous island in Tuvalu, Nanumea was a crucial point in the Pacific War. The island was used as a Japanese base and a bomber base. During the war, many of the island’s people were relocated to other islands. But the local culture survived and is still very much alive.

Despite the modern development of the island, its population still maintains its traditional lifestyle, with local community associations organizing cultural events.

12. Nature & Wildlife Areas

Places to visit in Nature  Wildlife Areas Tuvalu

Funafuti is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tuvalu. It has a lagoon that is home to seabirds, turtles, and tropical fish. Visiting the lagoon in the afternoon is an unforgettable experience.

If you’re lucky, you can spot a spectacular sunset from a private boat. You can even swim in the pristine waters. But be careful not to get too close to the wildlife. There are no dogs allowed, and the water is extremely salty and dangerous for the animals.

There are 9 islands in Tuvalu, each with their own charms. Each island is 30 minutes away by boat from the capital. The uninhabited lands have palm trees and beautiful, lush vegetation. Many of them are inhabited, and have coral reefs.

It is possible to spot manta rays and endangered sea turtles, which hide in the sand. Diving and snorkelling are popular activities on these islands, so be sure to bring your camera.

The Funafuti Marine Conservation Area is another great place to snorkel. The marine ecosystem is rich with coral, and the islands are home to numerous species of birds and other creatures. You can also go on a kayak tour through the area. Despite being so remote, it’s worth the trip, as you’ll be able to see a breathtaking view of the beautiful ocean.

13. Niulakita

Niulakita tuvalu tourist attractions

The village of Niulakita is located on a reef island, about 3km from the main island. It has four ponds, a community hall, and a school. The island is oval-shaped, with an axis that runs east-west and about one kilometer long.

The island of Niulakita is home to a few tourist attractions of Tuvalu, including the Lotoalofa Primary School and four ponds. This island also has a community hall, four ponds, and a school.

The highest point in Tuvalu is located on this island. The island is surrounded by fringing reef, making transport and fishing difficult.

There are four beaches, and the entire island is about one km long. Visitors can walk around the town, and see some of the village’s buildings, including a historic airstrip.

Niulakita is the southernmost island in Tuvalu. It is also the name of the only village on the island. It has a population of 34 and was previously called Niutao. The majority of the residents of Niulakita come from nearby Niutao. They are represented in the Tuvalu Parliament.

You can also explore the local culture by visiting the four ponds. Visiting Niulakita will make you feel like you are in another world.

14. Niutao

Niutao tuvalu tourist attractions

The reef island of Niutao is one of the nine districts in Tuvalu, and it is the most populous. There are three islands in Niutao and two lakes, both of which are brackish to saline. The capital of Niutao is Funafuti, where most flights arrive. The town is also the main ferry port, making it easier to find a hotel.

The nearest lagoon is the largest of the two, with fresh water sitting in a lens over the salt water. The lagoon is a 17-kilometer-long body of water that is ideal for scuba diving. Boat trips are 70 AUD each and depart from Funafuti. You can take a taxi to the islands to explore the scenery.

Niutao is situated on coral, so it is not very attractive, but the atmosphere is welcoming and the people are friendly. You can shop at local markets or buy souvenirs at a local house stores.

15. Nui

Nui tuvalu tourist attractions

The most picturesque island in Tuvalu is Nui, home to the eternal settlement. Its poor soil means that most of the land is unproductive and uninhabitable. As per 2017 Census the population of Nui is only 610.

Despite its lack of population, the island is a beautiful place to walk around. It has a large amount of trees and produces a variety of native products, including babai, tauroro, and bero.

It is believed that way long back the ancestors of Nui has relocated from the Gilbert Islands. and both Samoa.

That is why the people of Nui speaks the Gilbertese language, the language is also spoken by the people of Kiribati.

While visiting Nui Tuvalu, do not forget to take the time to dive in the 18-kilometer-long lagoon. This is a great way to get in touch with the locals and see the stunning beauty of the area. The trip will cost you about 70 Australian dollars and will also provide you with some amazing underwater views.

16. Savave

Savave tuvalu tourist attractions

One of the most popular destinations in Tuvalu is Savave . It has a population of only a few hundred people but covers approximately 22 square kilometers. During the second world war, the island became famous for its position.

Federal forces used it as a base for bombing raids in the Pacific. It has several myths associated with the war and is a must-see destination for travelers to Savave.

The Savave philatelic bureau is an excellent place to spend a day strolling and browsing the collection. There are a variety of stamps available for purchase, including American civil war and royal wedding stamps.

There are also a number of religious sites in Savave. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Tuvalu, you should pay a visit to the philatelic museum.

The small population of the island means that it is relatively remote and few tourists visit it. Because of its isolation, there is little infrastructure, so getting around is a breeze. There are a few tourist shops and a few home restaurants available there.

17. Tepuka

Places to visit in Tepuka Tuvalu

You must plan a trip to the Tuvalu islands when you have limited time and budget. Luckily, there are many places to visit in Tepuka. This island is situated about 18 km west of Fongafale and northwest of Funafuti, the main atoll. The name of the island is derived from a native tree that is named Tepuka.

A tour of the Tepuka local market is a must when visiting the islands. A local market showcases local artefacts and cultural heritage. You’ll find items made of shells and quills, handmade necklaces, and other handcrafted souvenirs.

Women usually operate the market, so you can meet them and learn about their customs. You can also try stitching traditional clothing. There are plenty of things to see and do in the small town of Tepuka.

18. Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau

Places to visit in Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau Tuvalu

When you plan to travel to Tuvalu, you may want to start by visiting the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau, which provides stamps to collectors around the world.

The Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau is a government body in Tuvalu that issues new stamps . The sale of stamps started in Tuvalu since the independence in 1976. The stamp selling to the stamp collectors of the world has became an important source of revenue for Tuvaluan government.

The town hall of Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau is a great place to watch traditional feasts and cultural performances, and you can also view a rare collection of stamps.

You can also purchase rare Tuvaluan souvenirs at the center. A visit to the philatelic bureau will help you learn more about the history of the country and its culture.

19. Vaiaku

Places to visit in Vaiaku Tuvalu

Traveling to Tuvalu is always an adventure, but few places are as exciting as visiting Vaiaku. Located on the south coast of the Fongafale atoll, this village has something for every traveler.

Its beautiful landscape and friendly people make it a popular destination for tourists. If you’re planning a vacation in this remote part of the world, there are a few places to visit in Vaiaku.

The first thing to do in Vaiaku is to visit the Tuvalu Sports Ground, which is located in not very far. It has a capacity of 1,500 people and is built on top of coral. The grass that grows there is actually brought in from Fiji and is not naturally found on the island.

You can also see the country’s affluent culture in Vaiaku. You can see how native women stitch clothes for tourists and check out the town’s history.

The next place to visit in Vaiaku is a group of six small islands. There, you can snorkel in the clear turquoise waters and interact with the marine life beneath. There, you can see tropical fish, manta rays, and an array of corals

You must visit Vaiaku Stadium, a multi-use sports stadium in Funafuti. The ground can accommodate around 1500 spectators, and it’s mostly used for football and rugby matches.

The field is a popular tourist spot in Tuvalu. Here, you can watch a live match or watch a match on TV. Here, you can cheer on your favorite team or cheer on your local team.

The weather in Vaiaku Stadium is generally warm and rainy, with sunny days and chilly nights. It’s a good idea to bring a waterproof bag, as the temperature inside the stadium can become quite cold. If you’re not going to stay overnight, try to plan your trip accordingly.

20. Vaitupu

Places to visit in Vaitupu Tuvalu

The largest island in Tuvalu is Vaitupu Island, which is made up of several small islands and a central island. The main island is 5.6 kms in length, and is surrounded by numerous smaller islands.

There are a number of waterfalls and coral reefs on the central island, and a vast area of coral pavement. You can also explore the lagoons on the northern, eastern, and southern sides of the island. As the only secondary school in Tuvalu, Vaitupu is home to a large, active population of people.

The population of this tiny island is mainly agricultural and produces coconuts. In addition, you can explore the local history of the nation at the University of the South Pacific Centre. And, for those who love playing sports, you can check out the te ano ball game, which is a popular pastime among the islanders.

The islands of Tuvalu has many natural attractions and is the biggest tourist attraction. You must visit this island country to enjoy the sun and the beauty of nature. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to experience a sunset that rivals any in the world.

For some visual experience you may watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tuvalu

There are many question arises about this small Oceanian country. Here I have answered few of those.

How to fly to Tuvalu ?

In order to reach to Tuvalu you need to book flight tickets for Tuvalu Funafuti International Airport. Here on the below you can get flight availability status with cheapest fare.

Where to stay in Tuvalu ?

As Tuvalu is small country with very less population, hence it will be best to stay in most populous place named Funafuti. Staying there will make it easy for you to know their culture and make friends.

You can get cheapest hotel deals by clicking Here.

Which environmental problem is affecting Tuvalu ?

Tuvalu is facing major environmental problems like Coastal erosion, saltwater intrusion and increasing vector and water borne diseases due to sea level rise.

Global warming is the main reason behind sea water level to rise. Worldwide the big glaciers and ice sheets are melting as effect of Global warming on the the other hand the the ice melted water is expanding the water in Ocean

Additionally the pollution increase in marine ecosystem is contributing to coral bleaching and decreasing marine productivity.

When will Tuvalu sink ?

If the sea water level rises around 40 centimeters which is 16 inch maximum, then it will be a big threat to the small nation. Another 1.5 feet sea level rise will submerge the nation entirely and could make Tuvalu completely uninhabitable.

The water level rise statistics suggests that in next 100 years Tuvalu will be almost vanished under the water. Hope God makes some miracle.

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