22 Best Places to visit in Vanuatu Islands.

Places to visit in Vanuatu

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Very few people are actually aware of where is Vanuatu actually located. The South Pacific nation of Vanuatu consists of 80 islands spanning nearly 1,300 kilometers. These islands are ideal for adventurers, with many opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, and viewing WWII troopships and underwater caverns.

The island nation is renowned for its grounded, unpretentious lifestyle. Most of the country’s tourist facilities have been repaired, and the people are warm and welcoming. Visitors can expect temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius during this time.

While a holiday in Vanuatu isn’t an adventure, there are plenty of ways to explore the beautiful and diverse island. This small country offers the best of the Pacific with its friendly, hospitable residents.

While it’s not a country that attracts tourists, Vanuatu is a safe place to visit. Though there is no need to worry about your safety as long as you read the government’s travel information and follow the rules.

The climate in Vanuatu is tropical, but you can still experience rainy or hot weather in the country. However, the climate here is still prone to cyclones.

You can enjoy the wide expanses of rainforest, coffee plantations, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, and native chiefs. There is still a tradition of cargo cults, but these are not as common as they once were.

There are many popular tourist places you can explore in Vanuatu Islands but I am including most popular ones in the below list.

22 Best Places to visit in Vanuatu Islands

  1. Port Vila Market
  2. Luganville
  3. Mele Maat
  4. Port Olry
  5. Mele Cascades
  6. Blue Lagoon
  7. Hideaway Island Marine Reserve
  8. Millennium Cave
  9. The Reef Zoological
  10. Mount Yasur
  11. Rarru Cascades
  12. Mystery Island
  13. Ekasup Village
  14. Champagne Beach
  15. SS President Coolidge
  16. Eden on the River
  17. Nanda Blue Hole
  18. Eton Beach
  19. Underwater Post Office
  20. Iririki Island
  21. Wet N Wild Adventure Park
  22. Blue Cave

1. Port Vila Market

Port Vila Market

A trip to the Port Vila market is a colorful experience, bursting with vibrant fruits and vegetables. The freshest produce is sold here, and you can try some of the local specialties like sweet raspberries and crunchy peanuts.

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or artwork, you can find it at the Port Vila market. The stalls in the waterfront are packed with more than 100 stalls. You can also buy T-shirts of local craftsmen.

Some of the best-looking items at the market are the wooden sculptures, which are reproductions of traditional designs. The most popular souvenirs are the carved masks and giant coconut crabs, which are among the world’s biggest land crabs. They are often hung up with coconut fibers.

There are several places to visit in the Port Vila Market, one of which is Mama’s market. The local women run this market and you can buy everything you can think of here. This market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides fresh fish, you can also buy fruits and vegetables at the market. The stalls are organized by the women themselves.

2. Luganville


One of the best places to visit in Vanuatu is Luganville. This city is the second largest in the country, after Port Vila. It is situated on the island of Espiritu Santo and has a population of 18,062 as of the 2020 census.

The main street is the hub of activity in Luganville. You can find most of the commercial businesses here, as well as restaurants, cafes, kava bars, and a municipal council building. In addition to the commercial district, there are also a number of tourist boutiques and all-in-one stores, which are a cross between a hardware store and a supermarket.

The city has plenty to offer tourists, including a plethora of activities and places to visit. The main street is unusually wide because the American base commander insisted on the road being wide enough to accommodate four army tanks.

The residential zone is divided in two by the main street, and the port sits at one end. At the other end, you will find a municipal council building, market, and tourist boutiques. The town has a number of all-in-one stores that act as a hardware store and supermarket.

There are many places to visit in Luganville, and you can enjoy your time exploring the city by taking a short tour of the area. A 45-minute drive from Luganville is a good way to see the Millennium Cave. The cave is a great place to visit and well worth the effort to visit.

If you’re taking a cruise, be sure to take the time to check out the local markets in Luganville. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase fresh fish from the local market. And if you want to experience life in Luganville, you’ll enjoy a tour that takes you to some of the most famous landmarks in the city.

3. Mele Maat

Mele Maat

While you are in Vanuatu for your holiday, it is essential to choose your transport carefully. There are several ways to reach Mele Maat. A bus or a shuttle is the most affordable option.

A van will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. The entire journey takes approximately two and a half hours and costs about 2,500 Vatu or $25. You can also travel alone, take a taxi, or drive.

The climate in Mele Maat is tropical and warm throughout the year. In June, the temperature can go as high as 30degC. The lows in Mele Maat are around 25 degrees C. If you plan your trip carefully, you’ll have no trouble getting there.

You can enjoy the island’s many water activities in this idyllic setting. The climate is temperate and you will have plenty of time to explore.

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, is a must-visit destination. The French influence in Port Vila is clear and the streets are lined with souvenir shops. You should also make time to visit the Mele Cascades, hidden waterfalls in the rainforest of Mele village.

A visit to Mama’s Market is also a must. While visiting Mele Maat, be sure to include a day at Pele Island, which is home to beautiful beaches and turquoise waters.

4. Port Olry

Port Olry

If you are traveling to the South Pacific, you may be wondering where to start your exploration. While the island of Vanuatu is small, the Port Olry Village is worth exploring.

The village is known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It is also home to several outrigger canoe and kayak excursions, and boasts excellent snorkeling and reef diving.

Visiting the church in Port Olry is an ideal way to experience Vanuatu life. The church is the most important building in this tiny island community. The church has an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean, and you can see a live church service.

Visitors are encouraged to wear Missionary Dresses or the most beautiful floral shirts. The singing in this church is beautiful, and the Ni-Vans sing in perfect harmony.

If you are traveling to Port Olry for the first time, the church is an excellent place to meet the locals and learn about the church’s history. The local missionary priest, an Italian, has been helping the villagers since 1973.

You can also take a day trip to explore small towns near Port Olry and explore the different routes from the village.

5. Mele Cascades

Places to visit in Mele Cascades Vanuatu

The waterfalls of Mele Cascades are one of the main attractions of Vanuatu. The waterfalls are an excellent place for a family trip, and the waterfall is located only 10 kilometers from Port Vila, and easily accessible from the capital of the country.

The cascades themselves are beautiful, but the view is breathtaking. Despite the small waterfalls, the area is full of life, and there’s always something to do in Mele. The waterfalls are open year-round, which makes them the perfect place to spend a day with your family.

To reach the waterfalls, visitors must first book a tour from the resort, Evergreen Tours, on the island of Efate. These tours are led by local guides, who are knowledgeable about the region and can offer the best itinerary to fit your schedule.

A walk along the waterfall trail is a popular option. There are a number of waterfalls and natural pools in the area, and visitors can enjoy these as well as the surrounding natural beauty.

Though the falls are perfect for day trip, however, they can get crowded, especially when cruise ships stop by. So, if you want to avoid the crowds, plan your visit during the cooler months and avoid visiting during peak tourist season.

6. Blue Lagoon

Places to visit in Blue Lagoon Vanuatu

The most popular place to visit in Vanuatu is Blue Lagoon. You can rent a car and drive to the lagoon yourself for about $60 (80 AUD). You can also join a group tour or arrange to hire a driver for the day. While you may find it more convenient to rent a minivan than a car, hiring a driver will allow you to see more and save a lot of money.

A day at Blue Lagoon is a must-do on your visit to Vanuatu. This picturesque island is the perfect place for a family vacation. Kids can swim with sea turtles and adults can snorkel.

The mangroves are lined with rope swings for an even better experience. The mangroves also feature small wooden patios where you can jump in and get a better look at the colorful fish.

The lagoon is divided into two parts, each owned by different families. Visitors should always remember to bring plenty of water and a towel to protect themselves from the sun.

You’ll also want to pack plenty of water and food. It’s best to bring snacks and a camera for pictures. Taking care of yourself is essential when visiting this tropical destination. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and insect repellent before heading out.

7. Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

The Hideaway Island is a small coral atoll located in the middle of Mele Bay. This beautiful, unspoiled island has a rich history of Polynesian seafarers.

The Hideaway Island Resort is just ten minutes by ferry from the mainland. This beautiful, hidden island is surrounded by stunning coral reefs and thousands of colorful fish. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the magnificent flora and fauna in this region.

The Hideaway Island Marine Reserve is a 2.5-hectare marine sanctuary that is dedicated to snorkeling and diving. The island is home to thousands of tropical fish and the only underwater post office in the world.

There are several activities available to visitors. Some of these activities are sustainable, while others are not. You can buy souvenirs, waterproof postcards, and even try your hand at kayaking or snorkeling.

Despite being a busy island, the area offers a relaxing environment and is the ideal spot to spend a day.

8. Millennium Cave

Millennium Cave

Luganville cave is a must-visit attraction for nature lovers. This cave is 15 km from Luganville town and can be reached by foot from Funaspef. After arriving, you can then walk for about 15 minutes to reach the village.

You’ll most likely be accompanied by a tour guide who will explain the entire tour route. The way to the Luganville cave has many deep rainforests. There’s also chance to rock climb and swim.

If you’re adventurous, you can go swimming in the large lake. The area is also suitable for diving. Once you are inside the cave, you’ll be given a torch, a life jacket, and flotation aid to help you navigate the river.

During the tour, visitors can observe curious plants and animals that live there. The climb, however, requires some physical fitness. Once inside the gorge, the adventure is well worth the effort.

9. The Reef Zoological

Places to visit in The Reef Vanuatu Zoological Vanuatu

The Reef Vanuatu Zoological Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination in Vanuatu that features endangered species of animals and turtles. The aquarium features a variety of sea life and a flying fox enclosure. The site is also home to various rare and endangered animals.

If you love watching sea creatures, this place is for you. There are many endangered species of reptiles in the region, including the Fijian banded iguana, which is on the verge of extinction. The iguanas are protected and kept in captivity at The Reef to help conserve the endangered species.

There are also several rare and endemic mammals and birds that are bred in captivity at the zoo. The keeper of the sanctuary educates people about the importance of these animals.

There’s a walk on the reef that allows visitors to see the native fish, corals, and eels. The staff at the site is very friendly and knows the local fauna and flora.

10. Mount Yasur

Places to visit in Mount Yasur Vanuatu

One of the most scenic and intriguing volcanoes in the world is Mount Yasur. Located on the northeast side of the Tanna Island, Mountyasur is a 361-meter-high pyroclastic cone. The summit crater is nearly circular with a diameter of 2.2 km. Its surrounding vegetation and lava flows are barren and unattractive.

The view of Mt. Yasur is awe-inspiring. While it isn’t a serious mountaineering experience, it’s still a great place to watch nature’s fury up close. The ash-covered crater is a perfect place to witness a volcanic eruption, and the volcanic scenery and lava are an added bonus.

During the movie “Chinese Zodiac,” Jackie Chan filmed scenes on the crater. It’s like a fountain of magma, shaking mountains and the earth around it. If you want to spend a night in the treetops, stay in the Tanna Treetop Lodge, which is suspended from a tree 10 meters above the ground.

There, you’ll enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Yasur. There, you’ll get to stay in a house built by locals on a tropical tree. The Tanna Treetop Lodge was constructed by a local in 3 months. The only people living in this lodge are the two owners and the vulture.

11. Rarru Cascades

Places to visit in Rarru Cascades Vanuatu

If you’re traveling to the South Pacific, you may want to stop by the Rarru Cascades. These beautiful waterfalls are located near the island capital of Port Vila. These waterfalls are not only beautiful but they are also incredibly fun to explore.

You can even take a dip in the pools. The cascading waterfalls and natural waterslides will make for a truly unforgettable experience. This hidden gem is nestled in the middle of canopies and is the perfect destination for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear water.

The waterfalls in this area are so clean and healthy, you’ll be amazed by how colorful the fish and coral are. In addition to swimming there are plenty of hiking trails in the area. There are two main hiking trails that lead to the waterfalls.

If you aren’t a hiker, you can opt to rent a kayak instead. Alternatively, if you prefer a scenic view, you can visit Rarru Cascades. This natural wonder is accessible to both scuba divers and snorkelers.

12. Mystery Island

Places to visit  in Mystery Island Vanuatu

Located in the southern end of Vanuatu, Mystery Island is the perfect destination for a day trip. The island is covered with white sand and is completely uninhabited. Perfect place for a romantic getaway or a beach vacation.

This pocket paradise is unspoiled by high-volume tourist destinations. The island has been used as a landing strip by allied forces during World War II. The US military built an airstrip on the island to service other islands, creating the perfect setting for this castaway-style resort.

There are no buildings on Mystery Island, the locals live on Tanna, an island adjacent to Mystery island. Locals spend their day at Mystery island providing services like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and selling handcrafts.

The white sand beaches are a popular draw for visitors. The uninhabited, idyllic island is the perfect spot for beach lovers, couples, and families.

13. Ekasup Village

Ekasup Village

Another important place to visit in Vanuatu is the Ekasup Cultural Village, located in the Erakor rainforest. A Melanesian cultural village just five kilometers outside Port Vila

There you can see how the Ekasup people live in a traditional way by walking through the village and getting a close look at their lifestyle. You may observer how local villagers weaving practical mats, hats, decorative baskets and their fishing traditions, as well as how to prepare food and medicine using local herbs.

The Melanesian village that has been voted as Vanuatu’s best tourist attraction for the past two years. The people living without electricity in 2021 increasing the curiosity among the travelers.

While you’re there, you can take a photo of the chief or a warrior with a war club, a spear, or a bow.

14. Champagne Beach

Champagne Beach

If you are looking for some of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific, Champagne Beach is the perfect place to go. This gorgeous beach is renowned for its powdery white sands and crystal clear waters.

It is a popular destination for tourists, cruise ships from Australia, and locals. If you are on a budget, Champagne Beach is accessible for free. Those who have the means to pay the small entrance fee can go right to the beach.

If you are on a tight budget, you can even get to the beach without paying a penny. However, if you want to contribute to the economy, it is best to pay for entrance. If you are planning on staying on the island for an extended period, you can stay at hotels and homestays.

After getting to the beach, you should explore the nearby islands. You can snorkel or dive in the crystal blue waters. Aside from the water, Champagne Beach also has some interesting sites.

There are several underwater springs that are believed to help you with your scuba diving. These springs are located under the shore of the island and are easily accessible. If you can afford it, you can walk from Lonnoc Beach to Champagne and vice versa.

15. SS President Coolidge

Places to visit in SS President Coolidge Vanuatu

One of the most popular dive sites in Vanuatu, the SS President Coolidge is definitely worth a visit. The former luxury liner was a US troopship during WWII. Today, it’s home to a diverse range of tropical fish and turtles.

Divers can swim through the sandbank and look for chandeliers. There’s also a statue of Lady that you can admire while underwater. The SS President is a great reminder of her glamorous past.

The SS President Coolidge is a wreck dive experience that you will never forget. This former passenger ship was nearly identical to the SS President Hoover, which ran aground in Taiwan in 1937. The SS President Coolidge carried up to 990 passengers and 324 crew.

It had two salted water swimming pools, a barber shop, and a beauty salon, and was equipped with a stock exchange. It traveled from Hawaii to the Far East and broke many speed records along the way.

Despite its infamous past, the SS President Coolidge shipwreck is easily accessible and is visible even from the beach. It is shallow enough that recreational divers can explore large sections of the wreck without the use of specialised equipment.

However, the enormous size of the wreck means that you must monitor your depth carefully. As a result, your horizontal frame of reference may be altered and you may not be aware of your gradual descent.

16. Eden on the River

Places to visit in Eden on the River Vanuatu

If you are planning a trip to Vanuatu, you must make sure to visit Eden on the River. It is a 17-km drive from the capital city Port Vila on the island of Efate. This place is a must-see for the whole family!

The paradise-like setting is full of exotic fruit trees and lush gardens. The 18-hole tropical mini-golf course and kids playground are two of its major attractions. Children will also enjoy the children’s playground and the small animal park. The gardens and fruit trees are full of colorful, fragrant and delicious fruits.

There are also numerous places to visit in Eden on the River, including an eco-tour and rainforest activities. Here, you can swim in a beautiful river and cross a series of suspension bridges. Another interesting activity is the gourmet tour, where you will learn about the local fruits and flowers and meet the animals.

There is also an all-day pass that will let you enjoy all three activities and some swimming as well. You can spend your entire day in the park, so you can enjoy the various highlights of this place.

17. Nanda Blue Hole

Places to visit in Nanda Blue Hole Vanuatu

One of the most beautiful swimming holes in the world can be found on the island of Vanuatu – the Nanda Blue Hole. This stunning natural swimming hole is surrounded by lush jungle and teems with tropical fish. The water is clear, refreshing and clean and there is also a platform and rope swing for the children to enjoy.

The distance between the blue hole and Luganville is 40km. The cost of the trip to the blue-hole is around 1,000 vt ($11AUD). The entrance fee is 1000 vt, which is payable in cash. Toilets and changing facilities are available, and a new cafe provides refreshments and information. Bring your snorkeling gear for an enjoyable dive.

The blue hole is actually not the blue hole itself, but rather a section of the river that leads to it. The natural swimming hole is surrounded by dense jungle and is teeming with colorful tropical fish.

18. Eton Beach

Eton Beach

If you’re in the mood for a quiet beach vacation, Eton Beach on the eastern coast of Efate Island is a great destination for you. This pristine, white sand beach offers crystal-clear waters and secluded beach areas. Whether you’re traveling with your family or looking for an exotic getaway, Eton is a great place to spend your vacation.

There’s also a thriving local tourism industry, and many places to visit in Eton Beach are worth a visit. This island’s Blue Lagoon is an internationally-renowned tourist destination.

Many tourists arrive on cruise ships and head straight to the beach. The beach itself is surrounded by lush vegetation, so it’s worth considering your itinerary accordingly. There’s also a natural rock break wall and hiking trails for the outdoors-minded.

19. Underwater Post Office

Places to visit in Underwater Post Office Vanuatu

The Underwater Post Office is an incredible attraction that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Post office sits in three meters of water, so visitors can visit it and post postcards. For a fun experience, you can get a special stamp for the underwater post office, which is stamped with the picture of the underwater post office.

The Underwater Post Office is situated 50 meters off Hideaway Island, near Port Vila. You can dive down 10 feet to see it, and then visit the post office, which uses waterproof letters and embossed stamps to mail them.

The Underwater Post Office is an amazing adventure, so make sure you take some time to explore the other side of this island paradise. While you’re here, you can also see an active volcano, beautiful coral reefs, and pristine beaches.

20. Iririki Island

Places to visit in Iririki Island Vanuatu

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Iririki Island Resort and Spa is an excellent choice. The Iririki Island Resort and Spa offers luxurious accommodations, organized dining, and water sports.

Iririki is an island in Mele Bay, near Port Vila, Vanuatu, that is privately leased by businessmen from Australia. There are many things to do on Iririki and the surrounding island. You can enjoy the beauty of the tropical surroundings and spend time with family and friends.

You can choose from a number of activities on the island. Some of these activities include snorkeling, diving, and hiking. For those who prefer relaxing in the sun, there are a number of hotels and resorts that offer these activities. You can also go whale watching and turtle conservation. If you’re on a budget, consider a stay at Iririki Island Resort & Spa.

21. Wet N Wild Adventure Park

Wet N Wild Adventure Park

Wet ‘N’ Wild Adventure Park is the premier tourist attraction in Vanuatu. This water theme park is a playground for the entire family. It offers a variety of activities such as go-cart racing, hang gliding, and “zorbing” – the latter being an activity where you are suspended in the air and inflated into a sphere.

While you’re at Wet ‘n’ Wild, don’t forget to check out Mele Island, a Polynesian island located 2 km south of the park. This islet is home to a beautiful waterfall, so be sure to make time to visit it while you’re visiting. During your visit to the park, don’t forget to take advantage of the Segway ride.

One of the most popular attractions at Wet ‘n’ Wild Adventure Park is the Hydro Zorb ride. It’s the longest Zorb ride in the world and is great fun for everyone! You can even experience this activity while sitting on a Segway! In addition, the park is a fun place for a family outing or a romantic getaway.

22. Blue Cave

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is a large cave with a hole in the roof. This provides a beautiful light to illuminate the blue waters, creating some amazing photo opportunities. Visitors don’t need to be experienced swimmers to enter the cave, but they should be wary of the soft ash ground.

The weather can change during the tour, so participants should dress accordingly. Wear sunscreen when walking along the beach and warm clothes when entering and exiting the cave. The tour is suitable for people with moderate physical fitness as the trip requires a sturdy backpack.

The cost of the tour includes transport, entrance fees, and boiled spring water. The entrance fee to the Blues Cave is 2000 vatu per person, and this money is distributed among the customary land owners.

There is also a restaurant on the island where participants can buy boiled spring water for the trip, but a flask is not allowed.

Those who love the outdoors will enjoy exploring the beautiful, tropical landscapes of Vanuatu. The island is home to many endemic animals, and its natural beauty is worth exploring.

You can even snorkel in the waters around these islands. Getting to know the locals isn’t difficult, but you need to know about their culture and customs.

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