Pyramids in Antarctica ? or Mysterious Massive Mountain ?

Do you know geologists have found a few supermassive pyramid-like mysterious structures in the South Pole of the world? These are called supermassive Antarctica Pyramids. Yes! You are hearing me right “Antarctica Pyramids.”

Some people believe ancient Humans built these Pyramids of Antarctica; many believe that extraterrestrials visited the Earth in the ancient past and built these, but the evidence supporting that theory is largely lacking.

It’s hard to know whether the ancient people built these structures or any extraterrestrial assistance. In this article we will try to reveal who might have built the Pyramids in Antarctica; Humans or Aliens.


Many pyramids are already discovered in many parts of the world, and Egypt is more famous for several Pyramids found there. If we can discover who actually built the Egyptian Pyramids and for what purpose, we might get some useful clue about the Antarctica Pyramids.

There are numerous theories on who built these Egyptian Pyramids ? and why these were made ? Academic study suggests Pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians. Regardless of academic reasoning, some people still believe that aliens built the pyramids.

Many intellectuals have speculated that the ancient Egyptians used some kind of advanced technology to build these massive structures, but conspiracy theorists and fiction writers have perpetuated the myth that aliens built the pyramids.

Some people even created videos about this conspiracy theory and many of us deeply believed on these. Perhaps, this belief has a greater impact on us than any strong evidence.

Recent time world influencer; SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO  Elon Musk has tweeted that ” Aliens built the pyramids obv” and he was not alone in his thinking. His tweet was retweeted more than 84,000 times.

It is difficult to prove the existence of aliens. However, science fiction writers have also made theories about building the pyramids. Some have suggested that the emergence of extraterrestrials may be related to Atlantis theory.

Here we will try to tell you the story that feels most compelling about the origin of Pyramids. As we don’t have enough evidence that’s why we have to be dependent on various compelling signs and guessing to discover who might have built these supermassive pyramids.

Pyramid UFO

In addition to being a popular conspiracy theory, there are many scientific and mathematical clues to the ancient Egyptians’ pyramids.

According to the ancient astronauts’ theories, it is not the aliens who made the pyramids; it was the Ancients, and they were merely the builders. Some scientists are convinced that aliens did build the pyramids. Although there is no proof of aliens building the pyramids, enough evidence supports the hypothesis.

There are many reasons people believe aliens might have built the pyramids. The most likely reason is the lack of human technology that allowed them to create such huge structures.

The Great Pyramid was the tallest structure built 3800 years ago. For humans with current advanced technology it will take a few thousand years for the construction of the Pyramids.

Now question arises how without any advanced technology these massive structures were built in the ancient past? widely accepted answer will be its just not possible.

Another theory claims that they were created by aliens – and that humans did not build the pyramids. Both theories are based on academic evidence, and no other explanations are valid. Nonetheless, it’s not surprising that the theories involving aliens are very popular among people.

If we consider that the pyramids were constructed by humans, but scientists still don’t know how they did it. Nevertheless, evidence points to thousands of human hands and other types of stonework.

It’s also a theory that has been used to explain the creation of Stonehenge in England. In the late 19th century, Swiss author Erich von Daniken suggested that this ancient site was a model of the solar system, and that the pyramids were used as alien landing pads.

pictures of pyramids in antarctica

But when scientists discovered super massive Pyramid in Antarctica, in a completely inhabitable zone then questions arises, who built the Pyramids in Antarctica, such remote location? why these were built ?

Now I will share widely known theories on Antarctica Pyramid, before that let me give you the location details of Antarctica Pyramid.

Antarctica Pyramids Location – Google Earth Coordinates ?

The Antarctica Pyramids are located in the Ellsworth Mountains, near the Trough Lake. It is situated at latitude 78.3500° S, 163.4999° E . Unlike the Egyptian pyramids, the Antarctica Pyramid is not the only ice pyramid.

The location of the Antarctica Pyramid makes it much more mysterious. If you’re interested to know the mystery, first you need to understand the geographical features of Antarctica Region.

A quick Geographical information about Antarctica ?

The Antarctica is the driest, coldest, and windiest continent in the world. Though Antartica is a big continent but no country falls to this continent, although seven nations, Australia, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Norway, Chile, and Argentina claims different parts of the continent.

World’s 5th largest and southernmost Antarctica continent has 14 million square kilometers of area with only population of 4490 (on 2022). There are currently no indigenous people in Antarctica, and the population is mainly made up of scientists.

There are many scientific outposts on the continent. These outposts are staffed by researchers and tourists from many countries. The number of scientists varies from winter to summer. The numbers of people live in the region are lower during the winter, as the weather is too harsh.

The scientists study Antarctic as a unique environment, and as a mirror of global processes. Geographers work in the region, mapping the surface. For adventure lovers this frozen continent has became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Apart from the unique environment Antarctica Pyramid is another big attraction for the adventurers. Let me share what Antarctica Pyramid is.

Amazing things about the Antarctica Pyramid.

In the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica people have found massive pyramid like structure. Many believe it to be Pyramid and built by ancient cultures, other group say it was probably made by aliens using advanced technology and geographic researchers say it is a natural formation.

The most accepted theory says the mysterious supermassive pyramid in Antarctica is a mountain with a pyramidal shape carved by erosion and abrasion. Glaciers continually move over this continent, polishing its edges.

The edges of the mountain are rounded, which is a result of their constant movement. Since 1912, climbers have taken videos and pictures of Antarctica pyramids. The craters are visible in the images.

Super Massive Pyramid in Antarctica

There are several other theories regarding the supermassive Antarctica pyramid. People claim the ice-and-snow covered Antarctica Pyramid is actually a volcano in the Ellsworth Mountains near the Trough Lake. The shape of the volcano is similar to the pyramids of Egypt.

The lead image, from the Third Phase of the Moon, shows a pyramid-like structure surrounded by a glacier and is capped with ice. The ice mountain is also believed to be a temple.

Antarctica Pyramid

A few of the theories have already been proven false by scientific research. It is now accepted within most of the scientists that it is a natural crater and it is possible to see the pyramid from space.

As we know the pyramids of Egypt are the remnants of ancient civilization many believe like Egypt the Antarctica pyramid is man-made, and it may be the remnants of a once-ancient civilization. Some people believe that this was a structure from the Ice Age, but there is no proof supporting this theory.

To conclude the Antarctica Pyramid is a place of curiosity for visitors. It is very popular among adventure enthusiasts. Despite its name, it is actually a pyramid because of its pyramidical black peak shape. Till date people are researching the origin of the pyramid and who might have built it. May be near future we will get more trustable information about this, till that time we need to listen to our inner instinct.

Frequently Asked Questions on Antarctica Pyramid.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Where is the Antarctica Pyramid located?

The Pyramid in Antarctica is a mysterious mountain in the Ellsworth Mountains, located near the Trough Lake. The pyramid is a snow-covered mountain that is often covered with ice. Its location is the subject of a popular conspiracy theory.

Is Antarctica Pyramid real ?

Its name has intrigued people for centuries, but is it real? The ice and snow covered structure is a real landmark. And it’s a fascinating location to visit! And it’s not even the only place in the world that’s a mystery.

For more visual experience of Antarctica Pyramid watch this video. You may also read an article of National Geographic.

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