Things to Do in Findlay, Ohio

things to do in findlay ohio

If you’re looking for things to do in Findlay, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. The city is the county seat of Hancock County, and its metro area is often called the Greater Findlay Area. It is the second-largest city in Northwest Ohio, just forty miles south of Toledo. The city’s population was 41,202 at the 2010 census, making it the sixth-largest in the state.

For the perfect date night with your partner or your loved one, head to the West End Tavern. This neighborhood bar and restaurant has been in operation since the 1930s. The menu is filled with deli-style sandwiches, juicy third-pound burgers, and exclusive fried zucchini. The restaurant also features an enormous fried pork tenderloin sandwich. The children will love the Star Wars-themed menu.

For a night out with friends, you can visit The Anvil, a whiskey bar that features craft beer and full bar service. Founded by Michale Gardner in 2010, the Anvil offers the best spirits, wine, and cuisine in the Northwest Ohio region. Their menu features seafood, a savory fried chicken sandwich, and numerous other notable Americana items. Visiting The Anvil on a weekend is the perfect way to spend a fun night out.

There are many places to eat and drink in Findlay. The West End Tavern is an old-fashioned bar with a lively bar. They serve a variety of deli-style sandwiches, juiciest third-pound burgers, homemade fries, and delicious grilled cheeses. They are famous for their huge fried pork tenderloin sandwich. The restaurant also has a Star Wars-themed menu. You can choose from dishes with unique ingredients from the movie.

Visiting the Schumacher Property is a beautiful way to spend a day in Findlay, Ohio. This historic property was built in 1843 and was home to the Schumacher family from Switzerland. During the nineteenth century, the family moved from Switzerland to the United States. Today, the historic estate is a wonderful place to visit and explore. If you haven’t visited the town yet, you’ll want to come back again.

The West End Tavern is a neighborhood bar and restaurant that has been around since the 1930s. It offers deli-style sandwiches and juicy third-pound burgers. The pub also offers a wide variety of gourmet foods, from steak to fried zucchini. The Anvil is a great place to spend the evening. If you’re not the kind of person to enjoy a ghost tour, you’ll enjoy the haunted house and the history behind it.

There’s a great deal to see and do in Findlay. There’s a museum, a theater, a children’s museum, and a number of other activities for families to enjoy. In addition to the museums and art galleries, there are also many outdoor adventures to be had in Findlay. In fact, you might even spend a whole day just exploring the town’s landscapes and parks.

There’s an incredible range of recreational activities in Findlay, Ohio. The town’s riverside location, numerous hiking trails, and breathtaking scenery are ideal for families. For the kids, there’s an arboretum, fishing decks, and volleyball courts. There’s also a Children’s museum in Findlay for those who want to get out of the house on the weekends.

The city’s historic downtown is a fantastic place to spend a day in Findlay. The West End Tavern is an historic pub that has been in business since the 1930s. Whether you’re looking for a deli-style sandwich or a tasty burger, the West End Tavern is the place to be. A trip to Findlay isn’t complete without an ice hockey game, and the locals are known for their beer.

Visitors to Findlay, Ohio will want to spend the afternoon in the city’s historic downtown. The city’s historic center is a great place to visit for sightseeing and shopping. The West End Tavern is a historic pub and restaurant in Findlay, and it has been in business for decades. The menu includes deli-style sandwiches, a juicy third-pound burger, and homemade fries.

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