Things to Do in Memphis, Tennessee

Music lovers will be impressed by the many attractions in Memphis, a city on the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee. The city is the birthplace of many of the influential strains of American music. Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash all recorded at Sun Studio, and there are plenty of ways to experience this music history. Visit Presley’s Graceland mansion and his famous king-sized bed. Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Blue Hall of Fame, and Stax Museum are other musical landmarks in the city.

things to do in memphis tennessee

Visitors can enjoy more than four-hundred species of animals in the Memphis Zoo. Giant pandas and elephants live here, making it one of only four in the country that has such an impressive animal collection. You can enjoy free admission on Tuesdays if you are a resident of Tennessee. The Mighty Lights atop the city’s historic bridges are a spectacular sight to behold. The light shows are spectacular and can be enjoyed from downtown riverfront parks and rooftops, Bluffwalk, and Fourth Bluff.

If you are interested in history and culture, there are numerous museums and landmarks in the city. The largest point of interest in Memphis is the Memphis Pyramid. The Children’s Museum of a Children’s Museum is a must-see for any child visiting the area. Here, kids can get hands-on experience with real archaeology equipment and fossil and gemstone excavation. If you are looking for something fun for the entire family, Memphis is a great destination for families.

The city has many historical landmarks that make it an ideal tourist destination. For the music lover, Memphis has Graceland and Stax Museum for American Soul Music. The Blues Hall of Fame is a must-visit for blues lovers. The latter is a must-visit for any music buff. The two places are located in downtown Memphis. They are well worth the visit.

The South Main Arts District is an artistic hub where visitors can enjoy murals and other art installations. The South Main Arts District also offers a number of fun activities for families. Whether you’re traveling with children or adults, you’re sure to find something you love in the city. There is something for everyone in Memphis. If you are a music lover, this city is an incredible destination.

A visit to the Memphis Pyramid is a must-see for any visitor to Memphis. If you’re looking for a place where children can learn about the history of the state, the Children’s Museum of the South is an excellent choice. Here, you can explore the world with your child or watch them as they discover the art of the past. This museum will teach them more about the history of the city and the importance of the monuments on Beale Street.

Whether you’re a history buff or an artist, there are plenty of things to do in Memphis, Tennessee. A visit to the A. Schwab General Store in Beale Street is a great place to browse for quirky gifts or unique handicrafts. You can even take the kids to the Mud Island, which is a fun attraction on the riverfront. A trip to the park will give the whole family a chance to interact and enjoy the city.

The Peabody Hotel is one of the most famous landmarks in Memphis. The ducks walk across a red carpet into a fountain in front of the hotel. The tradition dates back over eighty years, and the ducks are a great way to enjoy the city on your visit. And don’t forget to visit the Mississippi River to take a look at its rich cultural heritage.

Another great place to spend a day is at the Peabody Hotel. This is a beautiful park with 342 acres of land. The park is also home to the Old Forest Arboretum, which has 32 species of trees. The ducks are also a fun way to relax after a day of sightseeing. During the summer, the museum hosts concerts and other events, and is an ideal destination for families.

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