13 Awesome Things to Do in Pittsfield Tourist Places.

things to do in pittsfield ma

If you’re looking for a new city to call home, there are many fun things to do in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The city is the county seat of Berkshire County and the principal city of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Berkshire County.

The population of Pittsfield is 43,927 as of the 2020 census. You can visit local museums, try out the various restaurants, and explore the history of the area. Here you have the list of

13 Best Thing to Do & Places to visit in Pittsfield.

Hancock Shaker Village

Places to visit in Hancock Shaker Village Pittsfield

You can learn about the history of the Shakers at the restored buildings of Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield. You can also participate in activities and crafts. There is also a museum and a cafe on site. You can visit the museum or shop to learn more about the history of the town and the Shakers. If you have children, you can take them to the local children’s museum.

The Shaker Museum is one of the best places to learn about the history of this community. We learned about the history of the town and the lives of the first settlers of the village. We learned about the history of the town, which was founded in the 1780s by 100 Believers. The population peaked around 300 people by the mid-1800s, but declined by the early nineteenth century. The Shakers lived simple lives and practiced lifelong celibacy. They were famous for their simplicity and craftsmanship, and they left many traces of their lifestyle.

If you’re interested in Shaker culture, you can visit the Round Stone Barn. It was the home of the original Shakers. Today, the farm is a sustainable model that uses organic farming and natural fertilizers. You can also explore the Shaker-style heirloom gardens. The farm is also home to heritage livestock. The museum also has a cafe and allows you to enjoy Shaker meals.

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead

Herman Melville's Arrowhead Pittsfield

Herman Melville lived in an historic house museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, called Arrowhead. During his most productive years, this home served as a center for his literary pursuits. If you are a fan of American fiction, you’ll love the home and the story it tells, including his famous novel, “The Giver”. There are several places to see and explore in this unique house museum.

Whether you’re a Moby Dick fan or just curious about the man behind his stories, the Arrowhead Museum is an important place to visit. This home, which is also known as the Herman Melville House, is filled with interesting facts about the writer’s life. The interior has been restored to reflect everyday life in the 1800s. Self-guided tours are available, but you can also take guided tours to learn more about Melville’s family.

If you’re a Moby Dick fan, the Arrowhead Museum is a must-see. This home was once the home of Herman Melville. You can learn about the writer and his life by taking a self-guided tour. Make sure you visit the house museum while you’re there. The historical information and displays are a fascinating way to learn more about the man himself.

Berkshire Museum

Places to visit in Berkshire Museum Pittsfield

The Berkshire Museum is an important place to visit in Massachusetts if you’re interested in art, natural history, or ancient civilization. It’s located in the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The Museum is open to the public, and admission is free. It features a unique collection of works by internationally-renowned artists. The Berkshires are home to some of the world’s most beautiful and historic buildings.

The Clark is a museum devoted to art, science, and history. The collection spans the Renaissance to the early 20th century, including works by American and French Impressionist artists. It features a multi-media guide, and visitors can view the collection at their own pace. The Museum also offers educational programs for families, and offers a family-friendly atmosphere. The Clark is open to the public, and its museum hours are flexible, so there is no need to plan a day trip in advance.

The Berkshire Museum is home to an extensive collection of art, natural history, and ancient civilization. Founded by Zenas Crane in 1903, it features objects from nearly every continent. It is open to the public and can be reserved for private visits. The museum’s website lists the most popular exhibitions and programs, and provides information on special events and activities. A self-guided tour of the museums’ collection can be a fun way to learn more about the region’s heritage.

Lake Onota

Lake Onota

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend the day, Lake Onota in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is a great place to go. This lake, which covers 617 acres, is owned by the City of Pittsburghsfield, Massachusetts. This is the perfect spot to bring the whole family. The city’s many beaches are also popular places to visit. Here are some of the best ones in the area.

For a day at the lake, visit Burbank Park, located on the eastern shore of Lake Onota. This park is free and open all year round, and has a swimming beach, pier, boat launch, picnic groves, and grills. You can even rent canoes and motor boats to take out on the water. The park is also home to an annual fishing derby, which attracts people from all over the city.

Lake Onota is over 600 acres of great pond. You can walk around this pond for a few hours, picnicking, or just taking a dip. You can also rent boats from the Onota Lake Livery, located on Peck’s Rd. The beach is popular and there are lifeguards on duty during July and August. A walking path along the shoreline is a great place to relax.

Barrington Stage Company

Barrington Stage Company

The Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, Massachusetts is a regional theatre that was founded in 1995 by Susan Sperber and Julianne Boyd. Founded in Western Massachusetts, the company has become one of the premier performing arts centers in the state. With over 20 years of experience, the organization has produced world-class plays and musicals. Its mission is to create high-quality entertainment for area residents and visitors.

Aside from a wide range of productions, Barrington Stage is well-known for tackling controversial social issues. The company’s plays have been recognized by the Berkshire Theatre Critics Association. The award is presented to Boyd and Maguire on Nov. 15, and will be presented in a ceremony in the town’s historic courthouse. The theatre company spent its first 10 years at the Thomas A. Consolati Performing Arts Center in Sheffield. In 2005, they purchased the former Berkshire Music Hall on Union Street and converted it into the Boyd/Quinson Mainstage space.

The Barrington Stage Company’s theater productions address sensitive social issues. Despite the recent recession, they continue to make plays and are renowned for tackling important social topics. Their productions have been honored by the Berkshire Theatre Critics Association. On Nov. 15, they will be awarded the Larry Murray Award for their outstanding production of “Cabaret.” To mark the milestone, the company has produced three Off-Broadway plays and is currently developing their eighth season.

Colonial Theatre

Colonial Theatre

The Colonial Theatre is one of the most popular places to visit in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Located at 111 South Street, this historic theater is situated in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. The building is an ideal venue for watching a show and is a wonderful place to take in a movie. There is also an extensive menu of dining options nearby, including local cuisine and a pub. The theater is open to the public and features daily performances of classic and contemporary Broadway plays.

In addition to hosting a variety of theatrical productions, the Colonial Theatre also features an aquarium and a museum. Built in 1903, this theater has been renovated several times to present concerts, pre-Broadway productions, and local productions. Visitors are also invited to enjoy concerts and other special events at the venue, including the Tony-winning musical, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

If you are in Pittsfield for the holidays, you might want to check out the historic Colonial Theatre. It was first built in 1900 as a roadhouse for touring shows and is now home to local and pre-Broadway productions. It is located near the town’s museum and is a must-see for holiday entertainment. Once you’re done with the theatre, head over to the theater’s basement to watch BTG Children’s Chorus perform holiday favorites. Whether you’re going to a holiday concert or a holiday play, these events are sure to delight you.

Pittsfield State Forest

Pittsfield State Forest

The 11,000-acre Pittsfield State Forest is the perfect place to go hiking, fishing, camping, and exploring. It is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. You can hike the trails, take in the beautiful scenery, and spend a day bird-watching. You can also learn about the history of the state forest and its wildlife. Here are some of the top attractions.

The 65-acre Wild Azaleas is one of the top attractions at Pittsfield State Forest. You can also hike the trails, take pictures, and even take a swim. The lake is not suitable for motorized boats, so make sure to bring a canoe or kayak. It is also possible to mountain bike around the area. The bike trails are located near Berry Pond.

You can go for a hike or cycle along the 30 miles of trails. The paths wind through mixed hardwood forest. You can also ride a four-wheeler on the 16-mile ATV trails. Balance Rock, a 165-ton limestone boulder, is also a popular spot for photos. The waterfall makes it a perfect place to catch a fish. In addition to the picturesque scenery, Pittsfield State Forest is also home to some award-winning restaurants.

Visitors to Pittsfield State Forest can experience the scenic views of the area. The park contains 30 miles of hiking and biking trails and two campgrounds. There are also a variety of activities for visitors to participate in, including horseback riding and cross-country skiing. The park is also a great destination for families and friends of all ages. The state forest is one of the most popular places in the region.

Bousquet Mountain

Bousquet Mountain

If you’re looking for a family outing or a weekend getaway, Bousquet Mountain is the place to go. The local ski area is located on the northern summit of Yokun Ridge, which is part of the Taconic Mountains. Mill Town Capital owns the ski area and has a consulting contract with the Schaefer family, who own Catamount and Berkshire East.

For Moby Dick fans, the Arrowhead Museum is a must. Housed in the former home of the author, this historic building is now a museum devoted to his work. The interior has been restored to reflect the daily life of Melville in the 1800s, and you can opt for self-guided tours to find out more about the famous writer. If you’re looking for an indoor activity, you can take part in guided tours of the mountain’s history and enjoy the breathtaking views.

For winter sports enthusiasts, the Bousquet Ski Area is a must. The 200-acre ski area is located on the summit of the Yokun Ridge and offers the perfect day out. For summer recreation, try a zip-line, mini-golf, and rock climbing. Those who want to stay inside can play basketball and volleyball in the nearby park. There are also a variety of other activities, such as a tee ball court.

Wandering Star Craft Brewery

Wandering Star Craft Brewery

If you love craft beer, you will want to check out the Wandering Star Craft Brewery in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This fifteen barrel microbrewery is located in the heart of the Berkshires and is open seven days a week from 12 to 4. You can sample samples and purchase them on-premise, or you can purchase growlers to take home. The brewery is a great place for friends to gather or family members to enjoy the beer.

The Wandering Star Craft Brewery is located at Whetstone Station, and is open daily from 11am to 10pm. You can also tour the brewery by making an appointment. This is an enjoyable place to spend the afternoon with your partner or family. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up a souvenir! You can buy them for a special occasion, or simply treat yourself to a souvenir from the brewery.

The brewery offers free tours, and is open daily from 11:30am until midnight. There are also a variety of events at the brewery. On the first Sunday of every month, the brewery holds an open house where visitors can tour the facility and sample its products. The tours are free and available by appointment, so don’t hesitate to book your trip to the local craft beer brewery.

Canoe Meadows Wildlife

Canoe Meadows Wildlife

Just a mile from downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts, lies the pristine Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s home to a variety of birds and animals, and you can also explore the sanctuary’s trails. The boardwalk and scenic woods surround a restored flowing stream and feature wetlands and a variety of plant species. At the end of each trail, you’ll find a pond with an abundance of aquatic life.

The 264-acre property is home to a multitude of bird species. The Mass Audubon Society has recorded close to 180 species of birds and wildlife at the sanctuaries since their inception in 1976. Many of these species nest at the sanctuaries, and during the warmer months, close to 85 of them have nests there. Other animals found here include otters, muskrats, foxes, coyotes, and rabbits. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, check out the various educational programs at the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Lenox.

The sanctuaries are home to a wide variety of birds, including rare and endangered species. The sanctuary was established in 1976 by a local family. The Mass Audubon Society has recorded over 180 different species of birds there. During warmer months, nearly 85 species of birds nest at the sanctuaries. You can also find raccoons, muskrats, coyotes, and foxes.

Whitney Center for the Arts

Whitney Center for the Arts

Located in the heart of downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the Whitney Center for the Arts is a presenting arts center that hosts two world-class art galleries and a diverse array of events. Founded in 2012 by Lisa Whitney, the Whitney Center for the Arts creatively repurposed an 1865 Thomas Colt House to create an urban cultural hub for the community. The building was named in honor of Lisa’s parents, William and Mary Whitney, who were active community members. The Whit is also available for rent to artists, and organizations.

The Whitney Center for the Arts is located in a historic mansion built in 1865 by Thomas Colt. Residents in Pittsfield refer to the Whitney Center for the Arts as “The Whit.” The center hosts various performing arts events, including chamber music concerts, cabaret nights, and opera and staged music. It also showcases local art and artists. A few other places to visit in Whitney’s Pittsfield include the Berkshire County Historical Society, the Berkshire Museum of Art, and the downtown art scene.

The town of Pittsfield is also home to the historic Thomas Colt mansion, which is now a venue for the arts. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mansion to learn about its history. It is also home to chamber music concerts, cabaret nights, opera, and staged music. There are also art exhibits and shows held at the Whitney Center for the Arts.

The Berkshire Carousel

The Berkshire Carousel

The Berkshire Carousel is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Located at 50 Center Street, the carousel is a great place for kids and adults alike. It’s an amazing community project that has been in operation for several years. This historic merry-go-round was built as a community art project in the last century.

It is a not-for-profit venture, and it has been in operation for over 60 years. Each of the animals has been hand-carved and painted by local artists. It’s a grand, collaborative work of art and fun for all ages, and Yankee Magazine has even named it one of the “Best New Attractions” of 2016. The Berkshire Carousel is open for rides every day of the year, and on opening day, children can ride for free.

The carousel is home to the largest and most beautiful permanent artwork in the Berkshires. It’s 38 feet in diameter, has 14 sections, and rides three ponies at a time. There are wheelchair and child-accessible versions. It’s a great place for families to spend the afternoon. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, make sure to check out the merry-go-round in Pittsfield.

Donnybrook Country Club

Donnybrook Country Club

Located in Lanesborough, Massachusetts, Donnybrook Country Club is a nine-hole course that measures 3,338 yards from the longest tees. It was designed by James W. Kelly and opened for play in 2008. Matt Kelly is the manager. The course features beautiful views of the surrounding area and is open to the public. Its members can stay at the Donnybrook Inn or Econo Lodge for a low fee.

If you love adventure sports, this course has something for you. Catamount Adventure Park offers 12 different treetop courses ranging in difficulty. Visitors can try their hands at obstacles, ladders, zip lines, and log cargo nets. There’s also an aerial adventure park and mountain adventure park nearby, which are perfect for the adventurous type. The Donnybrook Country Club is located at Williamstown Road, Lanesborough.

If you’re looking for a family outing, Catamount Adventure Park is an excellent choice. It includes 12 treetop courses that can range in difficulty. The courses include high wires, ladders, and zip lines. The park also offers zip lines and mountain biking. You can spend an afternoon in the area or spend a whole day exploring the area. Donnybrook Country Club is a great place to play golf with friends and family.

One of the most popular attractions in Pittsfield is the Arrowhead Museum, where visitors can learn about the writer Herman Melville. The museum is located in the former home of the famous American author, Herman Melville, and has been restored to recreate the author’s life. You can even sign up for a self-guided tour to find out more about the writer’s life. The house is a National Historic Landmark, and admission is free.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere, or want to take in the local culture, Pittsfield has many things to offer. If you’re traveling with children or you’re looking for something to do with your dog, Pittsfield is a great place to take your pooch. The city’s parks and hiking trails make for an exciting outing, and you can bring your four-legged friend with you for the day.

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, Pittsfield has plenty of options. The town’s vibrant cultural scene is a must-see. You can even find some wonderful places to eat in the area. The city is also home to the famous Arrowhead Museum, which is an 18th-century yellow house surrounded by lush greenery. The author, Herman Melville, spent many years living in the house and creating literary pieces during that time.

The Berkshire Museum is a must-visit for art and culture in Pittsfield, MA. This museum features an impressive collection of historical artifacts, natural science specimens, and fine arts. The museum offers many hands-on and thought-provoking experiences for all ages. You can experience hands-on exhibits, explore the area’s history, and get up close and personal with the animals.

If you’re looking for some history, you can visit the Arrowhead Museum, which is located on Holmes Road. It’s an 18th-century yellow house with beautiful gardens and grounds. The Arrowhead Museum was once the home of famous American author Herman Melville. The museum is open daily, and is a must-visit for anyone in Pittsfield. Its unique architectural design and rich history are two of the top reasons to visit this historical site.

There are many other things to do in Pittsfield. There are several wineries, a cidery, and a museum of historic buildings. For an educational experience, visit the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum. This museum features the history of railroading in the Berkshire Hills. It has a wide variety of train equipment and archives related to the railroading heritage of the area. You can also take a seasonal train ride along the shoreline of the lake.

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit, Pittsfield, MA has plenty to offer. It is a beautiful town in the Berkshires. Its state forest is filled with wildlife and is a great place to explore. There are also a number of historic sites, like the Colonial Theatre, which was built in 1903. There are many other places to do in Pittsfield, MA that are unique and worth a visit.

You can visit the historical sites in Pittsfield. If you’re a fan of Moby Dick, you can’t miss the Arrowhead Museum, which is located in the former home of the famous author. The interior of the museum has been restored to reflect the lifestyle of the author during the 1800s. The tours are self-guided, but they’re informative and fun. If you’re a history buff, a tour of the Arrowhead Museum is a must.

The city is home to many museums and historical sites. The Arrowhead Museum, on Holmes Road, is a historic 18th century yellow house with a lot of greenery. The Arrowhead was the home of renowned American author Herman Melville, who lived in the house from 1850 until 1863. The museum is open to the public Monday through Saturday and on Sundays, with hours varying from noon to five p.m. The museum offers something for everyone, so plan to spend the day there!

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