Things to Do in Sumter SC

If you have never visited Sumter before, it’s probably time to start planning a trip! This southern city is the county seat of Sumter County and a part of the Sumter Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is bordered by Clarendon and Lee counties. There are many things to do in the city. This article will discuss some of the best options. If you want to see the sights, head over to a museum, or visit the local parks.

things to do in sumter sc

The sumter arts festival is one of the best ways to spend a spring day. There are many art exhibits, parades, and even live performances in the historic town square. You can also take advantage of Sumter’s moderate climate by going roller-skating at Skate Station or bowling at Gamecock Lanes. There are also plenty of places to shop and eat in Sumter, especially for older couples and families. Try a new style of food at Wikked Buffalo Wings or try a new drink at “The Shag.” If you want to learn more about the history of this Southern city, you can visit the Sumter County Museum and enjoy an exhibition about the town’s famous Coca-Cola company.

The sumter Art Gallery is another great place to go for an afternoon. You can see the work of local artists at the gallery, which features three floors of galleries and a proscenium covered in gold leaf. There are also several educational events held at the gallery, and a great gift shop. A visit to the Sumter Art Gallery will make you feel like a local while you enjoy the art in the town.

If you have kids, you may want to take them to Millennium Studios. The Sumter Opera House is an iconic landmark in the city. Whether you’re visiting with them or just want to get your face painted, Millennium Studios is the place to be. The facility is popular with both children and adults, and has a great atmosphere for body-painting parties. You’ll have a blast and leave feeling refreshed after a day at the Millennium Arts Studio.

If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, the Sumter Art Gallery is worth a visit. The three levels of the building feature both permanent and temporary exhibitions of local artists. The gallery also features seven classrooms and educational events. There’s a great gift shop at the museum. This city is a perfect place to visit if you have children. A visit to this museum will make them feel more comfortable with the community.

A visit to the Sumter Art Gallery is a must when visiting the town. The sumter Art Gallery displays works by local artists and is a great place to get inspired. The museum has three floors with permanent and temporary exhibits. If you’re looking for more contemporary art, the downtown area has an excellent selection of local artists and galleries. The neighborhood is also home to a variety of unique restaurants and local eateries.

While you’re in Sumter, you’ll want to check out the Sumter Art Gallery. This historic building is full of local artists. It features three levels of galleries and a proscenium decorated in gold leaf. It’s a great place for a show, and the art gallery also features an excellent gift shop. You’ll want to visit the Sumter Art Gallery if you’re in town for a few days, and don’t miss this event.

There are many museums to visit in Sumter. For art lovers, the Sumter Art Gallery offers a diverse selection of local artists’ works. A museum of art is a great place to look at artwork from other parts of the world. Its collections are well-curated and can be difficult to duplicate. This is an excellent way to see a local artist’s work. And if you have kids, you’ll find something to do in the city.

There are many other museums in Sumter. If you’re interested in art, you might want to check out the Sumter Art Gallery. It features several galleries with local artwork and an educational component. During your trip, you might also wish to visit the nearby sumter mall and enjoy shopping at your leisure. There are many things to do in the town of South Carolina. There are numerous places to stay, but the city is a great choice for travelers.

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